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[ Daily Asian Energy FrontCAugust 30, 2008 [China and Vietnam in Laos

"The mountains may wear out, rivers may run dry, but the Lao-Vietnam relationship will last forever."

It was said by the former president of Kaysone Phomvihan, Laos; the partner was the Vietnamese partner. In 1989, when I first went into Laos, Vientiane, it was under a night time curfew. The each corner of the streets in the city was stacked by sandbag with the soldiers in the rifle at the ready. Today's article is describing something like that, as within the territory of Laos, from 40,000 to 50,000 troops are stationed in Vietnam.

Lao government senior officials, 10 out of 11, are able to speak Vietnamese fluently. Many young people in this period have been studying in Vietnam's Hanoi. The exception is the prime minister Bouasone Bouphavanh who nominated in 2006 Eighth Party Congress. He was educated in Moscow. In 1980s, China power did not come most of the lower Mekong and Laos.

However, at the end of the 1990s, along with its economic growth, China was expanding and came into Laos. Today's Asia Times article, the relationship between Vietnam and Laos, China's advancement, but for Vietnam's emotions, are described in the longer feature.

Recently, in Cambodia, China is a big support to the development of hydroelectric dams. China is now increasing its investment into energy resources in Myanmar. However, it is difficult to understand why China is coming into Cambodia, or what connection there with chinafs between into Myanmar and Cambodia.

China is advancing into the Laos. However, Vietnam is already a certain base in southern Laos. In addition, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, the point of the triangle development of the three countries is maintained. From the 1970s, the construction of Ho Chi Minh route through the southern part of Laos, Laos and Vietnam have a history of cooperation. I have a great interest in China's advancing to northern Laos, skipping the southern part of Laos, and to Cambodia.

Now, the Indian Ocean is controlled by the Navy of the United States and India. Africa's support for China is increasing. This is to cross the Indian Ocean. China is also actively stretching to help several island countries. In that sense, the perspective of the port of Cambodia is very important to think the present situation in Cambodia.

Thailand's political situation has been tense. Mr.Samck, Prime Minister, met the king and not a word originated. Army commander reportedly required the prime minister to resign to the news flow.


August 30, 2008


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