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ー Daily Asian Energy Front,August 31, 2008 ーIndia's natural gas production

"India's natural gas production"

In India's energy resources, just the coal stands out. However, generally speaking, once the economic development is progressed in a country, the natural gas is surely discovered in the territory of the country at the low-lying areas around or offshore fields.

Let us see the example in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, China, East China Sea and so on; at all economic growth of the countries, the natural gas has been discovered. So, it can be considered as the following.

Wherever natural gas may be avail in a globe? But, the cost of production in the natural gas is depending on a shallow place, or the deep-seated.

I also agree with an opinion of natural gas from the mineral theory.

If natural gas is easy to dig at shallow place, people is trying to dig at the earth's low-lying, not on the top of the Himalayas.

The influence of the earth's self-rotation might have to form the earth's continents, mostly steep in west banks and gentle in east coast.

Whenever I say so, all my friends watch my face to confirm whether it is serious or joke, and they fall silent. Nobody objected. You are probably thinking like that?

Indian subcontinent is no exception. In India's Maharashtra state at the west bank, the cliff from the Decan plateau is severely depressed and the sea level of up to 500 m head.

The terrain is suitable for pumped storage power generation plan.

Meanwhile, let's take a look at India's east coast. In this region, there are two big rivers; Godovari and Krishna.
The rivers are flowing into the Indian Ocean, forming gentle plateau and low-plains of a large basin.

The plains is called "KG basin" in India.
Now, seven years ago, the world-class discovery of natural gas was happen by the Reliance in the KG basin.

In 2002, the Reliance's discovery, in the India's KG basin at offshore, estimated the reserves of 14 trillion cubic feet (2002 fiscal year on the world's largest natural gas discovery).

At the dates back a year ago, Indian government enacted NELP (New Exploration Licensing Policy).

Based on the policy, the Indian government has blocked the area around the continent and launched a bid for exploration projects.

This policy under NELP is actively running with the company, ONGC, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation.

The ONGC, which bid on the block, KG basin lead exploration rights in five blocks to get, today.

From now on, India, ONGC and Reliance are working in production of natural gas competition.
This competition is India's future energy situation, what kind of impact?

Recently, LNG and natural gas prices are soaring.

Calculated on a bid to generate electricity, LNG is 17 cents per KWh have been going up.

Coal is still the same advantage.

However, Indo-USA nuclear cooperation agreement and also the impact, finally, India is the diversification of energy trying to progress.


August 31, 2001


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