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Daily Asia Power Energy, Septyember 3, 2008 - Myanmar's hydro and natural gas

"Myanmar's hydro and natural gas",

In 2001, I was in the mountain of Shan State in Myanmar with the hydroelectric troops of Nippon Koei Co. It was one of JICA's development survey , to build a small hydroelectric plant for the pilot. The location of power plant had been already agreed with the Myanmar side on developing the full-scale study. But, when we came back to Yangon, the Myanmar side told us suddenly that it does not need small hydropower, because China is close to build a large hydro power in Shan State. That is the project of today's Shweli hydroelectric project of 600 MW.

This project is carrying out by the company's Yunnan Province, China Federation of Yunnan United Power Development Company Limited. The Yunnan authorities have already established the offices in Yangon in 1993, the sources said. In central part of Myanmar, a tributary of the left bank of the Sittang, Paunglung 280 MW hydroelectric power plant was complete on March 25, 2005 by this Yunnan group.

Speaking of 1993, I was in the Mekong Committee, and the first group from China in Luang Prabang of Laos in the encounter, which was just exchanged words. JICA went to the Qinshajiang of the Yangtze River upstream and discussed with the group of Yunnan Province on a survey by hydroelectric development in the talks. In the 1993, like so early, Yunnan Province, are already based in Yangon have been the surprise.

Shweli 600 MW hydroelectric project will be completed this year. But the Myanmar side has somehow questions for the initiative promoted by China. The 15 percent of the electricity to be used in Myanmar, and the rest is sent to Kunming. The purchase price is still under negotiation. The project will mark the map under the Mekong River upstream Lanxan Manwan dam near the mountain notice that the back side.

Paunglung hydroelectric power plants 280 MW, and Shweli hydroelectric project 600MW are being completed. Then, Myanmar's electricity situation is rapidly getting better. Therefore, Myanmar's military regime, for offshore gas and natural gas exports, to concentrate on. The sale, valued at 40% of the total government budget, the sources said. This is ADB said in a precarious.

If the decline in natural gas prices, it may result a collapse of the Myanmar economy. The ADB report is now proposing the natural gas should be used on the chemical fertilizers and cement industry, and even the domestic power generation projects. If that's not do it, for future economic development the money from the gas should be in the pool. The military government, intoxicated by gas revenues, does not listen.


September 3, 2008


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