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Daily Asia Power Energy, Septyember 4, 2008 - India's hydropower development delay

"India's hydropower development delay"

For mankind, the post-Kyoto's important theme is that, for China and India, especially over the efficiency of coal-fired, a nuclear power for base power supply and hydropower for peak power supply. It means that the development of coal-fired thermal plants should be minimized by substituting the coal-fired by nuclear and hydropower. Today, many discussions are in the media for for India and US nuclear agreement and the posture of Nuclear Suppliers Group, especially on India's nuclear test issue.

In the contrast to the nuclear issue, the important issue is India's hydroelectric power development in northern part. In the 11th Five-Year Plan, 2008-2012, has a target of 70,000 MW of new power development, in which about 15,000 MW would be hydro-to-be-developed. It is difficult to challenge even in the 10th Five-Year Plan and a very minute delay came out in today's media.

Northern part of India, including hydropower from Bhutan and Nepal to India's imports, has very large scale of hydro projects. Today, it is reported on the Koldam hydroelectric project 800 MW in the Himachal Pradesh state, and the Koteshwar 400 MW hydropower project in the Uttarakhand state, which forms a part of 2,400 MW of Tehri hydroelectric project complex. The former project involves the Japanese companies of Marubeni Corp. and Toshiba.

Hydropower projects' construction period is generally five years, it is not easy works for a large scale hydropower project. Today, the problem has been the project's delay in decision-making, land acquisition , geological problems, natural disasters, and the problem has been raising the Indian issue for the contract dispute. For the Koldam hydro, the contractor is the company owned by a lawmaker's son, and funds are in jam, because of Indian plague of factors.

Meanwhile, Nuclear Suppliers Group extraordinary general meeting on September 4 to be held in Vienna, has been raised by the U.S. proposal outright, that the problem occurs. The U.S. Congress is that a nuclear test if the revocation of a promise, but the Indian side, India conducted a nuclear test with the rights, and insists that Suppliers Group, only a conditional attitude.


September 4, 2008


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