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Daily Asia Power Energy, Septyember 7, 2008 - Indonesia's second Crash Program

"Indonesia's second Crash Program"

Here is my memo dated May 2004. In 2002, the Paiton coal-fired power transmission lines and the upgrade of power facilities were not going smoothly. At the time of President Megawati, it was severe in Java-Bali system of power supply and demand.

In the end of 2003, President Megawati visited to Japan. She called on Sumitomo's president, at that time, Mr. Oka, and requested him to have for the next candidate of the leading coal-fired Tanjung Jati B's solicited input. At that time, no one knows what will happen to IPPs in Indonesia. Even though the Javanese still has many risks for power development in Indonesia, Mr.Oka responded to the president's request meeting directly. This Sumitomo's bold decision is still our mind in one's brain.

As of today, while Sumitomo is defending the silence, but Indonesia's Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry's director general for electricity and energy usage, Mr. J. Purwono disclosed the fact that Sumitomo will be again the lead-off the Second Crash Program, which, presently, the government is now formulating. This is the article in the Jakarta Post today.

Performing the same location, Central Java Tanjung Jati B coal-fired power plant, the size of the same with a single 660 MW, 2 machines, for a total of 1,320 MW of coal-fired are planned. It is said that the total project cost of 1.5 billion US $ and, KW 1,136 per dollar, which may reflect the recent material the slightly higher prices. PLN is to purchase with KWh per 4.3 cents, as the prospect of being written, it is somewhat cheaper.

In the article, JBIC is funding the full support. However, the Japanese side has not yet announced. This may be finalized by the end of this year. Bids for electricity sales recently may be around KWh 4 ~ 5 cents, and that the Japanese side is silent on that the electricity sales, or this may have been a bid.

Supply and demand in Indonesia has, as reported earlier, the tightrope every day. During the current Ramadan, 2 to 3 percent increase in demand. In the first of 10,000 MW coal-fired Crash Program is being made and may be delaying in rather late in 2010 to start operation.

At this stage, the Indonesian government is planning the second phase of the 10,000 MW of the Crash Program. Its contents are not yet to materialize, and they are observing the renewable energy to be pushed to the front. The project by Sumitomo Corp., the second party then, is to start operation by 2011.


September 7, 2008


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