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Daily Asia Power Energy, Septyember 8, 2008 - Vietnam's power crisis continues

"Vietnam's power crisis continues"

Particularly in 2004, 2005, it was a serious problem. This was caused by reservoir empty in large-scale hydropower stations, failure of coal-fired and gas-fired thermal plants and delay of new installation. At the time "Mizuho" report said that, in this situation, the Japanese government, the World Bank and other cooperation intensively implemented the measures, and that the experience will bring about good results in the near future.

But, I had gotten away from some time on Vietnam, and, again in 2008, she have become increasingly serious power shortage. On July 17, 2008, EVN's president gave an unusual apology to the people of Vietnam at the conference. He explained that the power shortage was caused by new power plant delays operation, multiple power plant accident stop, and south of the dam's water level decline; the three points. The traditional cause has not been improved. He said it would be in September.

However, today's article said that, even though the the water level of hydroelectric power stations are recovering and the peak season has passed, power in the morning and evening peak time has been still restricted. Public and corporate discontent is rising. In particular, the people accused EVN for its power failure without planning. Rolling blackouts may prevent damage to a certain extent. However, the sudden power outage happen could not be coped with.

Today's report, the potential demand may be 11,000 ~ 12,000 MW and the real output is 10,200 MW, which causes shortage of the daily, 800 ~ 1,800 MW. Therefore, in the morning peak, 9:00 to 11:00 and the evening peak, between 6 pm to 9 pm, the electricity use has been restricted. It is said, EVN's deputy general director, Dang Hoang An.

On August 15, 2006, I noted Vietnam's power structure. So has been steady growth in Vietnam, where power is messed-up? I am thinking that, when EVN powerful organization was established, it had private sector development in coming, but it was not fully digested by the Ministry of Industry and EVN to deal with it. It is mainly centered on the issue of electricity rates.

In this respect, China is also similar to the conditions. If to think inflation in economic and voice of the people, dare to raise electricity rates are not. Currently, it is KWh 4.5 per cent, the lowest level in Southeast Asia, but the IPP, while private investment is increasing, and EVN must be unique off-taker. What I think is there is the inconsistent. Also noted in my last, as follows.

"About 10 years ago, American companies were supporting the prime minister and deputy prime minister, to promote large-scale investment in power generation. However, it was collapsed because EVN can purchase only four cents per KWh. EVN still in electricity rates are low and a level of 4.5 cents. EVN is unable to get the sale agreement with IPPs without the government's perspective to raise electricity prices.
However, the government is insisting that the hydroelectric power of 40 percent for the system are older, and 60 percent of the 4.5-cent cost of new power plants, and four cents more than the cost is impossible."


September 8, 2008


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