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Daily Asia Power Energy, Septyember 15, 2008 - India's power transmission corporation division

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"India's power transmission corporation division"

PGCIL, India's national transmission line corporation, in any direction it is going, we have been very interested. Suddenly today's issue of the division of PGCIL is quite fresh. In Indian Power Ministry, in February, the committee was set up to study the corporation, with the chief of Gireesh Pradhan, additional secretary to the chairman.

The committee, in August submitted a final report. The contents involves idea of division between the transmission lines/substations and load dispatching. Also, accounting system should be divided by 2009 until the end of March. The decision may be that The transmission lines are just a wire, and load dispatching is the basic point of power free market.

Worldwide liberalization of the electricity power company is headed in the direction of division, unbundling. Indonesia and Thailand are on the verge of split, the Constitutional Court's judgement, power transmission lines are not insulated from the body. Vietnam has yet to split up progress. A typical split is going on in India, China, and Philippines.

China's case, when Prime Minister Li Peng visited Tokyo Electric Power, he asked on Japan's reform on split, but the Japanese side is not giving definite answer. Prime Minister Li Peng returned home, immediately split their unbundling. Power generation sector is completely split, and the national grid has power in the sector. The national grid company take all power from distributed power companies and take responsibility for their supply. To do so, pumped storage power plant belonging to the national grid.

Philippines are completely divided into a national power grid Transco independence. However, the Transco is not off-taker of power and is just a company only to send electricity. Further, Transco handed over its operation and management to China national power grid operations. For the time being, MPC shall take electricity from IPP's, in the future, all in the pool market WESM. The responsibility of power supply is ambiguous.

India is what happens, a lot of interest. Already divided into separate PGCIL, I had guess that, as in China, a responsibility and obligation will be taken by PGCIL, but not. The conclusion of the committee, transmission and power load dispatching should be divided, as in the Philippines, but power supply and operational responsibility for feeding have tried to say in load dispatching center? It is new approach, but also anxiety there. I think that China's system is better.


September 15, 2008


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