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Daily Asia Power Energy, Septyember 24, 2008 - China@and India in a scramble for Nepal

"China@and India in a scramble for Nepal"

Today, it is a tremendous flood of news. For the energy development of the Himalayan frontier, it is in the revelry. It was interesting for me. I gave early eyes, "the man who developed Asia", two of India's Ramesh and Prachanda. They direct clash with in Nepal, it has caused a lot of a whirlwind.

But, in today's series of articles, what caught my attention is the following points. Indian companies are in droves to develop hydropower in Nepal. However, banks of India raised the funds to be very cold. On the other hand, Chinese companies are rushing into Nepal with the government's general fund in cooperation. Then, the Indians are caught in the unspeakable frustratins.

Chinese companies, such as China National Machinery and Equipment Import and Export Corp., Or CMEC and Sinohydro Corp are getting the endorsement of official Bank of China and China Exim Bank credit for West Seti and the Marsiangri Development of hydropower on board. The Indian companies accessed to the country's Punjab National Bank and Canara Bank, but they have no interesting. They are looking for financing from the Bank of China. China's exactly the approach, targeting resources in Africa is the same way.

Ramesh of India gave speech at the opening ceremony of the summit, and it gave real India mind. "It is not a difficult task. However, the private capital market is unlikely to come up with the entire amount. You need public-private partnership and the government of Nepal must play its role. "The remote switch is in the hands of the Nepal government. If Nepal presses fast forward, India will go along with it. If Nepal presses pause, we will pause. But I hope Nepal doesn't press rewind.h

Still, India can not hide who is frustrated. Indian government official says. " Chinese competition in Nepal is overstated. It is partly due to nervousness and partly due to the reason that they are strong. As Nepal is in our immediate neighbourhood, we get jittery,h



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Indo-Nepal Power Summit 2008 begins in Kathmandu
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Indian firms flood Nepal with hydropower proposals
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Chinese cos play the credit card to win Nepal hydro projects


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India, Nepal working on comprehensive eco agreement: Ramesh
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India ready to help Nepal raise $20 bn for hydropower sector


œ080924F Indonesia, The Jakarta Post
Pertamina to invest $500m on Cepu project


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