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Daily Asia Power Energy, Septyember 25, 2008 - India, 60,000MW hydropower by 2025

"India, 60,000MW hydropower by 2025"

My "the four men who developed Asia", sat at Katmandu in Nepal, and told India's power. He is Minister of State for Power Jairam Ramesh. In the morning paper this morning, my one of four men, former Thai Prime Minister Samak was caught and sentenced to two years in prison.

Ramesh told 60,000 MW of hydro development. I heard something similar figure, and I could see a record of the past; on this September 21, Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia told the 600,000MW nuclear development by 2050, not 2025.

Ramesh told in a very comprehensive and exhaustive way for 60,000MW by 2025. The point is, the current ratio of hydro-thermal power, is 25:75, and in 2025, with 40:60 to go in, it said. It is difficult work, but is a very ambitious plan. I understand that Ramesh is challenging to the mankind's last job, it is his declaration to humanbeings.

In the world of today, in order to protect the earth, India and China's coal-fired should curb them. However, hydropower development in India, is easy to say, but, to achieve it is essential to get international cooperation. If you are an expert in Japan, and if you have time to argue the CDM in domestic, you should go to the Himalayas.

A breakdown of the 60,000MW, what Ramesh said is, out of that, 50,000 MW of domestic resources, and 10,000 MW from the Bhutan. 50 percent of the domestic resources would come from abundant hydropower resources of the northeastern Arunachal Pradesh, and the rest of the state's mountainous Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir. Now, India imports 1,400MW from Bhutan. Further, new 1,100 MW of plan has emerged.



œ080925A Philippines,
Alson, Negros Occidental ‚Ε‚S‚O‚l‚v…—ΝŠJ”­‚Φ
Alsons eyes P3.8-B, 40-MW hydropower project


œ080925B India, Economic Times
India aims at 60,000 MW more hydropower by 2025
œ080925C India, Economic Times
Riliance, “ρ‚Β‚Μ‘ε‹K–͉ΉC”N“ΰ‚ΙŽ‘‹ΰ’²’BI—Ή‚Φ
Financial closure for 2 mega plants this year Reliance Power


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