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Daily Asia Power Energy, Septyember 26, 2008 - China and the Mekong Basin Conference

"China and the Mekong Basin Conference"

Just before writing this memo today, my friend introduced the paper by the University of Tokyo, the master's thesis, Kayo Oonishi, written in 2006, "China and the downstream of Mekong River countries upon The Politics of International River Basin. That is, of course, very academic, to me, and I can muck around strainer, but you would think, this digs deep into the Mekong River as a researchers, and I was surprised.

In an international river, if the upstream of the most powerful country in the region exists, it would leave the power to develop upstream, and say this is a theory. Compared with the history of the Middle East and Europe,

compared to other, why China in the Mekong basin is very cooperative to other riparian countries? That is, in the downstream of Southeast Asian Nations and China, the deep ties with China, and the water resources and other economic conditions are under negotiation with each other, the paper said.

In today's article, the China Daily, the downstream countries of the Mekong are grateful, to say the article is posted. This was formally signed Flood water at the time of the meeting in Vientiane. In the flood season, from June 15 to October 15, the flow of materials would be provided by China to the Mekong River Commission Secretariat, this is what he said. It means the data provision had been already provided in 2006, as the paper is saying.

However, I feel a little different. I realize that, for the Chinese dam development in the upstream, the downstream countries often have the patience to be here. Indeed, many environmental groups are saying complain to the Chinese dams. However, the governments of, at least Myanmar, Laos and Thailand have never been saying a single word for complain, and the Mekong River Commission, who controlled by the downstream governments, never given any comments to the Chinese government.

In the early 1900’s, at that time, already, the Manwan dam in the upstream was built. However, the upstream was in the dark for the downstream countries. Now, we know the details of the dam projects at upstream. In 1991, it was the first time that Chinese delegation participated in the Mekong meeting in Luwang Prabang, Laos. Around 1998, I visited frequently in Yunnan Province. I asked to executive in Yunnan how the downstream contries are saying for Chinese dams in Lanxan river. They replied that the ASEAN countries have never saying the complain to China.

I believe an upstream dam is beneficial to the downstream, in theory. It supplies the amount of drought and controls the flood. But, in any case, the two sides should talk each other to operate the dam properly. If no thought is given to the downstream operations, the downstream countries have different effects. However, even if the downstream requests to operate the dam for downstream benefits, Chinese government may not say any request of the money, under the present situation.



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