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080929 Philippines Renewable energy bill

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Daily Asia Power Energy, Septyember 29, 2008 - Renewable Energy Bill in Philippines

Renewable Energy Bill in Philippines

The August 26 article reported that the Department of Energy has implemented the rule of bio-fuel, which is mandatory usage of coconut methyl for gasoline in the car for more than 2 percents. It is enacted on October 2008 and, by February 2009, to be full implementation. Is it really possible? ASEAN countries, are watching closely for breath.

In Indonesia, oil production is beginning to decline. According September 28 article, Indonesia's ministerial order of the Department of Energy has implemented the rule that a 5 percents of bio-fuel should be used for fuel of power plants and so on. The full scale of the mandatory rule shall be effective from January 2009.

The Philippines' senate passed the Renewable Energy Bill. This might come from ASEAN agreement. In the Senate, Senators Edgardo J. Angara and Juan Miguel Zubiri is the heart for the bill. They are saying, within five years, the market will be 10 billion dollars scale. Oil saving may reach to 36 billion pesos.

NEDO has been describing that, in the end of January, the 15th ASEAN Summit held in Cebu has agreed on "Energy Security in East Asia Declaration (Alternative Energy Agreement)". The Philippines suggested , at that time, four points for energy; efficiency of fossil fuel, hydro and other renewable, bio-fuels and the globalization of markets.

I believe that the Philippines is in a dilemma, I think. The nationals are complaining the most expensive electricity prices in neighboring countries, but as a country poor in natural resources, high electricity prices will require the development of renewable energy, namely, using domestic resource as much as possible. I have confidence in the international market, while imports of coal and coal-fired by the expansion of the electricity, at least, for 10 years.



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