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Since 1998 October
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[ Feburuary 11, 2009 [ Indoneian Energy Changes[

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œ090211A Indonesia, The Jakarta Post
RI may prefer lead role in oil, gas: Kalla

Keywords (1)C(2)C(3) Vice President Jusuf KallaC(4) President Susilo Bambang YudhoyonoC(5) HAGUEC(6) PT PertaminaC(7) Chevron Corp.C(8) Natuna blockC(9) ExxonMobilC(10) Norwegian-based StatOilC(11) China-based PetroChinaC(12) Thailand-based PTTC(13) Netherlands-based Royal Dutch ShellC(14) BatamC(15) Netherlands Prime Minister Jan Peter BalkenendeC(16) BPMigasCi‚P‚Vj

Natural gas map (Source; BPMIgas)

œ090211B Indonesia, The Jakarta Post
PLN should negotiate with China on funds, or local banks

Key words (17)C(18) Vice President Jusuf KallaC(19) President Susilo Bambang YudhoyonoC(20) PT PLNC(21) first 10,000 megawatt (MW) crash programC(22) gunsmoothh partnershipC(23) Java-Bali systemC(24) Yogo PratomoC(25) IndramayuC(26) second 10,000 megawatt accelerated programC(27) independent power producers (IPPs)C(28)


Past News

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œ China and India race to capture the uranium (080906)
œIndia's gas to Warring Period (080905)
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œMyanmar's hydro and natural gas (080903)
œ‚o‚‚—‚…‚’@‚ƒ‚’‚‰‚“‚‰‚“@‚‰‚Ž@‚h‚Ž‚„‚‚Ž‚…‚“‚‰‚ (080902)
œIndia and Nepal river management (080901)
œIndia's natural gas production (080831)
œChina and Vietnam in Laos (080830)

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