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[ July 22, 2009 [ China dam construction trouble in Yunnan [

July 22, 2009 - China dam construction trouble in Yunnan -
This is edited from the Japanese Version only by eliminating Japanese phrases.

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Chinafs Xiluodu Dam Faces Problems With New Audit Report

Faced with time constraints and a recent claim of public fund irresponsibility, Chinafs massive Xiluodu dam could become a riskier, more expensive project to complete, according to the National Audit Office. Auditors issued a report on Monday, which found that project managers pushed for the damfs completion timetable to be tightened, resulting in a cost of almost $250 million to streamline productivity and change building plans.

Xiluodu dam construction site

ij` (1) 090722A China, redorbitC(2) title: Chinafs Xiluodu Dam Faces Problems With New Audit ReportC(3) Posted on: Tuesday, 21 July 2009, 14:09 CDTCSource: redOrbit Staff & Wire ReportsC(5) 12,500MW Xiluodu damCkn_C(6) National Audit OfficeC(7) China Three Gorges Project CorpC(8) Jinsha RiverC]C(9) Sichuan province, lC(10) Yunnan provinceC_C(11) construction director Hong WenhaoC(12) Three Gorges DamC(13) Ma Jun, a Beijing-based environmentalistC(14)


090722A China, redorbit
Chinafs Xiluodu Dam Faces Problems With New Audit Report


090612A China, chinadaily
Dam projects suspended over eco-concerns
090524D Cenglish.people
Suddenly, China embraces Green
090422A China, energy-business-review
China To Build 20 Hydroelectric Projects In Yangtze River System By 2020
081228B China, news.xinhuanet
River blocked for China's new gigantic hydropower project
081212B China, chinadaily
Call to oversee planning of hydropower developmentBy Yu Tianyu

Two dead, 12 missing in SW China landslide

Two people are dead and another 12 are missing after a landslide triggered high waves on a river in southwest China's Yunnan Province, local authorities said Tuesday.

Xiaowan dam under construction

ija (1) 090722B China, xinhuanetC(2) title; Two dead, 12 missing in SW China landslideC(3) 2009-07-21 14:18:58CKUNMING, July 21 (Xinhua)C(5) Yunnan ProvinceC(6) Lancang RiverC(7) 4,200MW Xiaowan Hydropower StationC(8) Fengqing CountyC(9) Lincang CityC(10) Li Huasong, chief of the Communist Party of China Fengqing County CommitteeC(11)


090722B China, xinhuanet
Two dead, 12 missing in SW China landslide


090125C China, gokunming.
Yunnan news roundup
080823C China, Asia Times
China damned over floods
080329G China, ؐlaO
Country Report on China's Participation in Greater Mekong Subregion Cooperation

China Shenhua to invest 36 bln yuan in Xinjiang to expand coal capacity

China's Shenhua Group is expected to invest 36 billion yuan (5.27 billion U.S. dollars) over the five years to expand coal production capacity in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a company executive said Saturday.

Coal transportation in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

ijb (1) 090722C China, xinhuanetC(2) title: China Shenhua to invest 36 bln yuan in Xinjiang to expand coal capacityC(3) 2009-07-05 21:09:15CURUMQI, July 5 (Xinhua)C(5) Shenhua GroupC_؏WcC(6) Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous RegionCVdECOC(7) Shenhua's President Zhang YuzhuoC(8) coal-to-oil projectsC(9)

Tourist map of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (expansion possible)


090722C China, xinhuanet
China Shenhua to invest 36 bln yuan in Xinjiang to expand coal capacity


090527B China, proactiveinvestors
Is China headed for coal production overcapacity
The beginnings of a never-ending task
090506B China,
Xinjiang starts construction of its biggest poverty relief project


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Smart Grid will only be as good as security behind it (090328)
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Bhutan developping 10,000MW with India (090326)
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Obama's smart grid moves Google and Oracle (090311)
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Indonesia get China loan more strict (090213)
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Indon eian Energy Changes (090211)

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o@@@h (080902)
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