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ー September 12, 2009 ー Nuclear power boosting for global climate change

September 12, 2009 - Nuclear power boosting for global climate change -
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How a Nuclear Power Plant Works
A visual understanding of how energy is harvested during a Nuclear Reaction.

Japanese energy news today

Chugoku Power's Kamisekihara nuclear project facing protest from fisheries
How to dvelop measures for 25% gas emission reduction
Kyushu,Gnkai nulear plant plotested for pul-thermal opposition
Kyushu Power plans large scale of solar power plant at Omura

Main contents

●Egat plans two nuclear power plants

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat) plans to build two nuclear power plants, beginning in 2020 and 2021, Egat deputy governor and spokesman Wirat Kanchanaphaibul said on Friday. He was speaking at a seminar, “Pressure of Electricity Costs and Economic Development”, held today by the Economic Reporters Association.

EGAT Power Development Program 2007 Revision2 (please click on picture)

(注)A (1) 090912A Thailand, Bangkok Post,(2) title: Egat plans two nuclear power plants,(3) ttp://,(4) Writer:,Published: 11/09/2009 at 03:09 PM,(5) Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat),(6) Egat deputy governor and spokesman Wirat Kanchanaphaibul,(7) Pressure of Electricity Costs and Economic Development,(8) Economic Reporters Association,(9) two 1,000 megawatt nuclear power plants,(10) Energy expert Manoon Siriwan,(11) Gulf of Thailand,(12) picture source:,(13)

Power grid in Thailand (Please click on picture)


●090912A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Egat plans two nuclear power plants


●081103A Thailand, The Nation
Search on for nuclear site
●080618A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Nuclear study starts next month
●080326A Thailand, MCOT
Energy Ministry sets 8 hearings on nuclear power plant
●080304B Thailand, Bangkok Post
Nuclear provides clean energy
●080304C Thailand, Bangkok Post
A dangerous, expensive option

●India Nuclear Power This FY Pwr Generation Target 19,000M Units

Nuclear Power Corp. of India Ltd. expects to generate 19,000 million units of power in the current fiscal that began April 1, a company executive said Friday. "The company will be able to achieve the target (for this fiscal)," S. Thakur, executive director of corporate planning, told reporters on the sidelines of an industry event.

(注)E (1) 090912E India, online.wsj,(2) title: India Nuclear Power This FY Pwr Generation Target 19,000M Units,(3) ttp://,(4) NEW DELHI (Dow Jones),(5) Nuclear Power Corp. of India Ltd.,NPCIL,(6) 19,000 million units of power,(7) S. Thakur, executive director of corporate planning,(8) Areva S.A. (CEI.FR),(9) Rajasthan,(10) table source:,(11)

Existing nuclear power plants in India


●090912E India, online.wsj
India Nuclear Power This FY Pwr Generation Target 19,000M Units


○090909G India, indiainfoline
Nuclear Power Corp may increase generation by 50% report
●090715A India, bloomberg
Clinton Seeks to Resolve India Nuclear Arms Dispute
●090715C India,steelguru
Open up nuclear sector in India for private players
●090625B India, Economic Times
'India should look at generating cheaper power'
●090525A India, Economic Times
GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, L&T to develop nuclear power plant
●090324B India, Economic Times
GE-Hitachi to build nuclear reactors for NPCIL, BHEL
●090213C India, Economic Times
NTPC may enter into N-power biz
●090205A India, Economic Times
India to sign MoU with AREVA for nuclear reactors on Feb 4

●Nuke power emerging as attractive option for emissions goal, but concerns persist

With incoming Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama having set a more ambitious emissions reduction target for the government to be led by the Democratic Party of Japan than that pledged by outgoing rival Taro Aso, nuclear power is emerging as one of the most effective possible solutions.


(注)H (1) 090912H Japan, home.kyodo,(2) title: Nuke power emerging as attractive option for emissions goal, but concerns persist,(3) ttp://,(4) TOKYO, Sept. 12 KYODO,(5) incoming Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama,(6) emissions reduction target,(7) Democratic Party of Japan,(8) cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent compared with 1990 levels by 2020,(9) Tokyo Electric Power Co.,(10) Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power station in Niigata Prefecture,(11) Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,(12) Tomoko Murakami, an analyst at the Institute of Energy Economics Japan,(13) Liberal Democratic Party,(14) Social Democratic Party,(15) People's New Party,(16) Takao Shiino, counselor at Nomura Research Institute,(17) Shinichi Ichikawa, chief market strategist at Credit Suisse in Japan,(18) 45 percent from nuclear power, 14 percent from green energy,(19) photo source:

(20) map source: ,(21)


●090912H Japan, home.kyodo
Nuke power emerging as attractive option for emissions goal, but concerns persist

●India protests Pakistan's Gilgit order, China-aided dam

India Friday protested against Pakistan's new autonomy package for the Northern Areas of Kashmir, renamed as Gilgit-Baltistan, and the construction of the proposed 7,000 MW Bunji dam in this region with Chinese assistance. Pakistan, however, said the protest was uncalled for. The external affairs ministry summoned Pakistan's deputy high commissioner Riffat Masood and handed over note verbale (formal protest) in these two cases and asserted that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India.

(注)I (1) 090912I India, bombaynews,(2) title: India protests Pakistan's Gilgit order, China-aided dam,(3) ttp://,(4) Bombay News.Net,Friday 11th September, 2009 (IANS),New Delhi,(5) Northern Areas of Kashmir,(6) Gilgit-Baltistan,(7) 7,000 MW Bunji hydroelectric project,(8) Pakistan's deputy high commissioner Riffat Masood,(9) Jammu and Kashmir,(10) Gilgit-Baltistan Empowerment and Self Governance Order-2009,(11) locus standi,提訴権,(12) akin,血族,(13) external affairs ministry spokesperson Vishnu Prakash,(14) Astore district in Gilgit-Baltistan,(15) President Asif Ali Zardari,(16) Neelam Jhelum hydropower project,(17) Bhasa dam,(18) Azaad Kashmir,(19) map source:,(20)


●090912I India, bombaynews
India protests Pakistan's Gilgit order, China-aided dam


●090802B Pakistan, dailytimes
CDWP sends Diamer Bhasha Dam project to ECNEC
●090809C Pakistan, pakobserver
$2.1b Neelum-Jhelum Hydel project Pak may lose priority rights over Neelum
●090809B Pakistan, dailytimes
Bunji hydropower project to generate 7,100 MW
●090824A Pakistan, onlinenews
President declares Pakistan痴 immense development as his priority dream
○090826B Pakistan,
Zardari’s China visit concludes with 8 MoUs
●090908A Pakistan, dailytimes
MoUs signed between Pakistan and China
○090910F Pakistan, dawn
Gilgit-Baltistan autonomy

Other world energy news today

○090912B Philippines, easybourse
Philippines' National Power To Hike Rates Starting October
○090912C Philippines, philstar
Napocor to raise P7 billion for off-grid projects
○090912D Myanmar, in.reuters
Total says won't quit Myanmar after NGO accusation
○090912F Indonesia, ptinews
Excellent response to auction of oil & gas blocks Deora
○090912G Indonesia,
Indonesia Coal-Prices at $66, suppliers offer at bargain prices

今日の原油価格 (crude oil price)今日の石炭価格 (coal price)今日の天然ガス価格 (natural gas price)
今日のメコン河水位 (Mekong Vientiane water level),*************************************************************************************************


Past News

●China oil CNPC obtained $30 billion for overseas resources (090911)
●Why India and China eyeing oversea coal resources (090910)
●Indonesisa PLN needs additional $2billion for crash program (090909)
●Pakistan Bunji hydropower to be BOT by Chinese firm (090908)
●Nepal hydropower development between India and China (090907)
●India power market price skyrocketing to 23 cents (090906)
●China eyeing coal to be replaced by natural gas (090905)
●Indonesia approved Inpex proposal for floating LNG plant (090904)
●Spratly Islands may have 200 billion barrels potenntial (090903)
●Nationalism for resources in Nepal and Indonesia (090901)

●China coal mines curving to shrink for overseas (090831)
●Vietnam gas off-shore by American and Russin firms (090830)
●China's world resource strategy with Pakistan (090829)
●Indonesia starts procurement of coal for 10,000MW (090828)
●Bangladesh receiving $1 billion from China's assistance (090827)
●Myanmar sanction argued by US Senator (090826)
●Nepal agreed by India to support hydopower development (090825)
●Pakistan Basha dam and Bunji dam moving in China (090824)
●Vietnam has paradox in coal and power tarif (090823)
●Indonesia PLN starts 2nd 10,000MW power developmet program (090822)
●Thailand natural gas supply in trouble (090821)
●Philippines Kepco proposing smart grid with renewable energy (090820)
●LNG world market big wave with China move (090819)
●Politics of dam construction along the Salween (090818)
●Nepal prime minister to Delih for Pancheswar (090816)
●Chinese demand for foreign coal soars (090815)
●Laos Luwangprabang Nam Khan Chinese dams agreed (090814)
●Indonesian nationalism for resources and Donggi LNG (090813)
●Indian environment minister Ramesh fighting for climate change (090812)
●Srilanka comleting China's 300MW coal-fired by 2010 (090811)
●Pakistan promote 7,100MW Bunji hydropower (090809)
●Mekong River Comission to investigate 11 dams on main (090808)
●Vietnam nuclear power plan progressing to decision (090807)
●China NGO appealing to Beijin for possible dam disaster (090807)
●Myanmar ASEAN meeting Thaland took leadeship in gas and hydro (090805)
●Vietnam thermal power development and Japan firms (090803)
●Frail power sector holds Pakistani economy hostage (090802)
●India LNG investment in Cochin port Kelara (090801)

●Nepal requeting China to support hydropower project (090731)
●Mekong countries receiving US re-approach (090730)
●Thai Energy Minister for Mandalay to meet ASEAN (090729)
●Philippines natural gas to be expanded western ward (090728)
●Srilanka targetted by China, India, and Japan (090726)
●Myanmar gas pipe line to be shared by Indian firms (090724)
●India NELP VIII expolaration bidding soon (090723)
●China dam construction trouble in Yunnan (090722)
●Cambodia Kamchay and Sihanouk coal-fired progressing (090721)
●Nepal President Yadav leadership for hydro development (090720)
●Philippines indegenous energy needs big fund (090718)
●China discuss climate change with Chu US Energy Secretary (090717)
●Indian nuclear power receiving Ms Clinton visiting (090715)
●Indonesia crash program and LNG plnt (090714)
●Pakistan power shortage attacks industries (090713)
●Vietnam suffred power shortage in Summer (090712)
●India coal-fired thermal UMPP progressing (090708)

●Myanmar Arakan hydropower development Kaladan river (090707)
●Bhutan hydropower to be 10000MW by 2020 (090705)
●India Sikkim 510MW Teesta V hydro to be dedicated (090703)
●Mekong mainstream dam development opposed (090702)
●Srilanka coal-fired plant progressing with China aid (090701)

●Philippines Luzon grid stable untill 2015 (090630)
●Malaysia advanced in nuclear technology (090628)
●Thailand postponing gas production in Myanmar (090626)
●India nuclear boss emphasizing thorium resources (090625)
●Myanmar hydropower to provide to Bangladesh (090624)
●Indonesia oil and gas nationalism by the government (090623)
●Philippines Visayas renewable and coal power discussed (090622)
●Vietnam gas getting Vhvron investment 4 billion dollars (090621)
●Vietnam 1,100MW in operational by 2009 end (090619)
●Pakistan water resources to be assisted by China (090618)
●Vietnam claiming upsteram dams for delta (090617)
●India Arunachal environmental problem for hydropower (090616)
●LNG boosting in southeast Asia (090614)
●China environmental stop the Jinshajiang development (090612)
●China Begins Transition To A Clean-Energy Economy (090611)
●Bangladesh energy to be from gas and Bhutan (090610)
●Cambodia Sesan river to be developed by Vietnam (090609)
●Pakistan threats India for water with nuclear war (090608)
●Nepal Maoist chaos in with Indian hydro (090607)
●Vietnam institutional confusion to be solved in power sector (090606)
●Myanmar north and east states with China (090605)
●Mekong Secretariat will study on mainstream dams (090601)

●Indian new cabinet pushing rural electrification (090531)
●Mekong Power Summit dicussing main stream dam (090529)
●Indonesian oil production decline with irritation (090528)
●China coal production to be over capacity (090527)
●Philippines renewable energy boosting by IRR (090526)
●India nuclear development progressing with GEHitachi (090525)
●China curbing its energy policy to nuclear and green (090524)
●Indonesia second crash program geothermal (090523)
●Thailand PTT expanding its petroleum production (090522)
●Philippines struggling in high power rates (090521)
●China Yellow river Laxia hydropower operationasl (090520)
●Relation between India and Pakistan crucial (090518)
●Laos hydropower projects again moving (090517)
●Philippines coal-fired bidding out to IPPA (090516)

●India RIL's gas project goes on steam (090402)

●Smart Grid will only be as good as security behind it (090328)
●Bhutan developping 10,000MW with India (090327)
●Bhutan developping 10,000MW with India (090326)
●India and Pakistan disputing Kishanganga (090325)
●India and USA cooperation in Nuclear and solar (090324)

●Myanmar proceeding dams of 35 sites (080323)
●India more hydropower against China plan (080322)
●Clean cars charge up on dirty electricity (090321)
●India enjoying cheap LNG price saving money (090320)
●Indonesia's LNG going to Europe no to Japan (090319)
●Obama' regime will not turn backs on coal (090315)
●China developping two hydro and two wind power (090313)
●Nepal and Germany for Marsyangdi Hydro development (090312)
●Obama's smart grid moves Google and Oracle (090311)
●Cambodia small hydropower development (090310)
●India's coal-fired thermal progress in financial (090309)
●Srilanka power sector turning for hydro and coal (090308)
●Vietnam National Assembly working for resettlement villagers (090306)
●South Asia energy development cooperation (090305)
●Vietnam Power development for gas in O Mon (090304)
●6000MW hydro project moving at boudary between India and Nepal (090303)

●Philippines Energy plan to review due economic slump (090227)
●NHA applauds Secretary Chu's comments on pumped storage (090226)
●Indonesia's aircrft problem causes Power delay (090225)
●Pakistan Zardari visits Three Gorges dam in China (090224)
●Chinese utility tries to join electricity pioneers (090223)
●Pakistan Neelum-Jherum hydro started (090222)
●Indonesia possibly fail second fast track (090221)
●Why Vietnam Power Project delaying (090220)
●Nepal India Follow-up push to bilateral commitments (090219)
●Nepal Upper-Tamakoshoi hydro exoand to 456MW (090218)
●Indonesia Japan new deal of LNG (090217)
●ADB to provide US$ 106 million for Bhutan (090815)
●Vietnam Son la dam happens crac (090214)

●Indonesia get China loan more strict (090213)
●Cambodia dam start construction (090212)
● Indon eian Energy Changes (090211)

Accelerating India’s nuclear development (081003)
Tibetan Plateau water source for continent (081002)
India's power distribution reform (081001)
● Renewable Energy Bill in Philippines (080929)
● Indonesia's bio-fuel (080928)
Salween river dam development (080927)
China and the Mekong Basin Conference (080926)
India, 60,000MW hydropower by 2025 (080925)
China and India in a scramble for Nepal (080924)
The root cause of Vietnam's power shortage (080923)
●India's Initiative for South Asia power grid (080922)
Pakistan's private thermal power development (080921)
India,600,000 MW nuclear power development (080920)
Nepal's hydropower development challenge outback (080919)
Cambodia's hydropower development study (080918)
●India's power transmission corporation division (080915)
Kosi River in India and Nepal's problems (080914)
Thailand natural gas power obsessed(080913)
●India's coal red light (080912)
India, Tata, 10,000 MW development (080911)
Indonesia's crude oil production decline (080910)
India's power reform and pool market (080909)
Vietnam's power crisis continues (080908)
Indonesia's second Crash Program (080907)
China and India race to capture the uranium (080906)
India's gas to Warring Period (080905)
India's hydropower development delay (080904)
●Myanmar's hydro and natural gas (080903)
●Power crisis in Indonesia (080902)
●India and Nepal river management (080901)
●India's natural gas production (080831)
●China and Vietnam in Laos (080830)

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