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ー December 27, 2011 ー Funds crunch delaying Neelum-Jhelum project  

9December 27, 2011 - Funds crunch delaying Neelum-Jhelum project ー

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☆ 参考資料

●111227A Cambodia,
Cambodian PM hails China for encouraging investors to Cambodia
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Monday hailed the government of China for encouraging her potential investors to Cambodia, saying the Chinese investment here was hugely contributing to the country's development.Atay river hydropower dam in O'Som commune, Veal Veng district, Pursat province,Chinese banks,Council for the Development of Cambodia,400 Chinese investment projects,nearly 9 billion U.S. dollars,120 megawatt Atay river hydropower dam,in May, 2008,46 percent,complete in May, 2013,China Datang Corporation,255 million U.S. dollars,34-year build-operate- transfer (BOT)


●111227B Pakistan,
Funds crunch delaying Neelum-Jhelum project
The Neelum-Jhelum hydropower is facing serious liquidity problem, which has slowed down the pace of construction mainly because of the inordinate delay by China in releasing $448 million credit. next 3-4 months,Rs16 billion deficit,over Rs2 billion deficit,AJK to kill or abduct the Chinese workers,Rs32.28 billion in the current financial year,Rs10 billion, $448 million loan,in 2009,recent visit of Chinese top man the Indian authorities,‘disputed area’,Kishenganga hydropower project,two tunnel boring machines (TBMs),two TBMs worth $92.3 million,Harrenknecht, Germany,from Germany via China,to be complete by 2016,only 28 percent


◯111227 経済・安保協力強化へ=28日に日印首脳会談

◯111227 玄葉外相が日本の外相として9年ぶりにミャンマー訪問、関係強化へ大きく前進

◯111227 中国が長男・金正男氏を保護!キナ臭い動きの狙いはなんだ


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●111227A Cambodia,
Cambodian PM hails China for encouraging investors to Cambodia

●111227B Pakistan,
Funds crunch delaying Neelum-Jhelum project



Past News

●Meralco keen to put up hydropower plant (111226)
●Anti-dam protests choke Arunachal (111225)
●Hydel projects on Ganga face uncertain future (111223)
●Power projects allotted to travel agency (111221)
●Laos keeps its hydropower hopes alive (111220)
●Need To Revisit The Role Of Nuclear Power For India 's Energy Security (111217)
●No stopping big hydro projects, despite Lao veto (111215)
●Dasu hydel project to produce 4320 megawatts power (111212)
●Laos Mekong superdam put on hold (111209)
●Sinohydro expedites Upper Tamakoshi works (111207)
●US Senate pushes for Xayaburi funds freeze (111205)
●International Petition Calls for Thailand, Laos to Cancel Xayaburi Dam (111202)

●DoE steps up pace of RE contracts awarding (111129)
●China investigates America’s renewable energy policies (111127)
●National Assembly discusses losses incurred by EVN (111124)
●Laos to Wait for ‘Positive Signals’ Before Building Mekong Dam (111122)
●China warns against South China Sea meddling (111120)
●Laos defies neighbours’ objections to construction of Mekong dam (111118)
●Nature reserve determined for major riverheads ecology (111117)
●300-MW hydro power project in Bukidnon endorsed (111114)
●‘False Claims’ in Dam Report (111112)
●Norwegian company wins tender to build Belawan LNG terminal (111110)
●Panel to assess imported Chinese power equipment (111108)
●Asian Development Bank approves loan for Nam Ngum 3 hydro project (111106)
●PM orders ministry to work out finances (111103)
●China Now World Leader in Wind and Hydro (111102)

●ERC Resets Open Access Implementation (111027)
●Myitsone Hydropower Project mutually beneficial (111024)
●France assures highest safety for Jaitapur reactors (111023)
●Japan suffers worst industry loss overseas (111019)
●India offers Myanmar $500m Line of Credit (111019)
●China urges Thailand, Laos, Myanmar to intensify investigation (111014)
●UNFCC approves controversial power project of Reliance in Jharkhand (111011)
●Hydropower solution: Gilani unveils first step in ending power crisis (111009)
●New 2 GW Coal-Fired IPP Project in Indonesia (111007)
●Aussie PM says mining boom fueled by China ‘is likely to be sustained (111006)
●China urges consultation over suspended joint hydropower project in Myanmar (111003)
●The United States' "New Silk Road" Strategy: What is it? Where is it Headed? (111002)

●NHPC to submit report on Myanmar project next month (110929)
●Ways to power up India’s future (110928)
●Beijing chides Philippines for leading an ASEAN front against China (110927)
● Winds of change pick up in Myanmar (110926)
●NHPC to add 4,500 MW in 12th Plan (110925)
●A rising hydro-hegemon raising worries downstream (110921)
●Burma must be vigilant to avoid the disastrous dam on Irrawaddy River (110919)
●China to spend $46.89 billion for development of Tibet (110915)
●China's Sichuan may face worst power woes in 10 years (110914)
●Burma: Government challenges the nation on continuation of huge dam on Irrawaddy (110913)
●African Energy’s New Friends in China (110910)
●Chinese power plant contractors take nearly half of Indian market shar (110909)
●TIP asks PM to intervene in $2 billion power scam (110907)
●China will impact Bay of Bengal soon (110905)
●Korean firm still keen on Angat hydro plant (110904)
●CPP proposes poverty alleviation measures in Chin State (110902)

●Kasikornbank to Arrange Funding for Laos Hydropower Projects (110831)
●Chinese loan for West-Seti (110830)
●Water and power ministry clarifies news item (110828)
●China Says Power Grids Should Build Pumped-Storage Power Station (110827)
●Growing energy demand adds stress to water supply (110825)
●China maps Brahmaputra, Indus (110824)
●Singh bats for nuclear power shunned by Bengal Stress on safety, sights on Nobel (110823)
●Pak-China energy cooperation (110821)
●New forest dam planned (110819)
●China to spend 11.6 bln yuan on Tibet's water projects over next five years (110817)
●What happened to China's power shortages (110816)
●Sino-Lanka relations will strengthen (110815)
●Can Damming the Mekong Power a Better Life to Laos? (110813)
●Balancing the Grid with Pumped Storage (110812)
●Keeping the Yangtze clean (110810)
●Pakistan Political turmoil may delay 26 hydro projects (110809)
●Vietnam Nearly $50b required to create more power (110808)
●NTPC may develop largest hydel project (110806)
●Water shortages threaten renewed conflict between Pakistan, India (110804)

●Strengthening the country's external defense (110731)
●West Seti Hydropower Co's licence scrapped (110729)
●China's military flexes its muscle (110728)
●HK firm invests in China nuclear plant (110727)
●Philippines opens Bataan nuclear plant to tourists (110725)
●Chinese hydropower company Sinohydro signs MOU for 1.000 MW pump storage plant in Ukraine (110724)
●China's former top legislator publishes book on Three Gorges Project (110722)
●Tibet to receive major investment (110721)
●Burma, China Ignoring Environmental Warnings for Dam (110720)
●Pakistan gets help from US to tackle energy crisis (110719)

●Mischief Reef and ‘Love Me Tender’(110718)

●Biggest Coal Company and Coal Country Collaborate on Mega Mine (110718)
●Hiroshima, Fukushima, Jaitapur... (110713)
●Sustainable Management of Water Resources Key to Peace and Security in Central Asia (110712)
●10,000MW Pakistan, China friendship(110711)
●Bhutan’s Hydropower Challenge (110711)
●Power sector: Ultra Mega Poor Planning? (110707)
●Energy talks in Brunei will place nuclear power on regional agenda (110705)

●Cambodian Women Speak Up on Dam's Threat (110704)
●Six hydropower plant projects round up Cat Tien National Park (110703)
●In Southeast Asia, Big Dams Raise Big Concerns (110701)

●China’s water war with India (110627)
●China must react to Vietnam's provocation (110623)
●CHINA : China to built 4 hydropower dams (110622)
●Nepal says no to exporting hydropower (110621)
●New hydropower station begins operation in Tibet (110618)
●Fighting Erupts Over Chinese Hydropower Dams in Burma (110616)
●Chinese Engineers Eye Tibetan Rivers (110614)
●Push for new dams across Brahmaputra as China faces drought (110613)
●Tamanthi Hydel Project: India’s Eastern Foothold ? Analysis (110607)
●Govt committed to balanced approach to nuclear programmes, says Jairam (110606)
●Turkey’s Dams Are Violating Human Rights, UN Report Says (110605)
●Delay on Sesan River Hydrodam Unlikely: Officials (110603)
●Uttarakhand's Srinagar hydel project stopped (110602)
●Upbeat on Thailand's potential as solar power generator (110601)

●Upper Cisokan Pumped Storage Hydro-Electrical Power (110530)
●Three Gorges Dam responsible for the Yangtze drought? (110527)
●Energy boost: ADB offers $4.5b for Diamer-Bhasha dam (110526)
●Myanmar and China to build economic ties (110525)
●Chairman Three Gorges Corporation calls on Gilani (110522)
●Coal seen dominating over gas in SE Asia by 2030 (110520)
●Abandoning Pakistan: Can China fill the vacuum? (110519)
●Pakistan to convey US concerns over Kabul River projects (110517)
●Avoid going nuclear by allowing the dams (110515)
●India to help Afghanistan build 12 dams on Kabul River (110512)
●Pakistan: Friend or Foe to the U.S.? (110504)
●Nuclear Fallout Casts New Light On China (110503)

●Dam on Brahmaputra won't affect India: China (110429)
●There's shale in them thar (Chinese) hills (110428)
●Anti-nuclear protesters target Vietnam (110427)
●India nuclear fixation is not smart strategy (110426)
●xayaburi hydropower plant (110425)
●Thai-Chinese rail pact delayed (110422)
●Thailand to pursue power purchase plan (110421)
●India, Russia to review nuclear safety (110414)
●Australia warned on China's shale gas boom (110412)
●Fukushima reaffirms the unacceptable risks of nuclear power (110408)
●MoET, EVN jointly train nuclear power workforce (110407)
●Princess points to Japan for morale (110406)
●12th Five Year Plan Hailed as ‘Greenest FYP in China’s History’ (110405)
●DoE issues certification for 32 indicative power projects (110404)
●Flooded provinces on high alert (110403)
●Japanese relocation drive expected to begin soon (110401)

●Forum Energy completes Reed Bank exploration, drilling next (110330)
●Japan nuclear disaster to change global energy market (110325)
●Activists join forces against dam plan (110323)
●India can’t turn its back on N-Power, says Jairam (110321)
●Amidst nuclear crisis, Emperor addresses nation (110317)
●Thai civil groups fight against nuclear plants (110316)
●Abhisit said to be opposed to nuclear plants (110315)
●Earthquake casts doubt over Chinese hydropower project (110314)
●Goa fidgety after Japan N-leak (110313)
●Australia urged to help halt Mekong dam (110311)
●NTPC’s Lanka JV to see the light of day (110310)
●Time for Mekong Delta to redefine priorities: expert (110309)
●Tata Group, 330 Others Express Interest in PHCN (110308)
●Call to build mega dams, including KBD (110307)
●Push to Build Dams Sparks New Warnings Over Mekong River's Future (110306)
●China Moves to Secure Latin American Oil Reserves (110302)
●China agrees to provide assistance to Nepal for different projects (110301)

●PLN prepares $15 b to build 11,000 megawatt gas-fired power plants (110225)
●Philippine government plans US296 million hydropower, irrigation project (110224)
●China, India to Lead Mining Mergers After 89% Growth (110223)
●China becomes biggest investor in Myanmar (110222)
●Japanese keen on Dawei work (110221)
●Gas using industries to build LNG receiving terminal (110219)
●Govt seeks 60% of Nong Khai rail venture (110218)
●Thai greens step up campaign against Laos's Xayaburi da (110217)
●Indices down, electricity shares hit ceiling (110216)
●Indian power cos may shift focus to African continent for coal (110214)
●Is hydropower exploitation of the Nu river in China 'a must'? (110213)
●J-Power plans IPP, SPP projects in Thailand (110211)
●Thai firms 'must be wary' Conflicts, energy prices (110210)
●Kohala hydropower project: Chinese company unwilling to participate in ICB (110209)
●Water ministry not worried by China plan to dam Brahmaputr (110208)
●Suhasini Haidar: Hands across the Himalayas (110205)
●China Grants Permission for 21.3 GW Dam System (110204)
●NTPC looks for suppliers to power pending projects (110203)
●China Takes Lead in Race for Clean Nuclear Power (110202)
●Nujiang hydro project back on agenda (110201)

●China to invest more on power tech (110131)
●China's Power Demand Growth May Slow to 9% (110130)
●Nuclear plant-hit villagers to be made partners: NPCIL chief (110128)
●Tibet to be focus of China’s all-out hydropower priority (110127)
●Foundation laying of Upper Tamakoshi postponed (110126)
●18 hydropower projects in Pakistan delayed (110125)
●Toshiba to start production of turbine generators in July (110124)
●China's smart grid market to grow to USD$61 billion in 2015 (110123)
●Major hydropower stations in Chamdo to transmit power to China (110121)
●China's development loans beat those of World Bank in 2010 (110120)
●PLN must obtain House approval for industry rate hike (110119)
●China power consumption up 14.6 pct in 2010 (110118)
●China’s Longjiang Dam: Concerns For Myanmar (110115)
●Bhutan for tri-nation talk (110113)
●Chinese mining company may invest in Papua: Bappenas (110111)
●Big players win SPP licence bids (110109)
●China targets 48.5 Gigawatts of nuclear power by 2015 (110108)
●Burma opening up to more Thai investment (110107)
●China to build seaports and airports in Papua (110106)
●Dams will unleash untold misery (110105)
●China allays India’s fears over dam (110104)
●Chinese economy to be fired by coal-to-chemicals (110103)
●DoE eyeing Chinese investors in building floating LNG facilities (110102)
●Power companies seen strengthening foundations for big plans in 2010 (110101)

●Upper Seti tunnel making progress (101231)
●China's CNPC approaches ONGC to access India’s oil and gas assets (101230)
●Power plant equipment import from China disturbing: Scientist (101228)
●Japan eyes civil nuke deals with states resisting inspection protocol (101227)
●ADB to provides Rs.180m for upper Seti (101226)
●RPower seeks 15,000 visas for China staff (101224)
●Three more India hydro projects on Chenab (101223)
●China to help fund Cambodia power plant (101221)
●Govt to build storage-type hydro projects (101220)
●Wen Jiabao under pressure to okay another PoK project (101219)
●China to listen to India on Brahmaputra issue (101217)
●Reliance Power ties up Chinese bank funds (101216)
●Energy plans to upgrade Agus hydropower plants (101214)
●Let Rangoon defend itself (101213)
●Nuclear power a 'wise investment' (101212)
●$227b needed to provide electricity for citizens by 2029 (101211)
●China may be next world power ? Enrile (101209)
●Upper Tamakoshi signs pact for Rs 4-bn loan (101208)
●Dam on Brahmaputra (101207)
●'Aggressive' China losing friends around the world (101206)
●Energy investments should be in step with growth (101205)
●Bids for detailed design of 4320-MW Dasu Projec (101204)
●Thailand Nuclear study almost ready (101203)
●Thailand Nuclear study almost ready (101202)
●Egat adds B30bn to five-year investment budget (101201)

●PSALM defers IPPA tender for Naga thermal plant (101130)
●Maharashtra N-project to get green signal today (101129)
●Chinese Prime Minister due next month: accords on various projects (101128)
●Coal Demand Fueled China’s Growing Energy Needs (101127)
●PTT looks to Australia for LNG independence (101126)
●Jaitapur nuke plant gets conditional nod (101125)
●Nuclear Power Gaining Importance in China (101124)
●China's muscular embrace of Cambodia (101122)
●What Happens When Chinese Coal Production Stops Growing 10% Yearly? (101121)
●Bids for 4000 MW power project in Orissa to be delayed:Shinde (101120)
●Latest talks: India-China deadlocked on Kashmir (101117)
●No land for green project in Arunachal (101115)
●China and Nepal follow Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence (101114)
●Belarus may invite Japan for energy industry projects (101112)
●Shell, China sign deal to explore Canadian oil (101111)
●Uighurs precariously caught between two powers (101110)
●Neelum-Jehlum Chinese team briefs Zardari (101109)
●Chinese to study four dams (101108)
●PTT calls for more gas output (101107)
●Cambodia, China announce 1.6billion dollar deal (101104)
●Decision on nuclear nears (101102)
●Rosatom to Build Vietnam Plant (101101)

●Technical panel to study Subansiri dam: PM (101030)
●Analyst denies US senator's claims over Sino-Myanmar ties (101029)
●China’s presence in PoK worries India (101028)
●High-speed train project moves ahead (101027)
●Dam busting on the Mekong (101026)
●The East will light up, hopes ONGC (101026)
●Mega projects to be given to Chinese companies: Zardari wants (101020)
●Story of missed opportunities as PM goes to Japan (101019)
●Beijing poised to set tough energy goals (101018)
●Govt plans to construct small-medium LNG receiving terminals (1019015)
●Toshiba boosts hydropower equipment production capability in China (101013)
●Barriers to hydropower development A historical perspective '101012)
●Traders pin hopes on PM's Burma talks (101011)
●Asian nuclear conference starts Monday (101010)
●Coal ministry warns five firms on allocations (101008)
●Brazil Engineers a Critic-Proof Dam (101007)
●Sri Lanka Gearing To Go Nuclear By 2025 (101006)
●Indian business eyes Bhutanese hydropower (101003)
●Green concerns in North-East worry power ministry (101002)
●War games to check China (101001)

●Chinas footprints and the Russian gas deal (100929)
●More renewables a must, says research fund chief (100928)
●Electricity: China comes to Pakistan’s aid again (100926)
●Conservationists oppose Laos dam plans (100925)
●U.S. Influence in Asia Revives Amid China’s Disputes (100923)
●Coal aplenty, but power companies prefer foreign assets (100922)
●Post-LNG Arun: What are the options? (100921)
●China set to get vast gas supplies from Central Asia via 10,000 km pipeline (100920)
●China's pollution reduction right on target (100919)
●Global warming swells glacial lakes (100917)
●Over-Development on the Tibetan Plateau Endangers China’s Future (100916)
●Sri Lanka will benefit greatly from LNG- UAE-based investor consortium (100915)
●China Needs to Stop Playing Dirty on Clean Energy (100914)
●Power demand: Intensity targets are being taken very seriously (100913)
●Marubeni Markets Efficient Coal-Fed Plants (100911)
●U.S. Looks For Changes to India Nuclear Liability Bill (100909)
●Steel blamed for Vietnam's power woes (100908)
●China’s mega-refineries bode ill for RP operation (100907)
●Datang's Myanmar hydro plant goes operational (100905)
●WAPDA to construct 740-MW Munda Dam on priority basis (100904)
●Bright future for Yunnan - Lanka ties (100903)
●Securing China's oil imports from the Middle East (100902)
●India to Reopen Bhopal Prosecution (100901)

●China flexes hydropower muscle (100830)
●Pandora's Box of Trade With China (100829)
●Japan N-power lobby visits Vietnam (100827)
●India I'm not working for US, PM tells opposition (100826)
●China's installed hydropower capacity hits 200 mln kW (100825)
●Thailand Rail project with China considered (100824)
●China hit by 26,000 geological disasters this year (100823)
●Coking coal prices have risen twice this year (100822)
●146 dams threaten Amazon basin (100820)
●Agus-Pulangi privatization deferred to attract investors (100819)
●China Seeks Military Power in Indian Ocean, Western Pacific (100817)
●Would November poll make any positive breakthrough in Burma (100816)
●China Floods May Be Sign of Wider Problems (100815)
●Damming The Brahmaputra: Setback To South Asian Stability (100813)
●Most of KP power system swept away in floods (100812)
●Mega Dam to Doom Indigenous People's Land in India (100810)
●Pakistan and Iran finalised $7.5 billion gas project pipeline (100808)
●Chinese renewable firms vent anger at UN over CDM rejections (100807)
●Brahmaputra Board revamp Bill delayed (100806)
●Chinese arms for Pakistan (100805)
●China Investment Corp Eyes Indonesian State Owned (100804)
●Why damming the world's most productive river (100803)
●More rains trigger panic in KP, Fata (100802)
●Japan refuses additional funds before completion (100801)

●Thailand More reliance on Burma (100730)
●ADB President Reaffirms Support For Nepal (100729)
●Myanmar, India ink 5 trade pacts (100728)
●China Warns U.S. to Stay Out of Islands Dispute (100727)
●Water wars: India, China & the Great Thirst (100725)
●US, China compete to woo RI over S. China Sea (100723)
●India eyes BP Vietnam stake (100722)
●Studies on hydropower projects' impact on 2 Ganga (100721)
●Higher silt level shuts down SJVNL power project (100720)
●Pakistan eyes Chinese investment (100719)
●Power generation to be doubled in 10 years (100718)
●Tehri hydel project under scrutiny (100716)

●China's disturbing dam plan (100714)
●End of the frontier (100713)
●DoE pressed to offer more feasible solutions (100712)
●Asian giants look to Africa (100711)
●Shale seen as transforming gas into a global commodity (100710)
●China province cuts power to some sectors (100708)
●Vietnam coal-fired by China and Japan (100706)
●Oil/gas exploration in Sulu Sea seen to benefit ARMM economy (100704)
●Ethnic tensions grow in Myanmar (100703)
●India AASU demands halt to mega dams in NE (100702)

●P-noy faces dim energy outlook (100630)
●China diversion of the waters of the Brahmaputra (100629)
●Vietnam to build 8 nuclear power plants by 2030 (100627)
●750-MW Santa Maria hydropower project in Peru (100625)
●KTB loans Bt2.6 bn to finance power development in Laos (100624)
●Chinese Mega Loan for Dam Draws Fire (100623)
●Vietnam congress postpones railway project (100620)
●BPMigas renews call on delay to enforcement (100618)
●Sino-Bangladesh relations (100617)

●India Govt drops plans to dilute key provision of N-Liability Bill (100616)

●India chagrined at Lankan ties with Pakistan and China (100614)
●China wage strggle in industries (1005613)
●Oil Companies Financing Nuclear Threat in Burma (100611)
●Indo-Lanka ties reach new high (100610)
●India Japan nuclear cooperation (100609)
●China invests 100 bln yuan for Xinjiang energy (100608)
●Expert says China's energy system is faulty (100607)
●Egat needs to upgrade old plants to avert shortage (100606)
●Indonesia ends uncertainty over Donggi-Senoro (100604)
●Toshiba Aims To Strengthen Nuclear Power (100603)
●China clean energy goal will require hydro projects (100602)

●Nepal political chaos may end for hydropower (100530)
●India going ahead with Tipai dam (100528)
●Is Burma the first Causality of Chinese Imperialism? (100527)
●China discussing great dam at Great Bend (100526)
●Indian Dr.Manmohan Singh annouce 8.5% (100525)
●Philippines' Spratly and China sea lane (100524)
●China struggles in Myanmar for tribes (100521)
●Thailand Bangkok final struggle (100519)
●Nile agreement oposed by Egypt (100517)
●Arunachal protests China dam move (100514)
●Jairam Ramesh wins support in China (100512)
●Nepal hydro development unstable due to Maoist (100511)
●India Narmada 400MW Maheshwar resumed (100509)
●Toshiba bagged China reversible pump-turbines (100507)
●Indian points of pakistan water dispute (100506)
●Malaysia launches nuclear power plants (100505)
●Myanmar hydropower by Japanese firms (100503)
●Pakistan harness energy on war footing (100501)

●China's corridor in Pakistan (100430)
●Indonesia's Bumi new contract with Japanese (100428)
●Japan's official funds for overseas (100427)
●China accessing to Spratly (100425)
●China admits Bramaputra dams (100423)
●Indonesia coal-fired plant for PPP (100420)
●Sri Lanka’s top lender in 2009 (100418)
●Thailand power pylon attacked by terro (100416)
●China earthquake damaged some dams (100415)
●Mekong water level dispute continued (100413)
●India NHPC expanding hydro development (100412)
●India infra and land acquisition (100411)
●Philippines power crisis continued (100409)
●Philippines NGCP take role supply power (100407)
●China eyeing membaer of Mekong Committee (100406)
●Water dispute in Mekong and Indus (100404)
●Japan eyeing overseas infra participation (100402)
●Nepal Kathmandu under water project (100401)

●Pakistan nuclear deal with China (100331)
●Asia summit concluding infra priority (100330)
●Pakistan India water dispute in Neelum (100328)
●Bhutan hydropower progressing (100325)
●China targets nuclear 80GW by 2020 (100324)
●Toshiba nuclear backed by Bill Gates (100323)
●Japanese nuclear backed by government (100321)
●China challenging smart grid (100319)
●India Jammu Kashimir potential 20000MW (100318)
●Indian nuclear power still difficulties (100317)
●Mekong mainstream dam development (100316)
●Thailand restarts negotiation on Laos hydropower (100314)
●Philippines Mindanao state emergency for power (100310)
●China's influence to Southeast Asia (100307)
●Myanmar 3600MW Mytsone dam progress (100305)
●Cambodia Chinese two dams starts construction (100304)
●India fears Bramaptra Chinese action (100303)
●Philippines archipelago continue brownout (100302)
●Indonesia 2nd program assisted by Mitsui Sumitomo (100301)

●Srilanka eyeing 300MW combined cycle plant (100228)
●Vietnam nuclear Japan organizing national team (100227)
●China focus on coalbed gas expansion (100226)
●Philippines nuclear offered by Korean and France (100225)
●Philippines denied sate of emergency due power crisis (100224)
●India developing 24,000MW gas thermal (100223)
●Indonesia connecting Jawa and Kalimantan (100220)
●Malaysia Sarawak hydropower develoment (100219)
●Thailand should keep Salween Hatgyi dam (100218)
●Nepal Maoist prevents hydropower (100217)
●Thailand Jpower and EGAT new chief (100216)
●Philippines Luzon grid maintenance schedule (100214)
●Myanmar and China dam in Wa area (100212)
●Laos Nam Theun 2 project soon complete (100211)
●Philippines Team Energy eyeing wind power (100210)
●Laos rural electrification by ADB (100209)
●Ethiopia hydropower tunnel collapsed (100207)
●Philippines Luzon grid yellow signal due Malampaya (100205)
●Thailand recovered power demand to 23,000MW (100204)
●Philippines renewable energy reaches to 206 proposals (100203)

●India expanding UMPP to gas power (100202)
●Vietnam power BOT projects by Mitsubishi (100201)

●Philippines Angat dam to be sold in bid (100131)
●Nepal West Seti project ADB participation (100129)
●Philippines Luzon power crisis continue (100128)
●Philippines Luzon rotating brounouts (100127)
●Indonesia floating LNG receiving terminal (100126)
●India sets up high level panel for Bramaputra (100124)
●Indonesia 2nd crash program finance progressing (100122)
●Indonesia PLN unbandling and privatization (100121)
●India and China competing in Africa (100120)
●India NTPC 70,000MW in 2017 (100119)
●Indonesia adopting coal domestic obligation (100117)
●Indonesia President Decree for private participation (100115)
●Cambodia dam to be consructed by China (100114)
●Philippines renewable energy rules (100112)
●India power development delay minister Shinde (100111)
●Indonesia Asahan No.3 loan from JBIC (100110)
●Indonesia Kalimantan gets UAE investment (100108)
●China facing backlash by recepient contries (100107)
●Myanmar encouraging private hydro dvelopment (100106)
●China expanding LNG imports (100105)
●Philippines Luzon grid needs new power by 2014 (100104)
●Myanmar power reached to 2,256MW (100102)
●Chinese navy establishing port in Arabian Sea (100101)

●Philippines Diduyon hydro bagged by Chinese firm (091231)
●Philippines DOE to proceed additional renewable (091229)
●India welcoming Hatoyama with nuclear issue (091228)
●Cambodia government deported 20 Uygruhs (091227)
●China hard negotiation between coal and power (091225)
●Indonesia proposes geothermal with public and private (091224)
●Thailand Egat sensitive to natural gas (091223)
●Myanmar pipeline China get franchise right by Xi (091222)
●China smart grid market 600 billion dollars (091218)
●China winter comming for coal emergency (091217)
●Indonesia 10,000MW to be complete by 2013 (091216)
●Peru 2000MW Inambari hydro to be imported by Brazil (091215)
●Turkey 309MW Ermanek hydro under construction (091214)
●Mekong media forum discuss China dams (091213)
●Indonesia needs 7.6 billion dollars for 2nd cash program (091211)
●COP15 nuclear power substantial for climate change (091210)
●Exsson 15 billion gas project in Papua New Guinea (091209)
●Myanmar Arakan proceedong three hydro 687MW (091208)
●India energy focus on clean coal technology (091207)
●Indonesia facing power shortage (091206)
●Ghana Bui dam starts construction by Chinese (091204)
●China CDM projects suspended due to additionality (091203)
●Indonesian oil decline and LNG problem (091202)
●China CDM evolution not revolution (091201)

●India strongly responded to China proposal of reduction (091129)
●Indonesia eyeing Middle East oil resources (091127)
●Indian coal shortage its reason (091126)
●Indonesia mining law threaten international firms (091124)
●Myanmar dams under progress by China (091123)
●Indian nuclear and China oil in Sudan (091122)
●Indonesia coal export stable in future 5 years (091120)
●India BHEL expanding facilities for UHV transformers (091119)
●Thailand nuclear plan being cooperated by Chinese firms (091118)
●China's policy for Africa development and US (091117)
●Vietnam constructing more dam in Da river upstream (091115)
●Brazil’s Integrated Power Grid Vulnerable to Massive Blackouts (091113)
●Bhutan 10,000MW hydro development heavy for India fund (091112)
●India pwer sector needs 250 billion dollars for 7 to 8 years (091110)
●Nepal hydropower Chinese firm into first time (091109)
●China globaly eyeing uranium and fuel resources (091108)
●Indonesia decided floating LNG plant in Arafura Sea (091106)
●India sill fears dams in Burhamaputra by China (091106)
●Vietnam hundreds of dams under construction in central (091104)
●Myanmar US high official meeting in Myanmar (091103)
●Philippines PNOC eyeing investment partner for hydro (091102)
●Philippines renewable energy $2.2 billion awarded (091101)

●Rwanda getting Chinese huge investment for menerals (091030)
●Ethiopia developping road networks and dams (091029)
●Nigeria and Chinese firms tackling their strategies in oil (091028)
●Vietnam large scale coal-fired in southern coast (091026)
●China sea lane from Srilanka to Africa (091025)
●JBIC and Toshiba global tiger operation in India (091023)
●India and China agreed on climate change cooperation (091022)
●China fund investing Guinea 7 billion dollars with Angola firm (091021)
●China may rely on her own shale gas without imports (091020)
●Philippines PNOC-RC seeking hydropower partner for 300MW total (091019)
●Chinese Brhamaptra project 510mw run-off type (091017)
India and China heating up for projects on Brhamaptra and Indus (091016)
●Indonesia plans coal export ceeling at 150 milliom tons annually (091015)
●Philippines starts deepsea well drilling in Sulu Sea with Exxon (091014)
●Vietnam power sector in dilemma between coal and tarif (091012)
●India not opted by Iran for Azadegan oilfield (091011)
●Indonesia Sunda Srait marine cable to be by JICA assistance (091010)
●Thailand nuclear power development 59% oppose (091009)
●LNG price downturn make weary oil majors (091007)
●India Coal CIL chief goes around the world for coal import (091006)
●Indian nuclear development suported by global firms (091005)
●US energy fims eyeing markets in India and Mekong (091003)
●Indonesia irritating for oil and gas exploitation (091002)

●India nuclear power development proguressing (090930)
●China wind and nuclear powers each has headache (090928)
●India and China responded to G20 agreement with less positive (090927)
●Philippines energy ministry expects to implement 1,000MW plants (090926)
●China Sovereign Wealth Fund shifting to world resources (090925)
●Indonesian energy resources of gas and coal (090925)
●China no solution in sight to Spratlys dispute (090923)
●China to launch impressive green gas ruduction policies (090922)
●Thailand EGAT may short in 2010 because of gas (090921)
●Bangladesh eyeing nuclear power with Russian assistance (090920)
●India coal proven reserve 257.4 billion tons (090919)
●Vietnam nuclear power development seminar with Japan (090918)
●Vietnam Red River Delta coal potenntial 200 billion tons (090917)
●Pakistan debates Kohala hydro to Chinese firm (090916)
●Philippines hydropower IPPA bidding starts (090915)
●India overseas coal due to shortage of coking coal (090913)
●Nuclear power boosting for global climate change (090912)
●China oil CNPC obtained $30 billion for overseas resources (090911)
●Why India and China eyeing oversea coal resources (090910)
●Indonesisa PLN needs additional $2billion for crash program (090909)
●Pakistan Bunji hydropower to be BOT by Chinese firm (090908)
●Nepal hydropower development between India and China (090907)
●India power market price skyrocketing to 23 cents (090906)
●China eyeing coal to be replaced by natural gas (090905)
●Indonesia approved Inpex proposal for floating LNG plant (090904)
●Spratly Islands may have 200 billion barrels potenntial (090903)
●Nationalism for resources in Nepal and Indonesia (090901)

●China coal mines curving to shrink for overseas (090831)
●Vietnam gas off-shore by American and Russin firms (090830)
●China's world resource strategy with Pakistan (090829)
●Indonesia starts procurement of coal for 10,000MW (090828)
●Bangladesh receiving $1 billion from China's assistance (090827)
●Myanmar sanction argued by US Senator (090826)
●Nepal agreed by India to support hydopower development (090825)
●Pakistan Basha dam and Bunji dam moving in China (090824)
●Vietnam has paradox in coal and power tarif (090823)
●Indonesia PLN starts 2nd 10,000MW power developmet program (090822)
●Thailand natural gas supply in trouble (090821)
●Philippines Kepco proposing smart grid with renewable energy (090820)
●LNG world market big wave with China move (090819)
●Politics of dam construction along the Salween (090818)
●Nepal prime minister to Delih for Pancheswar (090816)
●Chinese demand for foreign coal soars (090815)
●Laos Luwangprabang Nam Khan Chinese dams agreed (090814)
●Indonesian nationalism for resources and Donggi LNG (090813)
●Indian environment minister Ramesh fighting for climate change (090812)
●Srilanka comleting China's 300MW coal-fired by 2010 (090811)
●Pakistan promote 7,100MW Bunji hydropower (090809)
●Mekong River Comission to investigate 11 dams on main (090808)
●Vietnam nuclear power plan progressing to decision (090807)
●China NGO appealing to Beijin for possible dam disaster (090807)
●Myanmar ASEAN meeting Thaland took leadeship in gas and hydro (090805)
●Vietnam thermal power development and Japan firms (090803)
●Frail power sector holds Pakistani economy hostage (090802)
●India LNG investment in Cochin port Kelara (090801)

●Nepal requeting China to support hydropower project (090731)
●Mekong countries receiving US re-approach (090730)
●Thai Energy Minister for Mandalay to meet ASEAN (090729)
●Philippines natural gas to be expanded western ward (090728)
●Srilanka targetted by China, India, and Japan (090726)
●Myanmar gas pipe line to be shared by Indian firms (090724)
●India NELP VIII expolaration bidding soon (090723)
●China dam construction trouble in Yunnan (090722)
●Cambodia Kamchay and Sihanouk coal-fired progressing (090721)
●Nepal President Yadav leadership for hydro development (090720)
●Philippines indegenous energy needs big fund (090718)
●China discuss climate change with Chu US Energy Secretary (090717)
●Indian nuclear power receiving Ms Clinton visiting (090715)
●Indonesia crash program and LNG plnt (090714)
●Pakistan power shortage attacks industries (090713)
●Vietnam suffred power shortage in Summer (090712)
●India coal-fired thermal UMPP progressing (090708)

●Myanmar Arakan hydropower development Kaladan river (090707)
●Bhutan hydropower to be 10000MW by 2020 (090705)
●India Sikkim 510MW Teesta V hydro to be dedicated (090703)
●Mekong mainstream dam development opposed (090702)
●Srilanka coal-fired plant progressing with China aid (090701)

●Philippines Luzon grid stable untill 2015 (090630)
●Malaysia advanced in nuclear technology (090628)
●Thailand postponing gas production in Myanmar (090626)
●India nuclear boss emphasizing thorium resources (090625)
●Myanmar hydropower to provide to Bangladesh (090624)
●Indonesia oil and gas nationalism by the government (090623)
●Philippines Visayas renewable and coal power discussed (090622)
●Vietnam gas getting Vhvron investment 4 billion dollars (090621)
●Vietnam 1,100MW in operational by 2009 end (090619)
●Pakistan water resources to be assisted by China (090618)
●Vietnam claiming upsteram dams for delta (090617)
●India Arunachal environmental problem for hydropower (090616)
●LNG boosting in southeast Asia (090614)
●China environmental stop the Jinshajiang development (090612)
●China Begins Transition To A Clean-Energy Economy (090611)
●Bangladesh energy to be from gas and Bhutan (090610)
●Cambodia Sesan river to be developed by Vietnam (090609)
●Pakistan threats India for water with nuclear war (090608)
●Nepal Maoist chaos in with Indian hydro (090607)
●Vietnam institutional confusion to be solved in power sector (090606)
●Myanmar north and east states with China (090605)
●Mekong Secretariat will study on mainstream dams (090601)

●Indian new cabinet pushing rural electrification (090531)
●Mekong Power Summit dicussing main stream dam (090529)
●Indonesian oil production decline with irritation (090528)
●China coal production to be over capacity (090527)
●Philippines renewable energy boosting by IRR (090526)
●India nuclear development progressing with GEHitachi (090525)
●China curbing its energy policy to nuclear and green (090524)
●Indonesia second crash program geothermal (090523)
●Thailand PTT expanding its petroleum production (090522)
●Philippines struggling in high power rates (090521)
●China Yellow river Laxia hydropower operationasl (090520)
●Relation between India and Pakistan crucial (090518)
●Laos hydropower projects again moving (090517)
●Philippines coal-fired bidding out to IPPA (090516)

●India RIL's gas project goes on steam (090402)

●Smart Grid will only be as good as security behind it (090328)
●Bhutan developping 10,000MW with India (090327)
●Bhutan developping 10,000MW with India (090326)
●India and Pakistan disputing Kishanganga (090325)
●India and USA cooperation in Nuclear and solar (090324)

●Myanmar proceeding dams of 35 sites (080323)
●India more hydropower against China plan (080322)
●Clean cars charge up on dirty electricity (090321)
●India enjoying cheap LNG price saving money (090320)
●Indonesia's LNG going to Europe no to Japan (090319)
●Obama' regime will not turn backs on coal (090315)
●China developping two hydro and two wind power (090313)
●Nepal and Germany for Marsyangdi Hydro development (090312)
●Obama's smart grid moves Google and Oracle (090311)
●Cambodia small hydropower development (090310)
●India's coal-fired thermal progress in financial (090309)
●Srilanka power sector turning for hydro and coal (090308)
●Vietnam National Assembly working for resettlement villagers (090306)
●South Asia energy development cooperation (090305)
●Vietnam Power development for gas in O Mon (090304)
●6000MW hydro project moving at boudary between India and Nepal (090303)

●Philippines Energy plan to review due economic slump (090227)
●NHA applauds Secretary Chu's comments on pumped storage (090226)
●Indonesia's aircrft problem causes Power delay (090225)
●Pakistan Zardari visits Three Gorges dam in China (090224)
●Chinese utility tries to join electricity pioneers (090223)
●Pakistan Neelum-Jherum hydro started (090222)
●Indonesia possibly fail second fast track (090221)
●Why Vietnam Power Project delaying (090220)
●Nepal India Follow-up push to bilateral commitments (090219)
●Nepal Upper-Tamakoshoi hydro exoand to 456MW (090218)
●Indonesia Japan new deal of LNG (090217)
●ADB to provide US$ 106 million for Bhutan (090815)
●Vietnam Son la dam happens crac (090214)

●Indonesia get China loan more strict (090213)
●Cambodia dam start construction (090212)
● Indon eian Energy Changes (090211)

Accelerating India’s nuclear development (081003)
Tibetan Plateau water source for continent (081002)
India's power distribution reform (081001)
● Renewable Energy Bill in Philippines (080929)
● Indonesia's bio-fuel (080928)
Salween river dam development (080927)
China and the Mekong Basin Conference (080926)
India, 60,000MW hydropower by 2025 (080925)
China and India in a scramble for Nepal (080924)
The root cause of Vietnam's power shortage (080923)
●India's Initiative for South Asia power grid (080922)
Pakistan's private thermal power development (080921)
India,600,000 MW nuclear power development (080920)
Nepal's hydropower development challenge outback (080919)
Cambodia's hydropower development study (080918)
●India's power transmission corporation division (080915)
Kosi River in India and Nepal's problems (080914)
Thailand natural gas power obsessed(080913)
●India's coal red light (080912)
India, Tata, 10,000 MW development (080911)
Indonesia's crude oil production decline (080910)
India's power reform and pool market (080909)
Vietnam's power crisis continues (080908)
Indonesia's second Crash Program (080907)
China and India race to capture the uranium (080906)
India's gas to Warring Period (080905)
India's hydropower development delay (080904)
●Myanmar's hydro and natural gas (080903)
●Power crisis in Indonesia (080902)
●India and Nepal river management (080901)
●India's natural gas production (080831)
●China and Vietnam in Laos (080830)

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