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ー February 21, 2012 ー Vietnam is knocking at the Russian door     

February 21, 2012 - Vietnam is knocking at the Russian door

This is edited from the Japanese Version only by eliminating Japanese phrases.

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☆ 参考資料

●120221A Vietnam, RusBusinessNews
Vietnam is knocking at the Russian door
2.4 billion US dollars a year,Nguyen Quang Vinh, Consul General of Vietnam in Ekaterinburg,Ural regions,to 3 billion US dollars in 2012,Sverdlovsk Region,PVC CO Ltd (Ho Chi Minh City), titanium along the Vietnamese coastline,Gazprom,to upgrading of equipment at hydropower plants,Hoa Binh City,first nuclear power station in Vietnam,2000 MW plant,for 2014,turnkey project,Ural Federal University,16 regions of the Ural, Siberian and Volga Regions, they are hardworking and patient,Na Chang, a southern resort town,Vietnam-Russia Intergovernmental Commission


◯120221 中国経済、膨らむ矛盾 「南方講話」20年 市場主義シフトで貧富差拡大、習氏どう改革
中国経済、膨らむ矛盾 「南方講話」20年 市場主義シフトで貧富差拡大、習氏どう改革,今秋、最高指導者の地位に就く習近平国家副主席が「社会主義」と「市場」のどちらに軸足を置くかは、世界経済の行方をも左右する。成長率の目標を、12年は7%台に下げる見通しだ。

◯120221 アジア輸出が黒字化左右 貿易赤字、1月過去最大  国向け2割減 燃料輸入は高水準続く
アジア輸出が黒字化左右 貿易赤字、1月過去最大 中国向け2割減 燃料輸入は高水準続く,原子力発電所の停止でエネルギーの輸入が引き続き高水準になるのは確実なだけに、貿易収支の先行きはアジア向け輸出がカギを握ることになりそうだ。

◯120221 邦銀、事業融資74%増 欧米銀縮小で 資源開発やインフラ整備 昨年シェア初の1割超
邦銀、事業融資74%増 欧米銀縮小で 資源開発やインフラ整備 昨年シェア初の1割超,2011年に3メガバンクが主幹事として組成した案件は合計約240億ドル(約1兆9000億円),大型案件としては、カタール国営石油公社などが事業化した大型天然ガス処理施設

◯120221 関電、供給「危機的に」 原発全11基が停止 鈍い政府、遠い再稼働 今夏25%不足の恐れ
関電、供給「危機的に」 原発全11基が停止 鈍い政府、遠い再稼働 今夏25%不足の恐れ,原発再稼働に向けては地元の同意が必要,大飯原発3、4号機がある福井県の議会は24日に開会,一方で決断を先送りし続ければ再稼働のきっかけも失いかねない。

◯120221 東芝、インドの火力発電向けタービン受注 370億円で
東芝、インドの火力発電向けタービン受注 370億円で,南部カルナタカ州に建設する3プラント分,超臨界圧方式,80万キロワットで2013年半ばから順次納入,インドで2月上旬に稼働した蒸気タービン生産合弁会社の初受注案件,インドではこれまで7基の受注実績

◯120221 イスラエルのイラン空爆、大規模な作戦に…米紙

☆ World news

◯120221 Doosan Heavy Wins $1.3 Billion of Orders for Boilers in India
Bloomberg - ?2 hours ago?
Three will be used at the Kudgi power plant in Karnataka state in India's southwest, and two in the Lara facility in Chhattisgarh, central India, it said. India, which is adding electricity-generating capacity to support economic growth, ...

◯120221 Lanco Infratech to invest INR 22000 crore on three thermal projects
SteelGuru - ?1 hour ago?
Lanco Infratech plans to install nearly 4000 MW additional thermal power generation capacity, entailing investments of about INR 22000 crore by March 2015.

◯120221 Dhaka eyes soft loan from Russia
Jakarta Post - ?35 minutes ago?
A high-level government delegation from Bangaldesh will visit Moscow this month to seek a Russian soft loan for setting up a 1000-megawatt nuclear power plant at Rooppur in Pabna (northweast Bangladesh). The team led by State Minister for Science and ...

◯120221 Philippines approved over 700 MW of wind projects in 2011
SteelGuru - ?Feb 17, 2012?
The department also gave the green light to CoastalPower's 100 MW Mercedes wind power project in Camarines Norte. Approved contracts include those of Energy Logics Philippines' 100 MW North Pasuquin wind power project in Pasuquin Burgos, Ilocos Norte, ...

◯120221 Jatenergy makes first thermal coal sale from Indonesian mines
Proactive Investors Australia - ?2 hours ago?
Jatenergy (ASX:JAT) has reached its first thermal coal sales contract for its two Jongkang mines in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, with a Singaporean buyer. The 8000 tonne barge will be supplied from Jatenergy's on-site stockpile and readily accessible ...

◯120221 KMSS backs Govt demand for NE water authority
Assam Tribune - ?Feb 18, 2012?
GUWAHATI, Feb 18 - The Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) on Friday extended support to the Government of Assam's demand for constituting a North East Water Resource Authority (NEWRA) and insisted on effecting an amendment in the National Hydro Power ...

◯120221 Appeal For Power
Manila Bulletin - ?14 hours ago?
AMRECO said the power supply shortage is not only due to the reduced generating capacity of the Agus and Pulangi hydroelectric plants, but also to the derating (or control) of other power plants operating in Mindanao. The AMRECO said the two Therma ...

◯120221 Malaysian to enhance investment in hydropower projects in Pakistan
SteelGuru - ?37 minutes ago?
It is reported that Malaysian investors have expressed interest in enhancing investment in hydropower projects as well as putting money in coal fired power generation and infrastructure development in Pakistan.


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●120221A Vietnam, RusBusinessNews
Vietnam is knocking at the Russian door

◯120221 中国経済、膨らむ矛盾 「南方講話」20年 市場主義シフトで貧富差拡大、習氏どう改革

◯120221 アジア輸出が黒字化左右 貿易赤字、1月過去最大  国向け2割減 燃料輸入は高水準続く

◯120221 邦銀、事業融資74%増 欧米銀縮小で 資源開発やインフラ整備 昨年シェア初の1割超

◯120221 関電、供給「危機的に」 原発全11基が停止 鈍い政府、遠い再稼働 今夏25%不足の恐れ

◯120221 東芝、インドの火力発電向けタービン受注 370億円で

◯120221 イスラエルのイラン空爆、大規模な作戦に…米紙


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