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ー July 28, 2012 ー Thirsty South Asia's river rifts threaten “water wars”          

July 28, 2012 -  Thirsty South Asia's river rifts threaten “water wars”

This is edited from the Japanese Version only by eliminating Japanese phrases.

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●12072801 India, Reuters Blogs (blog) - ?16 hours ago?
Thirsty South Asia's river rifts threaten “water wars”
The 330-MW dam shows India's growing focus on hydropower but also highlights how water is a growing source of tension with downstream Pakistan, which depends on the snow-fed Himalayan rivers for everything from drinking water to agriculture.

●12072802 原発調査,ガジェット通信
斑目委員長 電力会社となあなあの“御用学者”と大前氏指摘
つまり、1990年8月30日付で原子力安全委員会が決定した「発電用軽水型原子炉施設に関する安全設計審査指針」に「長期間にわたる全交流動力電源喪失は、送電線の復旧又は非常用交流電源設備の修復が期待できるので考慮する必要はない」という、とんでもない文章が ...

●12072803 Vietnam, VietNamNet Bridge - ?7 hours ago
Local authorities feel anxious about the future of Ba River
“All the problems of the Ba River relate to the An Khe-Ka Nak hydropower plant,” affirmed Hoang Van Bay, Head of the Water Natural Resource Agency, an arm of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment.

●12072804 Indonesia,Bloomberg
Indonesia May Require LNG Buyers to Invest in Renewable Energy
Indonesia May Require LNG Buyers to Invest in Renewable Energy. By Fitri Wulandari - 2012-07-24T09:00:09Z. Indonesia, the world's third-largest exporter of liquefied natural gas, may require importers of the fuel to invest in its renewable-energy projects.

☆ その他

◯Indonesia's Jun LNG exports up 16% on year to 1.65 mil mt; up 4% on month
Platts - ?21 hours ago?
Indonesia exported 1.65 million mt of liquefied natural gas in June, up 15.8% year on year and up 4.1% from May, according to data released Friday by the Central Bank of Indonesia. The value of LNG exports was $1.10 billion in June, up 15.4% from the ...

◯Assam violence: Relief camps swell with refugees - ?2 hours ago?
Electricity remains a problem and shacks are the best alternative for a bed. Meanwhile, the people are just surviving on rice, dal and salt.

◯Mega power project in the offing in Bihar
Times of India - ?6 hours ago?
A high-level central team of experts from the ministry of power on Friday reached here to assess the possibility of a mega power plant in the state. The team held a meeting with CM Nitish Kumar on Friday evening in which it was decided to look for 2400 ...

◯Body submits LNG import recommendations
Pakistan Daily Times - ?6 hours ago?
Body submits LNG import recommendations. LAHORE: The high-powered committee constituted by Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has submitted LNG import recommendations to Petroleum and Natural Resources Ministry for formal approval by Economic ...

◯China looks overseas for investment
Energy Global (press release) (subscription) - ?10 hours ago?
Over the last 10 years China's oil companies have been looking for overseas investments for several reasons. The main reason has been hedges against price controls in China. China is also building sophisticated refining capacity at home in an effort to ...

◯The Future of Global Energy? Looks Like Coal
Power Line (blog) - ?14 hours ago?
Consider Vietnam, where electricity use increased by 227% from 2001 to 2010. Its coal demand jumped by 175% during the same period, and it had the world's fastest percentage growth in CO2 emissions.

◯China's coal market, which has been suffering from high inventories ...
Coal Explorer (subscription) - ?Jul 26, 2012?
Coal Explorer: China's coal market, which has been suffering from high inventories and dramatically falling prices since May, will improve in late August, Wang Guangde, vice-president of China National Coal Association, said on Thursday.Thermal coal ...

◯Dirty but essential -- that's coal
Los Angeles Times - ?Jul 26, 2012?
Consider Vietnam, where electricity use increased by 227% from 2001 to 2010. Its coal demand jumped by 175% during the same period, and it had the world's fastest percentage growth in CO2 emissions.

AFPBB News - ?4 minutes ago?
中国江蘇(Jiangsu)省南通(Nantong)市啓東(Qidong)で日本の製紙会社、王子製紙(Oji Paper)の工場の排水計画に対する抗議デモを行う群衆(2012年7月28日撮影)。(c)AFP/Peter PARKS 【7月28日 AFP】中国上海近郊の、江蘇(Jiangsu)省南通(Nantong)市啓 ...

◯従業員逮捕、140人超へ 印スズキ暴動で地元警察 工場再開にはなお時間
MSN産経ニュース - ?Jul 26, 2012?
スズキのインド子会社、マルチ・スズキのマネサール工場(同国北部ハリヤナ州)で発生した従業員による暴動で、地元警察当局者は26日、従業員らの逮捕者数が99人に達したことを明らかにした。このほか暴動に関わったとみられる45人の人定作業を終えており、順次逮捕 ...

時事通信 - ?2 hours ago?
古川元久国家戦略担当相は28日、テレビ東京の番組に出演し、2030年時点の原発依存度など将来のエネルギー政策の方向性を盛り込んだ「革新的エネルギー・環境戦略」の策定時期について「何があっても、と尻を切っているわけではない」と述べ、当初予定の8月中から秋 ...

読売新聞 - ?Jul 26, 2012?
福井県美浜町の関西電力美浜原子力発電所2号機が25日で運転開始40年を迎えた。原発を原則40年で廃炉とする改正原子炉等規制法が6月に成立したことで、約2年古い1号機とともに「引退」が現実味を帯びてきた。財源でも原発に頼ってきた町は、廃炉も想定した新たな ...


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