Kingdom of Cambodia

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Basic Information

  • Country Area 181,035 k
  • Population 11,163,861 (1997)
  • GDP 3,125 million US$ (1996), 俁侾壄僪儖
  • GDP per capita 300 (1996)
  • Cities Phnom Penh 369,000 (1990), Battambang 94,412

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Recent News

仠110112A Cambodia,
Chinese Dams Challenge Western Development Monopoly
showcase丆A steady rise of new dams in Cambodia is becoming a platform for the country乫s prime minister to showcase where the Southeast Asian kingdom乫s ties with China - a late arrival among Cambodia乫s foreign aid and development partners - is headed.丆Premier Hun Sen丆338 megawatt Russei Chrum Krom hydropower dam丆500-million-U.S.-dollar dam丆Huadian Corp.丆nearly 14.5 million丆four more dams to be built丆Chhith Sam Ath, executive director of the NGO Forum丆U.S.-based International Rivers (IR)丆Kamchay Dam丆Ame Trandem, a Southeast Asia campaigner for IR丆Bokor National Park丆good governance丆乪no-policy-conditions乫 approach

仠101230B Cambodia,
PM lashes out at environmental activists
Prime Minister Hun Sen lashed out at unnamed environmental activists on Tuesday at the groundbreaking of a 338-megawatt hydropower dam in Koh Kong province. Stung Russey Chrum Krom dam丆Koh Kong乫s Mondul Seima district丆Is there any development that happens without an impact on the environment and natural resources? Please give us a proper answer,乭 Hun Sen said丆farts丆to be completed by 2014丆China乫s Huadian Corporation丆US$495 million丆38-year lease under a Build-Operate-Transfer agreement丆Um Serey Vuth, environmental team leader at local NGO Sawac丆China Guodian Corporation丆another dam in Koh Kong, two in Stung Treng province and the Sambor dam on the Mekong River in Kratie province丆Mekong River Commission丆10-year moratorium on construction pending further study
仠101230C Cambodia,
River closure held for construction of Cambodian hydropower dam
A river closure ceremony of the lower Russei Chrum river was held on Tuesday in Mondol Sima district of Koh Kong province for the construction of Cambodia's 338 megawatt Russei Chrum Krom hydroelectric dam which was invested and was building by China Huadian Corp.
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen丆Chinese ambassador to Cambodia Pan Guangxue丆Mines and Energy Minister Suy Sem丆1,000 residents
five hydropower dams being constructed by Chinese companies such as Kamchay Hydropower with the capacity of 193 megawatts, Kirirom 3 with the capacity of 18 megawatt, Tatay river hydropower dam with the capacity of 246 megawatt, Atay hydropower dam of 120 megawatt and the Russei Chrum Krom with the capacity of 338 megawatt.丆State-owned China Huadian Corp丆Yun Gongmin, general manager of China Huadian Corporation ( Huadian Group)丆35-year build-operate- transfer (BOT)丆1.02 billion kwh per year丆entirely completed by 2014

仠101221A Cambodia,
China to help fund Cambodia power plant
Prime Minister Hun Sen will sign an agreement in China for the construction a US$362-million coal-fired power plant in Sihanoukville province, to be run as a joint venture between a local company and a Chinese firm. Council of Ministers丆Stoeng Hav Industrial Zone丆270 megawatts丆 Cambodia International Development Group Co Ltd丆33-year concession 丆starting from 2011

仠101206D Cambodia,
China gains influence with development push into Cambodia
Here in the depths of the Cardamom Mountains, where the Chinese-backed Khmer Rouge communists made their last stand in the late 1970s, China is asserting its rights as a resurgent imperial power in Asia. Instead of exporting revolution and bloodshed to its neighbors, China is now sending its cash and its people. clangorous丆Monroe Doctrine, Chinese-style丆closer ties with its old foe Vietnam丆to open doors to Myanmar丆Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton丆乬forward-deployed diplomacy.乫丆You don乫t want to get too dependent on any one country,乫丆cementing ties with Thailand丆no-go zones for Cambodian police丆building eight hydropower dams丆exceed $1 billion丆additional quarter-million immigrants and businessmen from mainland ChinaCambodia has avoided criticizing the dams under construction along China乫s stretch of the Mekong River丆Taiwanese investment in Cambodia


仠101122A Cambodia,
China's muscular embrace of Cambodia
Down a blood-red dirt track deep in the jungles of southwestern Cambodia, the roar begins. Turn a corner and there is the source - scores of dump trucks, bulldozers and backhoes hacking away at the earth. Above a massive hole, a flag flaps in the hot, dusty breeze. The flag of the People's Republic of China. clangorous hydropower dam site丆$600 million stretch of railway between Phnom Penh and Vietnam丆246-megawatt behemoth on the Tatay River in Koh Kong

仠101108B Cambodia, Phnon Penh Post
Chinese to study four dams
Cambodia and China have signed an agreement to study the feasibility of four proposed hydropower dam projects amid fresh concerns about the long-term environmental impact of Mekong dam developments.丆Suy Sem, the Minister of Industry, Mines and Energy丆Chinese delegation led by Wu Bangguo, chairman of the standing committee of China乫s National People乫s Congress丆China Huadian Corporation and China Guodian Corporation丆108-megawatt Cheng Areng dam in Koh Kong丆Srepok III (340 megawatts)丆Srepok IV (230 megawatts) projects in Stung Treng丆Sambor Dam project丆Kratie province丆with a 460-megawatt option or a more complex 2,600-megawatt design for the site丆US$1.5 million per megawatt丆Mekong River Commission

仠101104D Cambodia,
Cambodia, China announce 1.6billion dollar deal
China will inject 1.6 billion dollars into Cambodian infrastructure over five years, officials said Thursday, just days after the US urged the country not to become too dependent on the Asian giant.丆23 co-operation projects丆China's top legislator Wu Bangguo丆Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen丆Hydropower dams, mining projects, bridges and railway links 丆Bank of China丆new railway to neighbouring Vietnam丆pan-Asian丆Singapore with China's Kunming by train丆US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton丆Khmer Rouge regime丆400 Chinese companies丆hydropower dams and coal power plants丆to deport 20 Uighurs

仜101020C Thailand,
Dam a threat to river fishing
Cambodian relations at risk, Kraisak says丆The construction of the controversial Xayaboury dam on the Mekong River could hurt recently improving relations between Thailand and Cambodia as it would damage the latter's fisheries, Democrat deputy leader Kraisak Choonhavan says.
1,260-megawatt dam丆150km downstream of Luang Prabang丆Thai firm CH Karnchang丆Tonle Sap丆Terra, a Bangkok-based environmental group丆2,000 people丆200,000 others丆Environmentalist Montri Chantawong of the Project for Ecological Recover丆Loei's Chiang Khan district

仜101017A Mekong,
Mekong countries should delay dam projects for decade: study
Countries in the lower Mekong River region should delay any decisions about building hydropower dams for 10 years, an influential new study said Friday, warning of the many risks involved.丆Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)丆Mekong River Commission (MRC)丆possible construction of 11 hydropower projects丆Tiffany Hacker, an interim communication advisor for the MRC丆biological diversity and ecological integrity丆negative impact on fisheries丆60 million people丆for at least six months丆Mekong giant catfish

仜101006B Cambodia,
China's Large Role in Cambodian Economy Expected to Continue
China remains the biggest source of foreign investment by far. Chinese funds have gone into hydropower projects, river port facilities, irrigation systems, and transmission lines. Other major foreign investment sources include South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. The Cambodian government says it is open to even more investment from China, which officials say will help Cambodia develop its economy. In February this year Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced plans to invest $310 million to improve irrigation systems. China is lending $240 million for the project.


仜100901C Cambodia,
Cambodia乫s surge coincides with developing energy industry
乬There are some hopeful signs for future FDI, mainly from Asia. New foreign business registrations surged 42% in 1H10, led by investors from China, Vietnam and Korea. 丆Vietnam officials said their businesses intend to invest $1.3 billion in Cambodia over the next two years in seven industries, including oil, power, mining, and rubber. 丆China乫s cumulative investments in Cambodia have now reportedly reached $8 billion, making it by far the largest investor. 丆China乫s Ex-Im Bank will also finance Huadian Power乫s US$412mn, 338-MW hydropower project in Koh Kong province
$0.16 per kilowatt/hour and as high as $0.90 per kilowatt-hour in remote rural areas) 丆the country乫s energy output from around 808 megawatts in 2009 to nearly 4,000 megawatts by 2020







仜100521D Mekong,
Mekong River workshop in Laos examines dam risks
(KEY) two-day workshop was held by the Mekong River Commission (MRC) in Vientiane丆hydropower development丆strategic environmental assessment (SEA)丆mainstream hydropower schemes on the lower mainstream river丆assessment phase of the SEA 丆themes of hydrology and sediment; aquatic systems and agriculture; fisheries; social systems; economics and livelihoods, climate change; and energy and power development
impact assessment phase of the SEA丆Mekong governments decisions丆Jeremy Bird, CEO of the MRC Secretariat丆intensive agriculture,丆large-scale construction projects and hydroelectric dams丆60 million people

仜100406C Mekong,
Summit sets Mekong agenda

仜100405A Mekong,
Mekong Nations Meet as Drought Boosts Scrutiny of China乫s Dams
Leaders of six nations along Asia乫s Mekong River meet today to bolster cooperation as a severe drought heightens concerns that dams in China have distorted water flows, depleting the world乫s largest inland fishery. The dry weather has reduced Mekong water levels to their lowest in three decades, affecting more than 60 million people in the lower basin, an area larger than the U.S. state of Texas. China agreed on March 25 to share
仜100406B China,
China shows interest in taking MRC membership
There is new hope China will join the Mekong River Commission after Beijing demonstrated its strong commitment to cooperate with other countries sharing the Mekong. Leaders of member countries Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam were satisfied with China's pledge, given during an MRC summit held yesterday in Hua Hin, that it would play more of a role in the sustainable development of the river.
仜100405D Cambodia,
Hun Sen attends Mekong summit
PRIME Minister Hun Sen arrived in Thailand on Sunday to attend a two-day summit of the Mekong River Commission (MRC), convened amid regional concerns about drought and low river levels, on a trip that marked the premier乫s first visit to the neighbouring country since Thai-Cambodian relations began to deteriorate last year. The first day of the two-day summit consisted primarily of bilateral meetings,

仜100331D Cambodia,
Work begins on Cambodian hydropower project
A Chinese company has begun construction of one of several hydroelectric dam projects planned to reduce electricity shortages in Cambodia that environmentalists warn could do more harm than good, an official said Tuesday. The China National Heavy Machinery Corp. will build the

仜100304A Cambodia,
Billion-dollar Chinese hydropower projects get go-ahead in Cambodia
Construction of two Chinese-funded hydropower dams costing more than 1 billion dollars is to begin in south-western Cambodia in the coming weeks, local media reported Wednesday. A report from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy said work would begin this month on a 246-megawatt dam costing 540 million dollars on the Tatai River. And building would start in April on a 338-megawatt dam costing 496 million

仜100303A Cambodia,
Ratanakkiri villagers say dams have drained rivers
ENVIRONMENTALISTS and representatives of communities in remote parts of Ratanakkiri province say the waters of the Sesan and Srepok rivers have dropped to unseasonably low levels, something they claim is linked to the development of hydropower dams along tributaries of the Mekong. Poy Suoth, 54, a representative from Tonle Sesan village in Ratanakkiri乫s Veun Sai district, said on Monday that her community ...

仜100131I Cambodia, phnompenhpost
Oil firm agrees deal on Block A

仜100127E Mekong, asiasecurity.macfound.

仠100114F Cambodia, .etaiwannews
Huadian Power plans Cambodia hydroelectric plant

仜091227C Vietnam, eturbonews
Speeded up: Indochinese Development
仠091227G Cambodia, ipsnews
China Seen as Flaunting Growing Clout in Asia

仜091222H Cambodia, phnompenhpost
China's Xi to sign 14 economic deals today

仜091217C Cambodia, phnompenhpost
Government aims to slash electricity costs

仜091215C Mekong, hydroworld
China's PR Problem Rears Head at Mekong Forum

仠091213E Thailand, ipsnews
China乫s PR Problem Rears Head at Mekong Forum

仠091213E Thailand, ipsnews
China乫s PR Problem Rears Head at Mekong Forum

仜091211F Vietnam, english.vovnews
Vietnam invests in Cambodia for hydro-power study

仜091208E Cambodia, news.xinhuanet
Hun Sen praises China for building hydropower plants in Cambodia

仠091129I Mekong, reliefweb
Mekong Ministers meet in Hua Hin to discuss water issues

仜091126K Cambodia, greeninc.blogs.nytimes
Coal Plant Stirs Passions in Cambodia

仜091110I Cambodia, phnompenhpost
Leaders bring pledges of support from Japan

仜091105H Mekong, reuters
Japan courts leaders from Mekong River region

仜091029E Cambodia, phnompenhpost
Groups say reliance on hydro may be harmful

仜091016E Cambodia, phnompenhpost
South Korea's KTC Cable weighs $700m Ratanakkiri dam project

仜091015J Cambodia, earthtimes
Police seek Chinese dam workers after attack on traffic police,police-seek-chinese-dam-workers-after-attack-on-traffic-police.html

仜091005H Mekong, isria
Japan - Chair's Statement of the Second Mekong-Japan Foreign Ministers' Meeting

仠091003D Mekong, greeninc.blogs.nytimes
Rising Energy Needs Along the Mekong

仜090925H Cambodia, phnompenhpost
Villagers gather to express dam concerns

仠090918L Cambodia, petroleumworld
Chevron, Mitsui seek oil exploration rights from Cambodia

仜090910Q Cambodia, phnompenhpost
Dams threaten Sesan

仜090905D Cambodia,
China invests $80 mln in Cambodian power sector

仜090825R Cambodia, i-to-i
Planned dams in Cambodia 乪could cause poverty to soar乫
仜090825S Cambodia, phnompenhpost
Sesan II dam report cites impact fears

仠090721A Cambodia丆phnompenhpost
10-megawatt hydropower plant set for Oct launch
仠090721B Cambodia,
Malaysian group to invest $160m in Cambodian power
仠090721C Mekong丆news.xinhuanet
MRC calls for public submissions on proposed Mekong hydropower schemes
仠090721D Mekong, dailytimes
ENVIRONMENT River of discord ?Michael Richardson
仠090721E Mekong, phnompenhpost
Commission seeks comment on 11 planned Mekong dams
仠090721F Mekong, earthtimes
Thai prime minister off to Vietnam for Mekong talks - Update,thai-prime-minister-off-to-vietnam-for-mekong-talks--update.html
仠090721G Mekong,
Upstream Dams 'Threaten Mekong'
仠090721H Mekong, phnompenhpost
Workshop, regional coalition put Mekong dams on agenda
仠090721I Cambodia, cambodia.ka
Is Cambodia the future shelter for Vietnamese climate exiles

仠090609A Cambodia, phnompenhpost
Villagers, activists criticise Sesan hydropower project

仠090331A Cambodia, hnompenhpost
Electricity exports expected by 2016, says govt official

仠090331A Cambodia, hnompenhpost
Electricity exports expected by 2016, says govt official

仠090310F Cambodia, phnompenhpost
Two hydro plants open in M'kiri

仠090212C Cambodia, phnompenhpost
Koh Kong dam to impact wildlife

仠090206C Cambodia, xinhuanet
China top investor in Cambodia in 2008

仠090102C Cambodia, phnompenhpost
Funding law approved for hydropower dams

仠090101A Cambodia, phnompenhpost
Sky-high power costs here to stay official

仠081119I Cambodia, phnompenhpost
PM cancels Kampot trip, citing storm fears


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