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●110131A Mekong,
Hydro-power assessment analysis adopted
Three multilateral agencies have launched an innovative assessment tool that helps identify the most sustainable sites, designs and operation rules for hydro-power development in the lower Mekong River Basin. Rapid Basin-wide Hydropower Sustainable Development Tool (RSAT),Asian Development Bank,Mekong River Commission (MRC),World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF),Marc Goichot, senior infrastructure advisor for the WWF Greater Mekong Programme,Jeremy Bird, chief executive officer of the MRC Secretariat,Environmental Impact Assessments and Management Plans,Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Forum,100 hydro-power projects

○ASEAN10カ国外相が中国へ 陸路で緊密さアピール
ASEAN10カ国外相が中国へ 陸路で緊密さアピール,タイ北部のチェンライをバスで出発,タイとラオスを隔てるメコン川に中国の資金援助で建設が始まった「第4友好橋」の工事現場を視察。川を船で渡り、ラオス西部のフエイサイ、ルアンナムタ経由

●110113B Laos,
Laos Regulator Expects Companies to Raise $8 Billion
Laos, Southeast Asia’s smallest economy, expects private companies and state-run enterprises to raise at least $8 billion in equity and bond sales in the next five years to fund investments, the market regulator said.stock exchange,World Trade Organization,Vathana Dalaloy, the acting secretary general of Laos’s Securities and Exchange Commission,$2.9 billion, 42 times less than Vietnam and more than 700 times below neighboring China,Copper and gold mining, hydropower and tourism,Rio Tinto Group and Electricite de France SA,Korea’s stock exchange,EDL-Generation Pcl,Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Pcl,BCEL,$140 million in initial public offerings,7 million people,40 percent of whom are under 15 years old,earn $2.6 per day on average,grow 7.5 percent this year,Korea Exchange Inc. ,10 hydropower plants on the main stream of the Mekong River,Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Pcl

●110105B Thailand, Bangkok Post
Dams will unleash untold misery
Today, much like this mythical Greek tragedy, the decision-makers of the Mekong sub-region face a similar temptation in the form of a cascade of hydropower dams proposed for the Mekong River's mainstream. Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) report,Mekong River Commission (MRC),Xayaburi dam,11 mainstream dams,hard-to-swallow,at risk the livelihoods and food security of millions of people who depend upon the river's resource,be deferred for 10 years,over 50 more critical studies,resettle over 2,100 people,200,000 people would suffer a direct impact
23 fish species,Cambodia's Tonle Sap lake,Mekong Giant Catfish,95% of the Xayaburi dam's electricity,h Karnchang,major Thai banks including Kasikorn, Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial and Krung Thai

●101230A Thailand, Bangkok Post
PTT plans Laos power projects
The energy conglomerate PTT Plc is diversifying into large-scale power projects, with plans to acquire stakes in two hydropower plants in a neighbouring country. Tevin Vongvanich, the company's chief financial officer,to own about 25% of each project,Xayaburi and Xe Nam Noi projects,five-year investment budget for 2011-15 worth 327 billion baht,floating liquefied natural gas,almost 229 billion baht,committed or approved projects,subsidiaries,investment budget increases to 900 billion baht,debenture,50-megawatt gas-fired power plant in Rayong's Map Ta Phut industrial estate,260-MW gas-fired power plant in Pathum Thani

○ラオス首相「周辺国への売電拡大」 今後5年8%成長

ベトナム企業が隣国のラオスで水力発電所の建設プロジェクトに積極的に参画している。既に16件の事業で投資認可を受けた。発電能力は合計で4000メガワットを上回り、ラオス政府が2020年までに計画している総発電量の約2割に達する見通しだ。 (101129)

●101122C Thailand, Bangkok Post
Banpu sells off Ratchaburi stake
B6.7bn raised to focus more on coal business,SET-listed Banpu Plc has divested its entire ownership in Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Plc for US$223 million (6.68 billion baht) as Asean's largest coal miner sharpens its focus on its core business.,existing common shares or 13.96% of Ratchaburi,Somrudee Chaimongkol, Banpu's chief financial officer,Sydney-based Centennial Coal,$2 billion for the takeover of the Australian miner,$3.7-billion Hongsa lignite thermal coal power project in Laos,1,800-megawatt power plant,40% each and the Laotian government 20%, is scheduled to be operational in 2015,three power plants in China,existing power business is BLCP

○101026A Mekong,
Dam busting on the Mekong
A thorough environmental assessment has called into question plans for the construction of dams on the Mekong River, plans which are backed by the Lao and Cambodian governments.,Mekong River Commission (MRC),Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of planned hydropower dams on the Mekong mainstream,ICEM Australia (International Centre for Environmental Management),China's eight existing or planned damn
one water diversion project,Xayaburi,draft Basin Development Plan, released in July 2010,be deferred for a period of ten years,improving full dam hydropower technologies,order of 107,000,Basin Development Plan,Mekong River Agreement

○101020C Thailand,
Dam a threat to river fishing
Cambodian relations at risk, Kraisak says,The construction of the controversial Xayaboury dam on the Mekong River could hurt recently improving relations between Thailand and Cambodia as it would damage the latter's fisheries, Democrat deputy leader Kraisak Choonhavan says.
1,260-megawatt dam,150km downstream of Luang Prabang,Thai firm CH Karnchang,Tonle Sap,Terra, a Bangkok-based environmental group,2,000 people,200,000 others,Environmentalist Montri Chantawong of the Project for Ecological Recover,Loei's Chiang Khan district

○101017A Mekong,
Mekong countries should delay dam projects for decade: study
Countries in the lower Mekong River region should delay any decisions about building hydropower dams for 10 years, an influential new study said Friday, warning of the many risks involved.,Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA),Mekong River Commission (MRC),possible construction of 11 hydropower projects,Tiffany Hacker, an interim communication advisor for the MRC,biological diversity and ecological integrity,negative impact on fisheries,60 million people,for at least six months,Mekong giant catfish
○ASEANインフラ計画案が判明 道路、鉄道網を一体整備

○101002C Laos,
ITD sells Nam Theun stake
The SET-listed contractor Italian-Thai Development Plc is selling half of its 20% shareholding in the Nam Theun 2 hydropower plant in Laos to Egco Group Plc and the rest to Electricite de France. The deal would increase Egco's holding in the plant to 35% from 25% and EDF's stake to 40% from 30%, with the Laotian government holding the remaining 25%.


○100928D Laos,
Mekong Dam Could Endanger Giant Freshwater Fish
The government of Laos is hoping to utilize its natural resources to boost the economy, starting with a hydropower dam in the Mekong river. Unfortunately, while the dam will give the country a financial boost, it also endangers the native species, including four of the 10 largest freshwater fish in the world, which make the Mekong their home.

○100925B Mekong,
Conservationists oppose Laos dam plans
Laos says it rejects calls for a dam moratorium on the Mekong River because it wants cheap power to develop its economy despite threats to fish habitats.,The Southeast Asian nation moved this week to secure regional approval for the first major hydropower plant on its stretch of the lower Mekong in the face of protests from international conservation groups, Britain's Guardian newspaper reported Friday.,The country's proposed hydropower plant threatens the habitat of the giant Mekong catfish, which can weigh up to 650 pounds, the newspaper said.

○躍動メコン,ラオス編,資源争奪戦 中心は中国

○100914A Laos,
India, Lao sign credit agreement
An agreement for a line of credit from India to Laos for $72.55 million for two hydro power projects announced by President Pratibha Devisingh Patil in Vientiane was formally signed by Exim Bank Executive Director Prabhakar Dalal and Lao Foreign Minister Somdy Donangly at a meeting of the India-Laos Business Forum on Monday.,CII, FICCI and ASSOCHAM, the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Indian Chamber of Commerce

○100825A Laos,
Laos to construct at least 20 new hydro plants by 2020
Electricity sector leaders in Laos have said the country will build at least two hydropower plants every year until 2020, according to wire reports from the region.,a total of 14 hydroelectric power plants,2,540 MW,Viet-Laos Power Joint Stock Company,and Laos Electricity Corporation
Xekaman 1 Electricity Co. Ltd.,Xekaman 1 hydroelectric power project,322-MW Xekaman 1 project,US$441 million on the Xekaman River in the Attopu Province of Laos,Nam Theun 2 hydropower project,1,000 MW of electricity to Thailand,$1.45 billion project,Electricite de France
Electricity Generating Public Co. of Thailand,Italian-Thai Development


○100806B Mekong,
A damming effect on giant catfish
The giant Southeast Asian catfish is in danger of extinction, a recent report concluded.,According to the report, “River of Giants: Giant Fish of the Mekong,” a plan to build hydropower dams along the Mekong River in Laos will threaten the survival the Mekong giant catfish (Pangasianodon gigas). The conservation group World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released the report in July and is concerned that the 11 planned dams would block the migration route of the giant catfish.

○100803C Mekong,
Why damming the world's most productive river could have serious negative consequences
It's unclear why so many species of giant fish occur in the Mekong River--certainly part of the answer is the river's size: Large rivers have more space and more food to accommodate larger fish.,Part of the answer many also lie in the productivity of Mekong ecosystem, the floodplains and flooded forest in particular provide an abundant source of food for many species of fish during the rainy season.,Sayabory dam and other Mekong dams will have serious negative impacts

○成長戦略のカギ:経済財政白書から インフラ輸出重視

○100728A Mekong,
WWF report shows giant fish to be threatened by Mekong River dams
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a report titled River of Giants: Giant Fish of the Mekong which profiles four massive fish living in the Mekong? the 7th longest river in Asia?that are threatened with extinction if hydropower dams planned for the river receive a green light.,hydropower dam planned for Sayabouly Province,an incredible 1,322 pounds,Mekong River Commission,Dekila Chungyalpa, Director of WWF’s Greater Mekong Program,sediment flowing downstream

○100702C Mekong,
Mekong dam projects will cost more in damages, says MRC report
A recent report from the Mekong River Commission revealed that 12 dams in Lower Mekong River would cause serious problems for the two million people living downstream in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia,MRC SEA for Hydropower on mekong Mainstream, Impact Assessment and Discussion Draft,Pak Beng, Luang Prabang, Saiyaburi, Pak Lay, Latsua, Don Sahong and Thakho,Sanakham, Pak Chom and Ban Koum
Stung Treng and Sambor,Senator Prasarn Marukpitak,Ban Koum Dam during the Samak Sundaravej government

○100629E Laos,
United States : Laos hydropower project on Mekong faces opposition
Pianporn Deetes from Save the River Coalition said the Xayaburi Dam will affect more than 40 villages along the Mekong River, from Louangprabang province to Xayaburi province.,1,260 megawatts of power,Thai company Ch Karnchang,Bt90 billion in its construction
to exceed Bt100 billion,49 square kilometres,length of the reservoir will be 90km,10 villages, 391 households, and 2,130 people,Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat) in 2019

○100624D Laos,
KTB loans Bt2.6 bn to finance power development in Laos
Krung Thai Bank recently signed a contract to lend US$75.17 million or Bt2.62 billion to Electricite du Laos. The loan will be used to finance the power authority's hydro power dams and the transmission grid.,Pisit Onma, managing director of CKW International Group Co Ltd,signing on June 19,Nam Thuen 2,plan to erect additional 69 hydro power dams,eight are under construction,the memorandum of understanding was signed for another 21.

○100623B Laos,
China Southern Grid: Signs Laos Power Grid, Hydropower Agreements
China Southern Power Grid has reached agreements with the government of Laos to build a national power grid and a hydropower project in the Southeast Asian country.,Lao's Ministry of Planning and Investment,Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping,Nam Tha 1 hydropower project

○100525B Laos,
Power companies sign contract to push hydro project in Laos
(KEY) Viet-Laos Power Joint Stock Company,Laos Electricity Corporation,Xekaman 1 Electricity Co. Ltd.,Xekaman 1 hydroelectric power project,322-MW,US$441 million,Xekaman River in the Attopu Province of Laos,Xekaman Xansay hydropower station,1.2 billion kWh a year,operation in 2014

○100521D Mekong,
Mekong River workshop in Laos examines dam risks
(KEY) two-day workshop was held by the Mekong River Commission (MRC) in Vientiane,hydropower development,strategic environmental assessment (SEA),mainstream hydropower schemes on the lower mainstream river,assessment phase of the SEA ,themes of hydrology and sediment; aquatic systems and agriculture; fisheries; social systems; economics and livelihoods, climate change; and energy and power development
impact assessment phase of the SEA,Mekong governments decisions,Jeremy Bird, CEO of the MRC Secretariat,intensive agriculture,,large-scale construction projects and hydroelectric dams,60 million people

○100521B Laos,
Thai turmoil concerns Laos: pm
(KEY) Bouasone Bouphavanh,Lao People`s Democratic Republic,about six million,expanded hydropower and mining,"Political stability in Thailand contributes to the stability of ASEAN as a whole," he said of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

○100413B Mekong,
The Mekong and China: Dams and trust
China’s says it wants to promote cooperation with downstream countries on the Mekong, but China needs to do more than talk, reports VietNamNet. Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Song Tao told participants in the Mekong River Council Summit in Hua Hin, Thailand on April 5 that China is willing to promote cooperation with downstream countries in mitigating droughts and floods, sharing hydrographic technology and
○100413C Mekong,
Dams portend grim future for Mekong Delta: experts
Upstream and lower dams could render the Mekong Delta unviable, and China’s intransigence in building them and refusing to share information about their operations will negatively impact the lives of more than 60 million people. “China has plans to construct up to eight dams in total, some sources say the number could rise to fourteen. It is clear already that Chinese dam construction is having a negative impact on

○100406C Mekong,
Summit sets Mekong agenda

○100405A Mekong,
Mekong Nations Meet as Drought Boosts Scrutiny of China’s Dams
Leaders of six nations along Asia’s Mekong River meet today to bolster cooperation as a severe drought heightens concerns that dams in China have distorted water flows, depleting the world’s largest inland fishery. The dry weather has reduced Mekong water levels to their lowest in three decades, affecting more than 60 million people in the lower basin, an area larger than the U.S. state of Texas. China agreed on March 25 to share
○100406B China,
China shows interest in taking MRC membership
There is new hope China will join the Mekong River Commission after Beijing demonstrated its strong commitment to cooperate with other countries sharing the Mekong. Leaders of member countries Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam were satisfied with China's pledge, given during an MRC summit held yesterday in Hua Hin, that it would play more of a role in the sustainable development of the river.
○100405D Cambodia,
Hun Sen attends Mekong summit
PRIME Minister Hun Sen arrived in Thailand on Sunday to attend a two-day summit of the Mekong River Commission (MRC), convened amid regional concerns about drought and low river levels, on a trip that marked the premier’s first visit to the neighbouring country since Thai-Cambodian relations began to deteriorate last year. The first day of the two-day summit consisted primarily of bilateral meetings,
○メコン川:干上がる 「上流にダム」中国批判高まる

○100402B Mekong,
Countries Blame China, Not Nature, for Water Shortage
In southern China, the worst drought in at least 50 years has dried up farmers’ fields and left tens of millions of people short of water. But the drought has also created a major public relations problem for the Chinese government in neighboring countries, where in recent years China has

○100401A Mekong,
Leaders to discuss Mekong River's future
Thailand is extending its Internal Security Act, ahead of this week's meeting of leaders from Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam for the first four-day Mekong River Commission summit. The 4,000 kilometre Mekong River, which runs through China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and

○100331B Mekong,
For whom the mighty Mekong flows
Since the end of last year, Jeerasak Intayos, a 38-year-old villager from Chiang Khong district of Chiang Rai, has seen the Mekong River's level drop dramatically. Mr Jeerasak works with the Chiang Khong Conservation Group that has monitored the Mekong and its development for over

●100327C Laos,
Glow seeks Laos ventures
Glow Energy Plc has entered into an agreement with the government of Laos to further develop its hydropower plants in Laos. The Glow subsidiary Houay Ho Power Co (HHPC) yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding with the Vientiane government for a feasibility study

○100315A Laos,
"Strengthen ties to maximise trade, investment opportunities with Laos'
Laos presents huge trade and investment opportunities for Thailand thanks to its lavish natural resources, but the Thai side will have to do more to strengthen bilateral ties if it wants to benefit fully, said Thai Ambassador to Vientiane Wiboon Khusakul Thai companies that have invested in the country include Mitr Phol Sugar Group, which has a sugar mill in Savannakhet, Charoen Pokphand Group with a coffee plantation in
○100315D Thailand,
Govt urged to scrap Mekong dam plans
People living along the Mekong River want the government to scrap its plans to build dams, to help safeguard the river from further exploitation.
"Experience and scientific evidence show there is no way to heal environmental and social damage caused by mega-dams," the Mekong People Network said in a statement yesterday to mark International Day of Action for Rivers. "The dams will destroy our food sources and bring ...

○100313F Thailand,
Purchase plans from Laos to be revived
Thailand may resume plans to buy electricity from three hydropower plants in Laos after negotiations faltered earlier because construction material costs were higher than expected, says Pornchai Rujiprapa, permanent secretary of the Energy Ministry. The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat) signed memoranda of understanding with the operators of three projects in Laos in 2007 but the agreement expired

○100307F Mekong,
Fall in Mekong's water level not China's fault, says Smith
The drastic drop in the level of the Mekong River has nothing to do with China retaining water upstream, says Smith Dharmasarojana, the director of the National Disaster Warning Centre (NDWC). Rather, the decline is a result of global warming, he said yesterday. Mr Smith explained that dams in China have to release water to generate electricity. Therefore, it was not the upstream dams but the effects of global warming ...

○100226K Mekong,
Record low Mekong River poses threat to millions

○100218G Mekong,
Mekong Divides Different Worlds In 'Golden Triangle'

○100217D Mekong, npr
At Mekong's Source In China, Past And Present Collide

●100211E Laos, monstersandcritics
Four hydropower plants to start producing in Laos this year

●100209E Laos, news.brunei

●100204A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Egat lifts power demand growth projection to 4.7%

○100202D Laos, earthtimes
Work to start in November on Laos' largest power plant,work-to-start-in-november-on-laos-largest-power-plant.html

○100131E Laos,
One month to go for 4th Mekong Bridge construction

○100127E Mekong, asiasecurity.macfound.

○100122B Laos, kpl
Vietnam company to build hydro power plant in Laos

○091227C Vietnam, eturbonews
Speeded up: Indochinese Development

○091215C Mekong, hydroworld
China's PR Problem Rears Head at Mekong Forum

●091213E Thailand, ipsnews
China’s PR Problem Rears Head at Mekong Forum

●091129I Mekong, reliefweb
Mekong Ministers meet in Hua Hin to discuss water issues

○091112F Laos, frontierindia
Lao PDR Adopts Sector Program Support to Improve Primary Health Care

○091108C Laos, timesonline
A slow, ponderous journey up the Mekong

○091105H Mekong, reuters
Japan courts leaders from Mekong River region

○091029B Laos, nhandan
Vietnam remains largest investor in Laos

○091020C Mekong, voanews
Civic Groups Press to End Hydropower Development on Lower Mekong River

○091010H Laso, google
Largest Lao dam to open later than planned: company

○091009E Laos, renewableenergyworld
Engineering Problems Delay Hydropower Project in Laos

○091005H Mekong, isria
Japan - Chair's Statement of the Second Mekong-Japan Foreign Ministers' Meeting

●091003D Mekong, greeninc.blogs.nytimes
Rising Energy Needs Along the Mekong

○090929E Laos, bicusa
Obey the agreement, Nam Theun 2 investors told

●090925I Thailand, Bangkok Post
Ratchaburi targets wind Billions of baht for new projects planned

○090917D Laos, bernama
Vast Potential For Malaysian Investors In Laos

○090909E Laos, thegovmonitor
Lao PDR’s Rapid Growth Brings New Development Challenges ADB
●090909F Laos, rfa
China, Laos Expand Ties

●090814A Laos, english.people
Sinohydro inks power plant deal with Laos' energy firm
●090814B Laos, english.vovnews
Conference on Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia development triangle

●090723B India, assamtribune
WB report blames geographical isolation

●090730A Mekong, The Nation
As superpowers eye the Mekong, Thailand should act
●090730B Laos, nationmultimedia
Ratch lowers 7-year power generation target
●090730C Mekong, saigon-gpdaily
Mekong countries, US meet for environment
●090730D Laos, vietnamnews
Trade, investment with Laos tops agenda
●090730E Laos, monstersandcritics
Laos' giant hydropower dam delivers test electricity to Thailand

●090702A Laos, enews.mcot
Laos plans to become battery of ASEAN by 2020
●090702B Mekong, ipsnews
Dams Across the Mekong Could Trigger a ‘Water War’
●090702C Mekong, slowfood
Fighting for the Mekong
●090702D Mekong, news.asiaone
World joins Mekong citizens in battle to stop dam building
●090702E Mekong, rfa
Upstream Dams 'Threaten Mekong'

●090617A Laos, news.asiaone
Laos's largest dam behind schedule company
●090617B Mekong, rfa
Upstream Dams 'Threaten Mekong'

●090601A Mekong, saigon-gpdaily
Mekong body starts evaluating mainstream dams

●090529A Mekong, emediawire
Regulatory Complexities To Be Addressed At Mekong Power Summit
●090529B Laos, guardianweekly
Laos taps it key resources

●090517A Thailand, nationmultimedia
Hongsa Lignite power sale deal approved

●090428B Mekong,mizzima
Environmentalists worried over impact of Mekong damning

●090407B Laos,
A Japanese funded 70 mw dam supplies energy to six villages

●090203A Laos,
Thai Ch Karnchang eyes IPO for Laos subsidiary

●090102B Laos, thanhniennews
Vietnam to build three hydropower plants in Laos

●081215A Mekong, bernama
MRC To Cooperate With Start On Combating Climate Change

●081204B Mekong, phnompenhpost
Dam wrong about Mekong River Commission's role

●081128A Laos, brettonwoodsproject
new World Bank book fails to convince critics of large dams

●081127C Laos, news.xinhuanet
New hydropower plants to be built in Laos

●081119E Laos, phnompenhpost
Lao dams muddying the waters