Kingdom of Nepal

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Basic Information

  • Country Area 147,181 km2
  • Population 23,698,421 (1998)
  • GDP 4,929 million US$ (1997),49億ドル
  • GDP per capita 220 (1997)
  • Cities

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Recent News


○110204A Nepal,
Upper Tamakoshi mgmt bid by just 2 firms
A bid by Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited (UTKHPL) to line up a competent management team has been stalled for now as only two international companies applied with expression of interest (EOI) by the time the deadline expired on Wednesday afternoon. Australia´s Snowy Mountain and Engineering Corporation (SMEC),Fichtner Engineering and Consulting Services of Germany

●110126B Nepal,
Foundation laying of Upper Tamakoshi postponed
The scheduled program for laying the foundation stone of the Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited (UTKHPL) by Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal on Thursday has been postponed, apparently, following Maoist resistance. ,oad to Lamabagar, Dolakha,456 MW project,Ministry of Energy (MoE),Lamabagar road,NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority),Project Director and Officiating Chief Executive Officer of UTKHPL Mrigendra Bahadur Shrestha,Officiating Managing Director of NEA Yugal Kishore Sah,Rs 35.29 billion daily peaking run-of-the-river project,be completed by 2015,456 MW electricity for four hours
●110126C Nepal,
Power to the people?
As winter power shortages shroud Nepal in familiar darkness, Deepak Adhikari unravels the country’s hydro debate. With winter in full swing, the spectre of planned power cuts, euphemistically called “load shedding”, is haunting Nepal's electricity consumers. The country’s citizens dread this time of year, which not only brings the Himalayan chill but also the inevitable power shortages, beginning in October to November and continuing until the monsoon arrives in June or July. By February the cuts are expected to intensify to 16 hours a day.6,000 rivers,83,000 megawatts,a meagre 698 megawatts of hydropower,(40,000 megawatts and 200,000 megawatts),Nepal Electricity Authority,energy minister, Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat,to produce 10,000 megawatts in 10 years,We should think big,Maoist government,liquid gold,run-of-the-river system,early 1990s marked the World Bank’s infamous withdrawal from the 404-megawatt Arun III project,Mahakali Treaty between Nepal and India in the mid-1990s,315-metre high, multipurpose Pancheshwar dam,12.3 billion cubic metres and a 6,480 megawatt power house,ratified on November 27, 1996,269-metre high dam at Barahkshetra on the Kosi River,Bhutanese model,neo-colonial path to power,Ratan Bhandari, a coordinator of the Water and Energy Users’ Federation Nepal (WAFED),750-megawatt West Seti project,sudden withdrawal of its Chinese investor early last year,77-megawatt run-of-the-river project,a 195-metre, concrete face rockfill dam capable of producing 750 megawatts of electricity,International Rivers,40,000 big dams in the past 50 years

●101231C Nepal,
Upper Seti tunnel making progress
Construction of the tunnel of 127 MW Upper Seti Hydropower Project is underway at Byas Municipality in Tanahun district. According to Nepal Electricity Authority, eight-meter tunnel has already been constructed as of now by Himal Hydro and General Construction Company, the contractor. camps and roads is also ongoing with Rs. 200 million ,Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA),cost Rs 25 billion

●101226B Nepal,
ADB to provides Rs.180m for upper Seti
The Asian Development Bank has agreed to provide a technical grant assistance of $2.5 million (Rs. 180 million) to the Government of Nepal for Detailed Engineering Study for the Upper Seti Hydropower Project. 127 MW Upper Seti Hydropower Project,to be completed by Sept. 30? 2012
Yukihiro Shiroishi? officer-in-charge of ADB Kathmandu office

●101220B Nepal,
Govt to build storage-type hydro projects
The government has decided to develop two storage-type hydropower projects in the near future in a bid to cope with the extended power cuts, which have paralyzed every sectors in the country. Upper Seti (127 MW) and Budhi Gandaki (600 MW),14 hours a day this year,Jibendra Jha, executive director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA),Kulekhani A (60 MW) and B (32 MW),to begin construction,by 2012,run-of-river projects,below one-sixth of their total capacities,Rajendra Kishor Chhetri, under-secretary at the Ministry of Energy,peak hours of the day (5-7 am and 7-9 pm),cost as high as Rs 22,currently imports about 130 MW,Mujaffarpur-Dhalkebar (130 km),Duhabi-Hetauda-Butwal (300 km)

●101213A Nepal,
Nepal Maoists train guns on yet another Indian firm
Continuing their policy of obstructing Indian investors, Nepal's former Maoist guerrillas Saturday trained their guns on yet another Indo-Nepal joint venture, threatening to bring it to a halt. Green Ventures Pvt. Ltd.,IIT alumnus K.R. Krishnan,120MW Likhu 4 hydropower project,in eastern Nepal, Okhaldhunga and Ramechhap,surplus power can be sold outside,hit list of hydropower companies,Confederation of Indian Industry (CII),Maoist chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda

●101208D Nepal,
Upper Tamakoshi signs pact for Rs 4-bn loan
Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Company Ltd today signed a Rs 4-billion long-tern loan agreement with Citizen Investment Trust (CIT) and Rastriya Beema Sansthan (RBS),Mrigendra Bahadur Shrestha, project director of the hydropower company,11 per cent,to be repaid in 15 years,Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Ltd,Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA),456-MW Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project,Rs 35.29 billion,
Dolakha district will have 10 per cent,at Rs 3.13 in rainy season and Rs 6 per unit in dry season

●101114B Nepal,
China and Nepal follow Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence
How do Your Excellency evaluate Nepal -China relations on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the Founding of People’s Republic of China and 55th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Nepal and China?,on August 1, 1955,Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence,Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal,China- Nepal trade volume was 414 million USD in 2009,infrastructure development, hydropower, agriculture, and tourism,Khasa-Tatopani Pass and Jilong-Rasuwa Pass,to speak the Chinese language

●101112B Nepal,
Maoists to allow Chimal hydel
The construction of the Chimal Hydropower Project is resuming shortly after UCPN (Maoist) agreed to allow the project. The construction work was halted earlier following obstruction by the Maoists. ,A taskforce headed by Maoist district co-in-charge Rajkumar Chudal,since mid July
Khadka Bikram Subedi, chairman of the cooperative group,Rs 23.2 million,minimum share purchase level

○101029E Nepal,
Nepal Maoist leader to India: Pull out your investments
Mr. Lila Mani Pokharel, while addressing an interaction program in Kathmandu, October 25, 2010, has made it clear that the Unified Maoists Party will never compromise on the preservation of Nepal‘s national independence and succumb to foreign pressure to accept investment in hydro-power development.

○101026B Nepal,
Thakur sees monarchy revival bid
The UCPN-Maoist
Tarai Madhes Democratic Party president Mahantha Thakur today said moves are afoot to reestablish the monarchy with the UCPN-Maoist’s tacit support.,capricious policy,proposing 14 hydropower projects,hurling shoe,friendly relations between Nepal and India

○101021C Nepal,
Human capital and productivity
Considering the immense hydropower potential of Nepal, the validity of the “Hydropower Generated Growth” hypothesis has been losing its consensus.,donors' mantra,national policy dilemma,natural resources and standard of living are not always correlated,Japan and Switzerland
Nigeria are just the opposite,education, intelligence, creativity, entrepreneurial vigor etc,because productivity growth is not a zero sum game

○101012D Nepal,
Barriers to hydropower development A historical perspective
Since 1960 Nepal is dreaming to become self-sustained nation by harnessing its immense water resources. Efforts were placed to utilize water resources during the Panchayat era but favourable execution was not possible.,between Nepal and India,two big projects Koshi and Gandaki Between 1951 and 1960,curse than a boon,Karnali hydroelectric project in the 1970s,Waters of Hope, B G Verghese (1990),Chisapani project 3,600 to 4,500 MW,Pardi, Trisuli and Devighat,Mahakali Integrated Treaty,Pancheswor Multipurpose Project over 6,000 MW,Maoist rebels,Nepal needs to increase its capacity to finance the construction of large hydropower projects

○101004B Nepal,
NEA, IPPs lock horns over power purchase deal
Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) have been locking horns whether or not to implement the ´performance bond´ with regard to Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The PPA envisages forfeiting bank guarantee should IPPs fail to generate electricity within the specified timeframe. IPPs claim that such a provision will water down the investment climate in hydropower sector. They even do not hesitate to say that NEA has pulled wool over the investors´ eyes by making them sign the PPA with such provision.
○101004C Nepal,
Power politics and candlelight dinners
Last winter, our first in Kathmandu, we had countless candlelight dinners at home. Thanks to Nepal Electricity Authority's 12-14 hours of daily power cuts. The scene will be similar this year and for another eight winters says NEA Executive Director Jibendra Jha. To make matters worse, power tariff will soon increase by 30 pc per unit. Nepal needs to exploit its 83,000 MW hydropower potential to get out of the power crisis hole. But thanks to Maoists, the country's largest political party, that's unlikely to happen soon.

○100925F Nepal,
Misguided Maoist stance
When it comes to maintaining double-standards, probably no other political party in the country can beat the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). As a case in point, just take a recent example. One of the party’s senior members a few days earlier minced no words in articulating that his party would vociferously protest any export-oriented hydropower project to be launched with foreign investment.

○100920A Nepal,
China pips India in Nepal projects
Maoists targeting hydropower projects by Indian firms and the latest tussle between Dabur Nepal and Kantipur, Nepal’s biggest media group are indications that Indian JVs haven't had a smooth run in Nepal in recent years.,Former Indian ambassador to Nepal KV Rajan,Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce,All China Federation of Industry and Commerce

○100917A Nepal,
Global warming swells glacial lakes
Bursting natural dams may endanger thousands lives,Nepal identifies 20 lakes at risk of glacial lakes floods,As global warming shrinks glaciers along the world’s highest peaks, glacial lakes in Nepal are increasingly at risk of bursting the natural dams ? endangering lives of tens of thousands in communities below, a UN humanitarian news agency quoted experts as saying.,about 20 lakes at risk of glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs),Pradeep Mool of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD),to rise up to 35 metres,up to 100km in only eight hours,more than 1,000 earthquakes a year, has 2,323 glacial lakes,UN Development Programme (UNDP),every 2-5 years,in August 1985, ,Dig Tsho glacial lake in Nepal burst,Bhote Koshi Valley,Hindu Kush-Himalayan region
○100917B Nepal,
MoU on bilateral cooperation
Nepali and Chinese businessmen on Thursday agreed to work together for the development of hydropower and energy sector in Nepal through mutual cooperation and investments. ,Memorandum of Understanding (MoU),11th meeting of Nepal China Non-Governmental Cooperation Forum,Kush Kumar Joshi, president of the Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI),Quan Zhezhu, the first vice-chairman of All China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC)

○100905C Nepal,
S N Power to Complete Upper Tamakoshi-III Hydropower Project
S N Power, a Norweigian business investor and a builder of hydropower projects in budding energy markets, has announced that the company is in the process of building the Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project III in Nepal to generate around 880 MW power.,Charikot,in the year 2017,Khimti hydropower project,Dolakha and Ramechhap districts,share 10%,around 80 families living

○100827E Nepal,
Upper Tamakoshi-III to begin in 2012
DOLAKHA: A Norwegian Company, SN Power is to build the Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower project-III with the capacity of generating 880MW electricity,Khimti Hydropower,to be completed in 2017,Charikot,880 MW electricity,Dolakha and Ramechhap district,some 80 households will be displaced

○100730B India,
Ministry for more trade, investment in energy in S. Asia
Addressing a seminar organised by the Asian Development Bank and the Delhi-based think-tank ICRIER, Mr Arvind Mehta, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, said there is more potential for trade in energy, especially in hydropower, than in goods.,Nepal has an installed hydropower capacity of just 636 MW against the potential of anywhere between 43,000 MW and 200,000 MW,India has a hydropower capacity of only 36,900 MW against the potential of 125,000 MW,Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam (SJVN) and Nathpa Jhakri hydroelectric power plant,run-of-the-river projects,Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and India,Himalayan region,Himachal Pradesh,Export-Import Bank of India,pan-South Asia electricity ring,ith Bhutan entailing possible investment of $850 million (3,000 MW),a 400-kv transmission line at $50 million with Nepal, ,1,000-MW HVDC link with Sri Lanka costing $415 million,1,000-MW HVDC back-to-back link with Bangladesh at $220 million.,1,320-MW coal-fired power project in Bangladesh,PTC (NASDAQ:PMTC)

○100729B Nepal,
ADB President Reaffirms Support For Nepal
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will continue to strongly support the country as it undertakes efforts to overcome economic challenges amidst political transition, ADB President Haruhiko Kuroda said Wednesday.,Nepal's President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav, Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, Finance Minister Surendra Pandey,tourism and hydropower generation,from $258 million in 2007-2008 to $559 million for 2009-2010,$287 million annually from 2011 to 2013

○100705B Nepal,
Hydropower development Private sector's initiative
The government has brought a hydropower policy (1992) in order to attract private investment. Again the government promulgated the new Hydropower Development Policy (2001) with necessary amendments to attract the private sector investors for the development of hydropower.
slow because of the inability of the government to provide security,a total of 158.62 MW of hydroelectricity,Khimti, Bhotekosi and Chilime
Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA),GMR has recently started two large hydropower projects?upper Karnali and upper Marsyangdi,300 MW and 600 MW,Sutlej India has also been taking initiatives to install 302 MW Arun III

○100620B Nepal,
Nepal Maoists intensify anti-dam protest
3,300 MW Sapta Kosi Multipurpose Project,269 metre dam would cause 83 villages in Nepal to be submerged,India’s Central Water Commission in 1981,Nepal’s eastern Biratnagar town in 2004,Sunsari district, where the survey is on,3,300 MW Sapta Kosi Multipurpose Project,269 metre dam would cause 83 villages in Nepal to be submerged,India’s Central Water Commission in 1981,Nepal’s eastern Biratnagar town in 2004,Sunsari district, where the survey is on

○100607D Nepal,
After GMR, Maoists oppose mega India-Nepal power project
(key) Indian infrastructure company GMR’s joint venture in Nepal,Maoist party,Sapta Kosi Multipurpose Project,3,300 MW of hydropower,Bihar state,Kirat Yakthung Chumlung and Kirat Rai Yayokkha,central committee member Prahlad Budathoki,detailed project report (DPR),senior Indian engineer Rakesh Kashyap,Kosi river,India’s Central Water Commission in 1981,269-metre high dam,submerge dozens of Nepali villages,Nepal’s eastern Biratnagar town in 2004,GMR’s 250 MW Upper Marsyangdi hydropower project,Nepal’s Energy Minister Prakash Sharan Mahat

○100605A Nepal,
Maoists block Upper Marsyangdi
(key) Maoist,600 megawatt Indian hydropower joint venture on the Marsyangdi,Rs 70 billion Upper Marsyangdi-II project,15 km tunnel from Dharapani, Tal Bajar in Manang to the powerhouse in Syange of Lamjung,India's GMR and the Nepali company Himtal Hydro,since February by the Maoists,Maoist Tamu Liberation Front,Maoist Lamjung in-charge Devendra Parajuli,Gyanendra Lal Sharma, coordinator of the FNCCI Hydro Power Development Forum,our 200,000 MW potential,Maoists block Upper Marsyangdi,A stalled hydro project proves we will remain in darkness until the politics are sorted out,Nepal, Maoists block Upper Marsyangdi, A stalled hydro project proves we will remain in darkness until the politics are sorted out,

○100530A Nepal,
Jindal finally enters Nepal's hydropower sector
)key) Indian infrastructure company GMR,900 MW Upper Karnali hydropower project,Jindal,454 MW Chainpur Seti project in remote Bajhang district,to cost about (Nepali) Rs 24 billion,Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam,402 MW Arun 3 hydropower project,Hyderabad-based PES Energy Pvt Ltd
210 MW Phulkot Karnali project,located in the remote Kalikot district,Nanda Devi Agro Farms Pvt Ltd,350 MW Dudhkoshi project in northern Solukhumbu district,Maytas Estates,138 MW Dudhkoshi 2 project in Solukhumbu,Haryana's Lanco Infratech Ltd,303 MW Namlan project ,Everest Power Pvt Ltd
○ネパール 制憲議会の任期延長 政府、毛派に譲歩

○100510D Nepal,
Maoists stop explosives for Chameliya at border
(KEY) DHANGADI,UCPN (Maoist),Chameliya Hydropower Project,Darchula,,Gauriphanta,Maoist in-charge in Kailali Hari Gyawali,against the ongoing Maoist agitation,Jharkhand state of India for the power project,ordered by China Gojuwa Water & Power Project for Chameliya project from India Explosive Limited,Project director Keshab Bhatta,bandas,Kailali CDO Narayan Prasad Bidadi,due to incomplete documents


○100427B Nepal,
Upper Tamakoshi, NEA sign PPA
(KEY) Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA),456 megawatt of electricity to be generated from Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Company at Rs 4.06,per unit,Rs 33 billion project,NEA Executive Director Dr Jibendra Jha and Managing Director of the company Bhojraj Regmi,Power Purchase Agreement (PPA),Shashisagar Raj Rajbhandari, Director of Power Trade Department of NEA,2010/2011 is Rs 3.50 per unit,begin in 2015/16
14 years of operation will roughly be Rs 5 a unit.

○100401C Nepal,
New Dam in Nepal to Boost Electricity Production, Resolve Political Problems
The government of Nepal has announced that it will dam the Bagmati river outflow from the Kathmandu Valley in a move to generate electricity and eliminate massive power cuts that have damaged the country's economy in recent years. The move will restore the lake that filled the

○100303F Nepal,
Warming Climate Melts Mighty Himalayan Glaciers
Dawa Steven Sherpa is only 25 but has already climbed Mt. Everest twice. The last time he was on top of the Earth痴 highest point, he picked up a small stone for President Barack Obama. The stone was given to Nepal痴 prime minister, who gave it to Obama at the United Nations in September to symbolize the growing problem of global warming, which threatens the world痴 highest mountain range葉he Himalayas.

○100225A Nepal,
Indian investment in Nepal Challenges and opportunities

○100224E Nepal,
WB rolls out 4-step hydropower plan
○100224F Nepal,
GMR resumes works

○100222D Nepal,
WB eyes mega hydel project

○100220F Nepal,
India concerned about Upper Marsyangdi row

●100217C Nepal, thaindian
Maoists stop work at another Indian venture in Nepal

○100214D Nepal, thehimalayantimes
Maoists hell bent on stalling Upper Karnali

○100207C Nepal, thehimalayantimes
Maoists threaten to shut hydroelectricity projects
○100207D Nepal, myrepublica
Beema Sansthan confirms Rs 2 billion loan for Upper Tamakoshi

○100201C Nepal, myrepublica
World Bank invited to invest in Tamakoshi III
○100201D Nepal, ekantipur

○100129D Nepal, myrepublica
Leave GMR alone
●100129E Nepal, myrepublica
ADB shows interests in West Seti, again

○100127C Nepal, telegraphindia
Indian firm in Maoist sights

○091224D Nepal, nepalnews
PM Nepal's visit to strengthen Nepal-China ties

○091223B Nepal, the himalayan times
PM to visit China on Dec 26

○091222D Nepal, thehimalayantimes
Mahakali Treaty Outcome of economic nationalism

○091215B Nepal, thehimalayantimes
Prachanda pleads helplessness

○091129J Nepal, myrepublica
Law Ministry opposes West Seti renewal, advises against new clauses

○091124C Nepal, ncrsamaylive
India-Nepal finalise action plan for Pancheshwar Project
○091124E Nepal, waterpowermagazine
Pancheswor project moves ahead

○091123D Nepal, ekantipur
NEPAL-INDIA TALKS: Pancheshwor in troubled waters
○091123E Nepal, xinhuanet
Nepal, India to set up Pancheshwor Development Authority

○091122B Nepal, telegraphnepal
Chinese envoy Guohang’s sudden dash to Rasuwa district-Nepal

○091120C Nepal, thehimalayantimes
Pancheswor project to top water talks with India

○091119B Nepal, nepalnews
CIT to invest Rs 2 billion in Upper Tamakoshi

●091109B Nepal, thaindian
China follows Indian cue, enters Nepal’s hydropower sector
●091109C Nepal, ekantipur
China enters Nepal’s hydropower sector

○091108A Nepal, myrepublica
NEA offers 10% to NT in Upper Tamakoshi PM briefed on 3 hydro projects

○091106C Nepal, nepalnews
China pledges Rs 14.97 billion as soft loan

○091101L Nepal, myrepublica
Kulekhani-III to be over in two years

○091017F Nepal, telegraphnepal
China Study Centers could cement Nepal-India-China ties

○091009D Nepal, ekantipur
WB wants to fuel hydel project

○090914D Nepal, myrepublica
Germany to help set up thermal plant Mahat

●090906I Nepal, kashmirwatch
Geopolitical Dimension of Nepal-China Relation
●090907B Nepal, myrepublica
Nepal seeks $1b loan from Chinese Exim bank
○090906H Nepal, ekantipur
Kali Gandaki can generate ‘extra 50 MW’

●090902B Nepal, myrepublica
Maoists want new deal on West Seti

○090831B Nepal, google
Melting glaciers threaten 'Nepal tsunami'

○090829F Nepal, myrepublica
Don't go for Koshi high-dam Expert

○090828D Nepal, xinhuanet
Climate change increases glacial burst danger in Nepal

●090825H Nepal, economictimes
India attempts to match Chinese influence in Nepal
●090825G Nepal, hindu
Nepal promises steps to improve business climate
●090825F Nepal, kantipuronline
Nepal, India push for Pancheshwor
○090824E Nepal, news.xinhuanet
Renewed treaty with India widens trade scope Nepali finance minister

●090816A Nepal, nepalnews
PM says Pancheswor will figure predominantly during his deliberations in Delhi
●090816B Nepal, zeenews
Maoists warn of mass agitation in Nepal
●090816C Nepal, myrepublica
Pancheshwar delay costs Nepal Rs 65b loss a year

●090731A Nepal, telegraphnepal
Nepal appeals China for support to three projects
●090731B Nepal, kantipuronline
Govt mulls new West Seti pact
●090731C Nepal, kantipuronline
FNCCI woos Chinese investment in Nepal

●090720A Nepal, news.xinhuanet
Nepali gov't to invite bids for 8 power projects
●090720B Nepal, ndopia
Nepal to accord priority for power export, invite investment
●090720C Nepal, kantipuronline
Contractor threatens to stop power generation
●090720D Nepal, redorbit
Scientists Begin Further Studies On Himalayan Glacial Lakes
●090720E Nepal, nepalnews
Biggest hydropower project in limbo

●090607A Nepal, myrepublica
Experts for West Seti
●090607B Nepal, samaylive
Another Indian company wins hydropower contract in Nepal

●090508A Nepal, livemint
Crisis in Nepal may affect plans of Indian power generation firms

●090504A Nepal,
GMR runs into fresh trouble in Nepal
●090504B Nepal, kantipuronline
Plan to build hydel projects sans donors

●090420C Nepal, thaindian
China rains aid ahead of Nepal PM’s visit

●090401B Nepal, uk.reuters
India key to Nepali hydropower ambition, PM says

●090331C Nepal, myrepublica
10,000 MW will cost Rs 2 trillion: Govt taskforce
●090331B Nepal, myrepublica
600 MW daily-pondage hydro project in pipeline

●090303D Nepl, nepalnews
India proposes formation of Pancheshwar Development Authority

●090301C Nepal,
Prachanda reiterates one-China policy
●090301D Nepal, asianews
Beijing warns Kathmandu against pro-Tibet rallies in Nepal

●090226A Nepal, thenews
AJK to get royalty from Neelum-Jhelum hydropower project’

●090220C Nepal,
GMR trouble in Nepal resolved Menon

●090219C Nepal, thehimalayantimes
Follow-up push to bilateral commitments

●090218C Nepal, kantipuronline
Upgradation cost down

●090129B Nepal, kantipuronline
Rs 3 billion to generate 147 MW

●090127A Nepal, mediaforfreedom
PM Dahal calls for comprehensive political understanding
●090127B Nepal, thehimalayantimes
New guidelines in place for 100 MW hydel project licences

●090126D Nepal, nepalmonitor
FDI in Nepal’s Hydropower Sector: A Focus on the Product

●090111A Nepal, thaindian
Doubts about Maytas’ hydropower bids in Nepal

●090104B Nepal, nepalnews
Alternatives to Thermal Plant

●081221C Nepal, kantipuronline
Snags may shut Kaligandaki NEA

●081219A Nepal, yourprojectnews
PM inaugurates much-awaited 70MW Mid-Marsyangdi hydel project
●081219B Nepal, xinhuanet
Nepali bank signs strategic partnership agreement with Chinese firm

●081214A Nepal, kantipuronline
PM to inaugurate much-awaited 70MW Mid-Marshyangdi hydel project today

●081202B Nepal, kantipuronline
Chinese FM arriving

●081130B Nepal, thehimalayantime
Mahara Unveils 100-Day Report Card

●081127B Nepal, thehimalayantimes
Bilateral nod to update extradition treaty

●081125B Nepal, nepalnews
Govt must be clear on harnessing hydropower: Private sector