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●110204C Pakistan,
Construction of Diamir Bhasha Dam to be completed in eight years
Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf informed the Senate that initial work on Diamir Bhasha Dam has been launched and the whole project is expected to complete in next seven to eight years, adding that the project would be completed at a cost of over eleven billion dollars.,
4500 megawatt electricity ,one billion rupees in the current financial year,Asian Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank, Japanese Bank and USAID,eight hydropower projects in public sector

○110201 パキスタン核弾頭、インド上回る=倍増の100発以上か


●110125A Pakistan,
18 hydropower projects in Pakistan delayed
A new report has said Pakistan could have been rid of crippling circular debt and heavy loadshedding if the Ministry of Water and Power had completed 18 hydropower projects in time - 15 in 2007 and three in June last year. Sustainable Development Policy Institute,to 10,000MW over a couple of years,1,848MW Neelam-Jhelum,Chakothi-Hattian projects in Kashmir,Kohala project on the Jhelum,in June 2010
●110125B Pakistan,
'Energetic' proposal
Former federal petroleum minister Usman Aminunddin, while speaking at a seminar in Islamabad on Pakistan's Energy Sector, has proposed the carving of a federal energy ministry through the merger of the ministries of petroleum and water and power as well as through the abolition of the Alternative Energy Development Board, which he claims will bring about better co-ordination and efficiency in the energy sector. future will touch $200 mark,Thar coal reserves,equivalent to around 400 billion barrels of oil,Daulatabad field reserves,Thar coal gasification project,fragmentation,Widening of the tax net, and doing away with tax exemptions,fast-track hydropower and coal energy projects.,250 dams and hydropower projects,all aspects of the energy ministry proposal

○パキスタンでM7.2の地震 アフガン国境付近
パキスタンでM7.2の地震 アフガン国境付近,パキスタン南西部で現地時間19日午前1時23分(日本時間同5時23分)ごろ,震源の深さは84キロメートル,米地質調査所(USGS)

●110115D Pakistan,
ADB assures funding for Bhasha dam
The Asian Development Bank has assured Pakistan of financial and technical assistance for Diamer-Bhasha dam project and said the process for finalising its modalities will be completed on fast-track basis. Donneth A. Walton, acting country head of the bank,Water and Power Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf,4,500MW of electricity,6.4 million acre-feet 79億トン,Economic Coordination Committee,Wapda to raise Rs20 billion,Wapda Chairman Shakeel Durrani,Gilgit-Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,Karakoram Highway

●110109A Pakistan,
17 hydropower projects to be functional by 2017
The Federal Government has lifted certain restrictions on establishing electricity projects of over 50 mw, which will pave the way for setting up 17 hydropower projects in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Kyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Punjab provinces. All these projects would be functional by the end of 2017. 5107 mw capacity hydropower projects,nine hydropower projects,Azad Jammu and Kashmir,2154 mw,New Bong Escape Hydropower Project near Mangla,84 mw,by the end of 2013,Kotli (100 mw), Gulpur (100 mw), Rajdhani (132 mw), Sehra (130 mw), and Patrind (147 mw) (132 mw), Sehra (130 mw), and Patrind (147 mw),completed in 2014,Chakothi-Hattian (139 mw) and Azad Patan (222 mw),in 2016,
Kohala hydropower project (1100 mw),2017,AJK Hydro Electric Board (HED),potential of 17,000 mw in AJK,KP government,seven projects with a capacity of 2233 mw,Madyan (157 mw) and Asrit-Kedam (215 mw) projects,on Swat river,by the end of 2015,completed by end of 2016
Kalam Asrit (197 mw) on Swat River,Shogosin (132 mw) and Shushgai Zhendoli (144 mw) near District,Kaigah (548 mw) and Suki Kinari (840 mw) in KP,by end of 2017,Karot (720 mw) near Kotli in Punjab,completed in 2015


●110104C Pakistan,
Prime focus on hydropower development: Attique
MUZAFFARABAD: Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan Prime Minister of AJK has said that to root out the energy shortage the development of hydropower potential in the State has come under prime focus of his government. public-private partnership policy,17,000 megawatts of sites,Pakistan-China Friendship Year,Kashmiri Right to Self-determination Year,International Kashmir Committee,Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Razas Gilani


●101226C Pakistan,
Kishanganga hydropower project
Govt should mull better selection for pleading case at COA’,Pakistan should now seriously consider appointing patriotic and real water management experts to take up its case before International Court of Arbitration (COA) against India over construction of Kishanganga Hydropower project on river Neelum in violation of the 1960 Indus Waters Treaty.,permanent Indus Water Commissioner, Jamat Ali Shah,by 16 percent the power generation capacity of the 969-MW Neelum-Jhelum power project,Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir,Deputy Water Commissioner, Sheraz Jamil Memon,three Western rivers, Chenab, Jehlum and Indus are allocated to Pakistan and India but no storage can be built on them
○パキスタン自爆テロで43人死亡 米大統領が非難声明
パキスタン自爆テロで43人死亡 米大統領が非難声明,世界食糧計画(WFP)の食料配給所付近で25日、自爆テロがあり、地元病院当局によれば少なくとも43人が死亡、90人が負傷した。反政府武装勢力「パキスタン・タリバーン運動(TTP)」が犯行

●101223B India,
Three more India hydro projects on Chenab
India plans three more hydropower projects upstream over the river Chenab with the cumulative production capacity of 2120 megawatts amidst its bitter row with Pakistan on the controversial Neelum river Kishanganga project.,1000-megawatt Pakal Dul on river Marusudar in Doda, the 600-megawatt Kiru upstream Dulhasti power project and the Kawar hydro station in Padyama,Kishtwar district,Chenab Valley Power Development Corporation,next six years,Indus Waters Basin Treaty of 1960,rivers Chenab, Jhelum and the Indus have been apportioned to Pakistan,Ravi, Sutlej and Bias have been titled to India,Indus Waters Commissioner Syed Jamaat Ali Shah

●101220A Pakistan,
China cooperates with Pakistan to overcome energy shortage
In order to overcome pressing demands of energy, China is cooperating with Pakistan in more than a dozen ongoing projects. China expects that by developing water and hydropower projects, it can overcome its energy shortage. 1450 MW Ghazi Barotha power Project,Mangla Dam Raising Project by 30ft,2.88 million acres ft additional 644 GWh,Gomal Zam Dam in South Waziristan Agency. live storage of 0.892 million acres ft, 90.9 GWh annually、Satpara Dam, live storage of 52980 acres ft, 17.3 MW、Kachhi Canal Project located in Punjab and Balochistan、500 km long canal
Darawat Dam live storage of 87,264 acres ft 0.45 MW、Neelum-Jhelum hydropower projects、1,388 MW、Khan Khwar, Duber Khwar, Allai Khwar, Jinnah、credit line of US$ 700 million to WAPDA、Neelum-Jhelum Hydroelectric Project、China Exim Bank US$ 448 million M/s China Ghezuba Group Company (CGGC)
○中国、パキスタンのテロ対策称賛 温首相、米との違い強調
中国、パキスタンのテロ対策称賛 温首相、米との違い強調,共同声明は「従来型発電や再生可能エネルギー、民間原子力に関する2国間協力を推し進める仕組みを確立する」と宣言。パキスタンの原子力発電所建設への中国の関与拡大を米国などが懸念

●101219A Pakistan India, Economic Times
Wen Jiabao under pressure to okay another PoK project during Pak tour
BEIJING: Chinese premier Wen Jiabao will have to make an important call concerning China's relationship with India as he goes about meeting Pakistani leaders in Islamabad on Saturday. Islamabad is expected to offer the proposed $1.1 billion Kohala hydro power project in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to a Chinese company.,Muzaffarabad district of the disputed PoK,prime minister Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan,700 km long highway,Neelum valley,Mangla dam in PoK by China International and Electric Co.,China Gezhuba Water and Power Company and China machinery Export Corporation,Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project,Sino-Indian border issue, the issues regarding China-India-Pakistan ties and on the Kashmir and the trans-border water issue, and the Tibet issue, etc

●101217A Pakistan,
PaK PM seeks Australia’s intervention to resolve Kashmir
Prime Minister of Pakistan Administered Kashmir, Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan on Thursday urged the Australian government to play its role in the resolution of long-pending Kashmir dispute. UN Security Council,fully safeguarded investment in hydropower generation,17,000 megawatts of hydroelectricity

心臓の大動脈解離で倒れ緊急手術を受けた米国のリチャード・ホルブルック(Richard Holbrooke)アフガニスタン・パキスタン担当特別代表が13日、死去した。69歳だった。米メディアが同日伝えた。ホルブルック氏はボスニア内戦を終結させた1995年の和平合意


●101204D Pakistan,
Bids for detailed design of 4320-MW Dasu Project by Jan. 31, 2011
WAPDA has completed pre-qualification process of the consulting firms and joint ventures for preparation of detailed engineering design, PC-I and tender documents for 4320-MW Dasu Hydropower Project, while the pre-qualified firms have been asked to submit their technical and financial bids by January 31, 2011.,Dasu Hydropower Project,River Indus, seven kilometer upstream of Dasu village and 74 kilometers,downstream of Diamer-Basha Dam Project,Karakoram Highway,World Bank,21.3 billion units,Tarbela, Ghazi Barotha and Chashma

●101203D Pakistan,
Chinese company to invest in hydrocarbon projects
Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit-Baltistan, Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo held a meeting with a Chinese delegation headed by Lio Zhong, head of Sinohydro Corporation, here on Thursday. Wattoo said Pakistan has immense resources for the generation of hydropower energy and government of Pakistan wants to exploit these for the welfare of people.

●101202D Pakistan,
Pakistan and India in Dam-building Race
A new era of dam building brings uncertainty to the 50-year-old water truce between India and Pakistan,Neelum Valley,Indus Waters Treaty (IWT),India’s Kishanganga project or Pakistan’s Neelum-Jhelum project,Signed in 1960,450-megawatt Baglihar hydropower plant,eastern rivers of the basin (Beas, Ravi, and Sutlej),western rivers (Chenab, Indus and Jhelum),China over Arunachal Pradesh, and in Jammu and Kashmir,969-MW Neelum-Jhelum project (NJP),China Ghazoba Group,be completed in 2018,Kishanganga project, with current target date of 2016,Salal Dam were settled this way in the 1970s,Baglihar Dam controversy in 2005

●101201C Pakistan,
960mw Tarbela extension design to be completed in 2011
The work on detailed engineering design, preparation of tender documents and Project Cost (PC)-1 of 960-MW Tarbela 4th Extension Hydropower Proje-ct is expected to be completed by September 2011, WAPDA stated on Monday.,short span of four years,two units, 480 MW each,Main dam, intake and tunnel already exist,Mangla Power House,Mott MacDonald of UK and Coyne ET Billier of France,Phase-I amounting to $5.5 million,World Bank

●101128C Pakista,
Pakistan: 106-mw GOLEN GOL PROJECT Construction to start in Feb. 2011
Construction work on the major components of 106-MW Golen Gol Hydropower Project will start in February 2011. Work for construction of WAPDA offices and colonies for the project had already commenced and is at the advance stage of completion.,joint venture SAMBU-SARCO of South Korea,M/s Fichtner of Germany,River Golen Gol,River Mastuj in Chitral district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province,380 kilometers from Islamabad,Saudi Development Fund, Kuwait Development Fund and the OPEC Fund,US$ 107 million,436 million units
●101128D Pakistan,
Govt plans 22,697MW power generation capacity for 2011
Peak demand expected to be 21,705MW during the year,The government has planned 22697 megawatts (MW) power generation capacity for the year 2011 against the expected peak power demand of 21705 MW,required power generation capacity should be 27131 MW,lower by 4434 MW,
National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC),For the year 2012 peak power demand 23441 MW,power generation capacity 23788 MW required power generation capacity 29301 MW shortfall of 5513 MW,For the year 2013 increase to 25306 MW 26279 MW 31633 MW,shortfall of 5354 MW,overall existing installed power generation capacity by October 2010 was 19246 MW,dependable capacity was 17779 MW,Total Wapda hydropower installed capacity was 6444 MW,winter it reduced to 2300 MW
●101128E Pakistan,
Chinese Prime Minister due next month: accords on various projects may be inked
Islamabad and Beijing may sign some agreements/Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) on various projects in the country as Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao is likely to visit Pakistan next month.,Ministry of Water & Power,Alternate Energy Development Board (AEDB),Wapda,
construction of a highway from Gwadar to Quetta,Karakoram Highway,Iranian gas,Afghan hydropower and Gulf oil,at least $15 billion into Balochistan projects,Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
○パキスタンで貨物機墜落 乗員8人は絶望か

●101122B Pakistan,
Big hydropower contract rules being relaxed
The government has decided in principle to relax conditions for awarding contracts to international companies for big hydropower projects, by doing away with the international competitive bidding (ICB) required under the existing procurement rules. build, own, operate and transfer (BOOT) basis,70 per cent in the early 1980s,less than 30 per cent,40,000MW of electricity,8 cents per unit,Economic Coordination Committee (ECC),National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra),hydrological risk,capacity payment price of the tariff based on assumed generated energy concept,$1000 per MW as performance guarantee,$5000 per MW performance guarantee will also be charged before the issuance of letter of support (LOS)

●101120A Pakistan,
Power ship to supply electricity-starved Pakistan
The world's largest ship-based power plant has arrived off the Pakistani coast to try to mitigate the country's chronic electricity shortages, a company official said Friday.,Taliban insurgency,furnace oil,230 megawatts,Turkish owner Karkey Karadeniz Electrik,five-year contract,southern port city Karachi,Kaya Bey,estimated 5,000 MW,16 hours per day

●101115B Pakistan,
Pak calls India's Kishanganga Dam clear violation of Indus Waters treaty
Pakistan's Indus Water Commissioner Jammat Ali Shah has blamed India for violating the Indus Water Treaty by constructing Kishanganga, Nimoo Bazgo and other hydropower projects on rivers Chenab, Indus and Jhelum.,Prime Minister's Inspection Committee (PMIC),22-kilometre tunnel to divert the Kishanganga waters to Wullar Lake,330 MW project by 2016,Jehlum, Indus and Chenab,969 MW Neelum Jhelum hydropower project,Muzaffarabad,face deficit of 21 per cent water,reduce 16 per cent power production,Wullar Barrage Wullar Lake,800 MW powerhouse
geostrategic weapon,upper Jhelum, upper Chenab, Lower Bari Doab canals

●101114A Pakistan,
Chinese Support for Economic Development of Pakistan
President Asif Ali Zardari on Saturday invited the Chinese investors and entrepreneurs to benefit from Pakistan痴 geo-strategic location as well as its trade and economic potential for a win-win situation for the two neighbourly nations having time-tested ties.,Guangdong province,Pakistan-China (Guangdong) Forum on Economic Reconstruction,Vice Governor of Guangdong province, Liu Kun,Gilgit-Baltistan,Zulfikarabad, in Sindh province,Karakorum Highway, the Chashma Power Plants, the Heavy Mechanical and Electrical Complexes and the Gwadar Deep Sea Port,Joint Investment Company (JIC),Pakistan痴 Ambassador to China, Masood Khan,his six visits to China,Vice Chairman of China Chamber of Commerce (CCOIC),Lahore, Gujranwala and Faisalabad

●101111A Pakistan,
K-P seeks increase in profit share from hydropower
The government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has asked the federal government to increase its share in net profits earned by Islamabad from hydropower generation in the province, an official told The Express Tribune.,annually by 10 per cent,National Finance Commission (NFC) award of 1991-92,initial Rs6 billion cap,Provincial finance secretary Sahibzada Saeed Ahmed

●101110C Pakistan,
Uighurs ? precariously caught between two powers
The community of Uighurs in Rawalpindi’s China Market is small and close-knit. About 50 families have emigrated here from China’s Xinjiang Province over the past 30 years, focusing on cross-border trade and driving the transformation of Gordon College Road from a sleepy hamlet into a thriving commercial district now known as the China Market.,from Khotan, a city in China’s Xinjiang Province,Chinese spies,restive,now closer to 40 percent,Uighurs totaling nine million,shut down the Karakorum Highway periodically,China is our most important relationship,Pakistan has fought three wars with India over the issue of Kashmir,$7 billion to $15 billion by 2015.,anging from highways to mining to power plants,to build a $2.2 billion hydropower project in Azad Kashmir to a Chinese subsidiary of the Three Gorges Corporation,fifth nuclear reactor plant in Pakistan,We can ‘live the life we want,Gordon College Road,after July riots in the Xinjiang provincial capital of Urumqi

●101109A Pakistan,
Neelum-Jehlum Hydropower project: Chinese team briefs Zardari
China International Water & Electric Corporation (CWE) that has built and operating the World's largest hydropower project-the Three Gorges Hydropower Station-evinced interest in building large dams with power houses including Kohala, Bahsha and Bunji on Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis.,to produce 14,000MW power,ministerial committee to examine all such BOT proposals,Neelum-Jehlum Hydropower project,Zulfiqarabad city project and the desiltation of Tarbela Dam
●101109B Pakistan,
1,200 megawatts plant at Gaddani: Balochistan promises security for Chinese
The Balochistan government has promised to extend complete security to the Chinese nationals working on the 1200 mw coal-fired power plant, to be set up at Gaddani, official sources told Business Recorder. In this regard, the Balochistan Chief Minister has written a letter to the Chinese Ambassador and appreciated Chinese support in the province.,Gaddani,Hub Power Company 1200 MW power plant and Bosicor Refinery,no-go area,1000-1200 mw imported coal-based power projects near Karachi,AES Pakistan Pvt Ltd and Mitsui & Co,Mitsui withdrew due to financial crunch,Chinese Embassy in Karachi

●101108A Pakistan,
Islamabad eyes Chinese deal in hydel power project
Pakistan was yesterday preparing to award a contract, without bidding, to a Chinese company for the construction of 1,100MW hydropower project. ,$2.2bn,CWE, a subsidiary of China’s Three Gorges Corporation,Kohala Hydropower Project (KHPP),Private Power Infrastructure Board (PPIB),Water and Power Minister Pervez Ashraf

●101029B Pakistan,
Wide presence of Chinese cos in PoK worries India
The growing economic interest of Chinese companies, particularly in key infrastructure projects located in these areas, is an equal cause for concern among the security establishment here, which fears that Pakistan is encouraging Chinese investment to dilute India’s claim over PoK.
Karakoram highway upgradation project,750-km-long Pakistan-China rail link between Havellian and Khujerab Pass along the Karakoram highway
4,500 MW Diamer-Bhasha dam project,969 MW Neelum-Jhelum hydropower project,Kohala project on Jhelum river,tunnel boring machines
before India’s Kishanganga project

○101028B Pakistan,
China’s presence in PoK worries India
While the Sino-Pak nexus has always been a matter of concern for India, what has exacerbated the matter further is the degree of seamlessness the two countries are fast acquiring in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) region.,Gilgit-Baltistan region,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,Wen Jiabao,possession of 45 per cent and Pakistan 35 per cent,China occupies about 20 per cent,Kashgar, in north-west Chin’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region,Gwadar in Balochistan,Sino-Pak collaboration in hydro-power project in the PoK region,to generate 7000 MW of electricity,$ 6-7 billion,Bunji in Northern Areas,build, operate and transfer

○101020B Pakistan,
Mega projects to be given to Chinese companies: Zardari wants
LPG pipeline to be laid from Gwadar to China,President Asif Ali Zardari has directed the ministries concerned to lay a pipeline from Gwadar to China and from Gwadar to his hometown Nawabshah for supply of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to Karachi, Hyderabad, Nawabshah and Sanghar, sources told Business Recorder,President Asif Ali Zardari,Pakistan's Ambassador in China,think-tank, with 20 to 40 years vision,Gwadar Port,
railway from Pakistan to Turkey and Pakistan to Afghanistan,Basha dam project,Three Gorges Company,Bunji darn on BOT basis,Badin power project plants (5000 megawatt under supervision of Secretary General Salman Farooqi)

○101019B Central Asia,
Melting Glaciers Threaten Central Asia’s Ecological and Energy Future
The group of beginners he was guiding down one of Kyrgyzstan’s most accessible rivers couldn’t handle the rapids ahead. Downstream, reservoirs were overflowing, causing authorities to lament the loss of precious water in summertime when it isn’t needed to make electricity.,melting glaciers,Bishkek depends on hydropower,former president Kurmanbek Bakiyev,up to 20 percent of Kyrgyzstan’s glaciers have vanished
melting at a rate three times faster than they were in 1950,Tajikistan,Kazakhstan,Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan,Tien Shan,$3 billion 1,900 megawatt Kambarata-1 and 360 megawatt Kambarata-2 hydropower cascade,Naryn River

○101018B Pakistan,
Kohala hydro project: panel to examine execution on government-to-government basis
The Ministry of Water and Power has failed to get Economic Co-ordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet's concurrence for the 1100 mw Kohala hydropower project, already awarded to a foreign firm in an allegedly non-transparent manner.,Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was agreed on October 16, 2008,in Beijing between the Ministry of Water and Power, Government of Pakistan and China International Water and Electric Corporation (CWE),located on River Jehlum in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K),AJ&K Council Secretariat on July 31, 2009,PPIB through a Letter of Interest (LoI) to CWE on January 15, 2009,CWE successfully updated the feasibility study,satisfaction of Panel of Experts (PoEs),unsolicited,aw site hydropower projects on unsolicited basis,from hydropower projects is generally in the range of 7-8 cents/kWh,only 10 percent hydel potential (over 60,000 MW hydro generations in total) of Pakistan

○101017C Pakistan,
TI Pakistan raises concerns over award of Kohala power project
Transparency International Pakistan has raised concerns over the alleged illegal award of 1100 MW Kohala hydropower project to a Chinese firm, China International Water and Electric Corporation (CWE), on 'Built-Own and Transfer' (BOT) basis.,PPIB, a subsidiary of Water and Power Ministry,Public Procurement Rules, 2004,TIP Chairman Adil Gilani,Wapda Chairman Shakeel Durrani,Chairman of Public Account Committee (PAC),corrupt and fraudulent practices,free and open competition,non-competitive levels,solicitation

○101013B Pakistan,
CDA, Chinese firm sign MoU for water from Indus River
Capital Development Authority (CDA) and a foreign firm on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to review feasibility of water conduction from Indus River System for the overcoming water shortage in the federal capital.,CDA Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi,pipeline from Terbela Dam,M/s Sinohydro Corporation Limited (SCL),Haripur / Siran pocket site,Islamabad and Rawalpindi,FIDIC condition of contract,International Competitive Bidding (ICB),Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project, Nala Canal, KPOD/DPOD Canal and Mirpur Khas Drainage projects in Sindh

○101010D Pakistan,
Pak moves International Court of Arbitration to resolve Kishanganga dispute with India
Pakistan has instituted proceedings in the International Court of Arbitration to resolve the Kishanganga Dam dispute with India, a Pakistani federal minister has stated.,Minister for Water and Power, Raja Pervez Ashraf,Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Plant on the Indus River,Uri-II Hydroelectric Plant by India on the Jhelum River,Chutak Hydroelectric plant on a tributary of the Indus River,Permanent Indus Commission
Kishanganga hydropower project on the Ganga River,Pakistan Indus Water Commissioner Syed Jamaat Ali Shah,Indus Waters Treaty (IWT), inked between India and Pakistan in 1960

○101007B Pakistan,
Cost of five small dams goes up by 180pc in a year
The cost of five small dams with a power generation capacity of just 9.5megawatt and storage capacity of 0.46 million acre feet (MAF) has increased by a whopping 180 per cent, from Rs35.6 billion to Rs100 billion in one year, raising serious questions in the minds of international lenders. ,Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission, Dr Nadeem-ul-Haque,Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan,Rs35 billion to Rs100 billion,bureaucratic blunder,President Asif Ali Zardari,Ministry of Water and Power,Wapda

○101001A Pakistan,
Government constituted body to restructure power sector
The government has constituted a committee to restructure and improve the efficiency of power sector by making Distribution Companies (Discos) independent and dissolving Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco). Replying to a supplementary question, Minster for Water and Power on Thursday told the National Assembly that electricity distribution companies would be made independent and would be responsible of their loss and profit.
○101001C Pakistan,
PM to inaugurate Rs 12 billion Diamer Bhasha Dam soon: Ashraf
Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf on Thursday informed the National Assembly that Prime Minster Yousaf Raza Gilani would soon inaugurate the Diamer Bhasha Dam project that was being constructed at a cost of Rs 12 billion.Ashraf informed the House that land been acquired for the dam. He said the government wanted to build new dams with province’s assent, while it was working on the construction of small and medium-sized dams. Accusing India of violating the Indus Waters Treaty from August 18, 2008 to August 25, 2008, the minister said that water inflow at the Marala Headworks on Chenab River had reduced, resulting in the desertification of over 200,000 acres of cultivable land.
○101001D Pakistan,
Experts stress need for construction of water reservoirs
In a seminar titled “Post-flood Strategy to Build Pakistan” organised by Sustainable Development Policy Institute on Tuesday, speakers urged the government to make a holistic policy which enables the country to deal with increasing water shortages and flash floods, energy crisis, irrigation needs, deforestation, environmental degradation and disaster risk reduction

○100926D Pakistan,
Can China Sell One GW Nuclear Power Reactor To Pakistan Without French & NSG Approval?
According to the Reuters news agency, Mr.Qiu Jiangang, Vice-President of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), told a conference at Beijing on September 20,2010, that China and Pakistan had signed contracts under which two more nuclear power stations of 300 MWs each (Chashma III and Chashma IV) would be set up by the CNNC at Chashma in Pakistan’s Punjab.These would be similar to Chinese-constructed Chashma I, which is already operating, and Chashma II which is under construction. This was already known.
○100926E Pakistan,
Electricity: China comes to Pakistan’s aid again
Among the hopelessness of prolonged electricity shortages that have hit the economy badly, China comes to Pakistan’s aid again. But where are Pakistan’s western ‘friends’ and ‘friendly investors’? Beijing will provide Pakistan two much needed nuclear power plants, adding to the existing Chinese-built nuclear power capacity.

○100923H Pakistan,
Potential exists to get 7,000 MW from Thar coal by 2015
KARACHI: Pakistan can produce as much as 7,000 megawatts (MW) from coal based power generation projects by 2015 if the government aggressively pursues investors, said Secretary Coal and Energy Sindh, Ejaz Ali Khan in an exclusive interview published in monthly Energy Update.,He said that there are projections that at least 2,700 MW of electricity will be generated from Thar coal with the existing number of projects and current pace of development by 2015.

○100922E Pakistan,
Building 2 n-reactors for Pak, says China
China on Tuesday gave its firmest confirmation yet of plans to build two new nuclear reactors for Pakistan, but a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said she did not know about talks over a bigger reactor deal.



○100909A India, Economic Times
China's power play
We must understand the implications of China's denial of visa to General Jaswal, heading India's Northern Command, for defence talks in Beijing on the ground that he came from the "sensitive location of Jammu and Kashmir" and " people from this part of the world come with a different kind of visa",Aksai Chin in Ladakh,squeamish 気分が悪い ,cognisance,People's Liberation Army ( PLA),unrest in Xinjiang,Uighur separatists,through Gwadar, oil and gas from the GulfPakistan's illegal possession of PoK,J&K is a more "sensitive location" for Beijing than Arunachal Pradesh?,antagonism,our control over Leh and Siachen,stapled,appeasing,It is involved in massive road-building and hydel projects

○100904A Pakistan,
WAPDA to construct 740-MW Munda Dam on priority basis
In the wake of the recent floods that played havoc in the country, especially in Nowshera and Charsadda districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has decided to construct Munda Dam on the Swat River on a priority basis.,WAPDA Chairman Shakil Durrani,Mohmand Agency of FATA. ,Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) around 10 years ago,1.29 million acre feet of water,740MW hydropower,2,400 million units


○新たに100万人が避難 パキスタン南部で洪水被害

○さらに50万人に避難命令、堤防決壊で パキスタン

○藤村外務副大臣、パキスタン洪水で自衛隊派遣表明 国連総会
○家を失った人は400万人 国連推定 パキスタン洪水


○国連事務総長、パキスタンへの支援要請 洪水被災地視察で

○「米政府の要請で決断」 パキスタン洪水救援で政府、ヘリ部隊派遣へ調査団
○パキスタン洪水被災地でコレラ患者確認 感染拡大の恐れ

○100813C Pakistan,
WAPDA chief visits Chashma Barrage, power house
As a part of his continuing exercise to personally monitor and assess the flood situation on ground, WAPDA Chairman Shakil Durrani visited Chashma Barrage and Chashma Hydropower Project on Thursday.,Chashma Right Bank Canal and Gomal Zam Dam Project
○パキスタン洪水支援を強調 クリントン長官

○100812A Pakistan,
Most of KP power system swept away in floods
In Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP), almost all major power grid stations, major transmission lines of 10,000 kilometres, power transformers and feeders have been swept away in the catastrophic flood.,Rs4 billion on the Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco),Swat, Dir and Malakand,Federal Minister for Power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf,the Damage Need Assessment ,Pesco (Peshawar Electric Supply Company),Taunsa-Panjnad (TP) link canal and Muzzafargarh Canal,Rainee Canal and areas of Kandhkot, Ghouspur, Shakarpur,Pak-Arab Refinery (Parco),Inland Equalization Freight Margin (IEFM),power shortage of 5,000 MW out of which 2,000 MW deficit is just because of flood and 3,000 MW is because of the no-availability of the furnace oil ,Al-Khawar, Khan Khawar projects located in Bisham area,Jinnah hydropower project has also been affected whose testing was to kick start next month.,Gilgit-Baltistan about 150 hydropower projects
○国連、緊急支援392億円を要請 パキスタン洪水被害で

○パキスタン:大雨洪水被害 史上最悪、死者2000人超 政情不安に拍車

○100808A Pakistan,
South Asia’s water equation
8 August 2010 After independence in 1947, the use of the Indus and its five tributaries became a major dispute between India and Pakistan. The World Bank brokered a treaty in 1960, which gave India control of three eastern-most rivers of Punjab (the Sutlej, the Beas, and the Ravi), while Pakistan gained control of three western rivers, (the Jhelum, the Chenab, and the Indus). India retained the right to use those western rivers for non-irrigation projects such as run-of-the-river power projects.,10 more projects,Kishanganga (Neelam in Pakistan) to the Jhelum River,storage’ is not permitted but ‘pondage,International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) in Kathmandu,Hindu-Kush Himalayas
○100808D Pakistan,
Pakistan and Iran finalised $7.5 billion gas project pipeline
Pakistan and Iran finalised $7.5 billion gas project pipeline, which is expected to start natural gas supply to Pakistan from 2014. The pipeline will connect Iran’s South Fars gas field with Balochistan and Sindh provinces.,2,700-kilometre (km) long pipeline was to cover around 1,100-km in Iran, 1,000-km in Pakistan and around 600-km in India,,700-km pipeline from the border,border, via Makran Coastal Highway ,A 42-inch diameter pipeline will be built, which is estimated to cost $1.65 billion,5,000 megawatts electricity,Gas Sales Purchase Agreement (GSPA),about 750 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd),While China has shown interest in joining the strategic gas pipeline project and said it would import about 1 bcfd from Pakistan if India opted out.,trans-Himalayan pipeline to carry Middle Eastern crude oil to western China

○100807C Pakistan,
PaK PM offer relief to J&K flash flood victims
Muzaffarabad, Aug 06: Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) Prime Minister Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan Friday said his government wanted to offer same relief and rehabilitation services to the victims of flash floods on the Indian side of LoC “which it planned for its own affected people.”
north-eastern Neelum valley,11 bridges and over a dozen, mostly, micro hydropower,Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif
○パキスタン 洪水死者1500人 穀倉地帯の被害拡大

○パキスタン:大雨洪水被害 さらに拡大も

○100805A Pakistan,
251 Chinese evacuated from Pakistan, 3 missing
"With the Pakistani army's help, 104 Chinese people trapped by recent torrential floods in northwest Pakistan were evacuated to Besham Monday afternoon," the embassy said in a statement. "So far, a total of 251 Chinese people were evacuated, with 14 left behind to safeguard two hydropower projects being built by Chinese companies in Kohistan.",Masood Khan, Pakistan's ambassador to China,timely assistance" of 10 million yuan ($1.5 million)
○100805B Pakistan,
Chinese arms for Pakistan
While attention in India has been focussed on China’s determination to sell two nuclear power reactors to Pakistan, other developments in the all ‘All Weather Friendship’ between our northern and western neighbours, having serious implications, have gone unnoticed.,Pakistan has proposed the development of strategic maritime cooperation with China in both military and commercial sectors.,Chinese Navy would be positioned in the Gwadar Port, being built with Chinese assistance,waters of China’s interests,China’s sphere of influence,to bypass the Nuclear Suppliers Group,in its anxiety to sell nuclear power reactors ,second 300 MW nuclear power reactor at Chashma in Pakistan

○100804B Pakistan,
Pakistani floods kill 1,400; thousands cry for help
They are not alone in their grief. The flood has killed around 1,400 people, with countless others missing. The death toll could soar further, independent sources fear.,The raging waters affected 2.5m Pakistanis and destroyed infrastructure in nine districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ? the worst-hit province in the country. Balochistan, Punjab, Sindh and Gilgit-Baltistan also suffered major damage.,damage at Rs 150 billion (US $1.75 billion),Katcha, Kashmore, Larkana, Nawabshah, Thatta, Jamshoro, Dadu, Khairpur, Ghotki and Naushero Feroz,rescued 2,800 marooned people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, ,Only 21 helicopters ,were 172 Chinese engineers and other personnel of the Dubair Khwar Hydropower Project and Khan Khwar Hydel-Power Project. ,The flood washed away 14,260 houses, 22 schools, 120 hotels, 161 shops, 17 bridges and a power grid station in Swat alone,
○洪水の死者1500人に パキスタン北西部

○パキスタンで救助の邦人首都到着 「無事戻れてほっとした」

○100802A Pakistan,
More rains trigger panic in KP, Fata
The rescuers were struggling to save hundreds of trapped people in flood-hit remote areas on Sunday when rainfall was reported from Waziristan, Tank, Frontier Region Jandola and Pahar Pur areas, triggering fear among people about another spell of monsoon. ,areas of Malakand, Charsadda, Nowshera and Dera Ismail Khan,DERA ISMAIL KHAN,993,871 cusec water,Over 81 villages were inundated,SWAT,SHANGLA,BATKHELA,CHARSADDA,MANSEHRA,172 engineers and other Chinese staffers of Dobar Khaward Hydropower Project and Khan Khaward Hydropower Project

○100801A Pakistan,
Japan refuses additional funds before completion of delayed projects
Japan has refused to finance any more major projects till the ones that it has already funded are completed. The projects have been delayed because their completion requires the government to allocate its share of the financing costs.,Japan International Cooperation Agency,hydropower, thermal and renewable energy,up-gradation of transmission lines,Asian Development Bank,Chashma and Mangla reservoirs and a communications system,incomplete projects is over Rs4 trillion,Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh,Rs280 billion for this year,$1 billion at the donors conference in Tokyo last year,agreements amounting to $512 million,Only WAPDA’s throw-forward account has been estimated at Rs990 billion
○100801B Pakistan,
PM for conservation of energy to overcome shortage of power
Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani said on Saturday that the government was taking a number of solid steps for the conservation of energy to overcome the shortage of power in the country.,new transformer plant of PEL,Efficient use of energy,antagonization,high efficiency transformers,to reduce line losses,Thar coal fields,nuclear power projects,PEPCO had already taken initiative in direction of energy saving and loss reduction. ,Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, Federal Minister for Water and Power
○100801C Pakistan,
Death toll more than 800: Mian Iftikhar
Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa Information minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain said Saturday that the death toll in the floods has risen above 800.,Interior Minister Rehman Malik,U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson said the US has accelerated relief assistance to the flood affected areas of Pakistan.
○100801D Pakistan,
Pakistan-France political, economic ties to get a boost with President Zardari’s visit
President Asif Ali Zardari will seek a deeper strategic partnership and ways to further boost bilateral political and economic ties, when he meets his French counterpart Nicholas Sarkozy, during his three day visit to France from Aug 1.,akistan Air Force and the Pakistan Navy the main users of French fighter aircraft and submarines,Friends of Democratic Pakistan Forum ,French Development Agency (AFD) ,solve its energy crisis,hydropower and energy efficiency projects.,four additional hydropower plants; including two by AFD and Wapda in Gilgit Baltistan, 2 in Azad Jammu & Kashmir through the Hydro Electric Board
○パキスタン北西部で大雨による洪水が相次ぐ 800人以上が死亡

○パキスタン 洪水で80人近く死亡


○100727C Pakistan,
How to rescue a moral-hazard economy
The United States promised to provide $500 million of funding for several “highly visible” projects in Pakistan. This was to be part of the $1.5 billion allocated to Pakistan in legislation signed by President ?Barack Obama last year.,A few days before that, President Asif Ali Zardari paid his fifth visit to Beijing since taking office in August 2008 ,developing nuclear power and constructing a railway line over the Karakoram mountain range, linking the two countries,Pakistani port of Gwadar,trade and better relations with India are crucial,in part to trade with India. That came to a sudden stop in 1949,Foreign donors must insist that Pakistan reform its economy in order to escape the moral hazard implied by continued dependence on aid flows.

○100724C India,
Pak to inspect Indian hydel plants
India on Friday agreed to allow Pakistan to inspect the two under-construction hydropower plants on the Indus River in Jammu & Kashmir to allay Islamabad’s concerns over their designs, indicating that bilateral talks under the Indus Waters Treaty are making gradual progress.,Indus Water Commissioners,Nimmo Bazgo and Chutak hydropower plants,flood embankments on the Ravi,telemetry system on the western rivers to record and transfer real-time data,waters of the Hadiara and Kasur,Jhelum river

○100719B Pakistan,
Pakistan eyes Chinese investment
Pakistan is expecting $10 billion Chinese investment to ease its ongoing energy crunch. According to plans unveiled by a dozen Chinese power-related companies, the proposed investment in energy generation, ranging from hydro to nuclear and wind power, can surpass this amount.
President Asif Ali Zardari,Gilgit-Baltistan area,EXIM Bank of China, The Three Gorges Dam Project Corporation, China Northern Railways Corporation, China Northern Industries Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, Sinotruk, Tebian Electric & Apparatus Stock Co., Sinohydro Corporation, and Industrial & Commercial Bank of China,500 megawatts of wind power,strategic significance,Neelum-Jhelum hydropower electric project,Pakistan is expecting $10 billion Chinese investment to ease its ongoing energy crunch. According to plans unveiled by a dozen Chinese power-related companies, the proposed investment in energy generation, ranging from hydro to nuclear and wind power, can surpass this amount. ,President Asif Ali Zardari,Gilgit-Baltistan area
○100719C Pakistan,
Pakistan faces environmental degradation of Rs 365bn yearly
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is facing a yearly environmental degradation of Rs 365 billion or Rs 1 billion daily, which is excessive environmental damage in monetary terms for an underdeveloped country, Planning Commission Environment Section chief Dr Aurangzeb Khan said on Sunday,
Mapping of EIA processes in Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B),G-B Environment Protection Agency (EPA),Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
45,000MW of hydropower ,Karakoram Highway,Diamir-Bhasha and Bunji dam projects,at least 6 percent of the GDP
○100719D Pakistan,
U.S. To Unveil Large Aid Package To Win The Hearts Of Pakistanis
The U.S. will announce Monday hundreds of millions of dollars worth of civilian aid projects for Pakistan, American officials said, in an attempt to demonstrate that Washington has broadened its relationship with the country, away from just anti-terror cooperation to helping the people of Pakistan.,water supply, electricity production, agriculture

○100718B Pakistan,
‘Power generation to be doubled in 10 years’
The government plans to double power generation in the next 10 years by initiating projects that could add a minimum of 20,000MW by the year 2020, said Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani here on Saturday.,225MW Combined Cycle Power Plant at Baloki,6,000MW on hydro; 6,000MW on coal; 5,000 MW on gas, 1,000MW on Naptha and other indigenous fuels and the remainder 2,000MW from alternative energy resources,Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf,1100MW Kohala hydro power project,Neelum-Jhelum Hydel Project of 969MW,Khan Khawar hydel project of 72MW


○100714C Pakistan,
Water a burning issue at Pakistan-India talks
Water should flow for six months of the year through great irrigation canals that criss-cross Pakistan, ending in the narrow ditches that bring life to the yellowing fields of the prosaically named Chak 36, a rundown town outside Lahore.,Tomorrow, the two states’ foreign ministers will meet in Islamabad,Mumbai two years ago, killing 166 people,“What we fear is that if they fill all the dams and barrages they are constructing, they have the ability to squeeze us any time they like,”

○100712A Pakistan,
Govt plans early completion of N-J hydropower project
To complete the 969 megawatts (MW) Neelum-Jhelum hydropower project, the federal government has decided to import state-of-the-art equipment worth Rs 8 billion.,Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf,Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA),cost $2.16 billion,financed by the Kuwait Fund,the Saudi Fund, the Islamic Development Bank and the Abu Dhabi Funds,10 paisas per unit,Kohala Hydel Power Project of 1,100MW,Neelum-Jhelum Hydel Power Project Director Syed Ali Raza,be completed in October 2015

○100710A Pakistan,
France to help Pakistan in energy sector
Secretary EAD, Sibtain Fazal Halim; Ambassador of France to Pakistan, Daniel Jouanneau, and Country Director of the French Development Agency, Yves Terracol signed a financing agreement of 20 million euros which corresponds to the first tranche of an Energy Efficiency Investment Programme co-financed by the French Development Agency (FDA) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) amounting in total to $1.1 billion, says a press release issued by the embassy.,of energy efficiency leading to a 1,100 MW reduction in peak ,increase productivity of existing thermal power plants,rehabilitation of the Jabban power plant in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province
○100710B Pakistan,
World Bank approves $6.2bn assistance for Pakistan
The World Bank has endorsed a proposed lending programme of up to $6.2 billion for fiscal years 2010-2013 for Pakistan. The funds will primarily be used for poverty reduction.,new Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) for Pakistan,Poverty Reduction Support Credits (PRSC),considerable hydropower potential,International Finance Corporation (IFC)

○100704A Pakistan,
Pakistan, India set for talks on river dispute
Pakistan and India will meet in New Delhi on Tuesday to finalise a Court of Arbitration (COA) for adjudication of the Kishanganga hydropower project, being built by India on Neelum river in violation of the 1960 Indus Waters Treaty.,three independent arbitrators,330 megawatt storage project through diversion of Neelum river
○100704D Pakistan,
China, Pakistan Reach Nuclear Energy Deal
Pakistani Foreign Minister Mehmood Qureshi said Pakistan was working with its Chinese counterparts on more than 120 different projects, including two nuclear power facilities in Pakistan, the Associated Press of Pakistan reports.,proliferation of nuclear material,International Atomic Energy Agency,Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari

○100702D Pakistan,
IAEA offered inspection of Chinese built reactors
MULTAN?Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) would be allowed to visit the civil nuclear reactor to be built by Pakistan and China in future for examining. ,a plan of running cargo train from Islamabad to Istanbul, capital of Turkey,gas pipeline projects between Pakistan and Iran ,Bhasha dam and Pak-Iran gas pipeline,China for installation of two nuclear power plants,Pakistan in 120 different projects and over 10,000 Chinese engineers and technician,Afghan Transit Trade Agreement,Pak-Iran-Turkey Railway line

○100622A Pakistan,
WB likely to approve $6.5b loan on July 8
After shelving it three times previously, the World Bank is likely to give clearance to a four-year lending programme worth $6.5 billion on July 8, which is billed to kick-start crucial power sector projects.,Country Partnership Strategy 2010-14,to extend $1 billion per annum in the shape of project loans,Punjab Barrages Improvement Phase II project,Jinnah Barrage,Fourth Tarbela Extension Hydropower project,$300 million,Guddu Thermal Reconstruction project costing $200 million,Dasu Hydropower Stage I project,Gas Efficiency and Production Enhancement Project

○100620A Pakistan,
PEPCO to add 2,119MW to grid by June 2011
(key) Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO),completion of 13 ongoing power generation projects,Rs 125 billion,Bhikki Power Project in Sheikhupura (oil and gas-based),capacity of 209 MW,Rental Plant on Satiana Road,Hubco Narowal power project (oil-based),Khan Khwar Hydropower Scheme,Tapal Rental Power Project in Kamoki (Oil-based),Jinnah Hydropower Project in Kalabagh Town, District Mianwali

○100617A Pakistan,
KP plans Rs699m projects to overcome energy crisis
(key) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government,Rs699 million for 16 projects,about 29,600 megawatts,41,700 megawatt,Presently 3,945-megawatt,Tarbela, Warsak, Dargai, Jaban, Malakand-III, Chitral, and Kurram Garhi power stations,SHYDO,three hydropower projects in Malakand, Swabi and Chitral districts,101 megawatt,Malakand-III power project,Asian Development Bank (ADB),Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at a cost of Rs4.777 billion,feasibility studies of three projects at Koto in Dir Lower district and Karora, Shangla and Jabori in Mansehra,three hydropower projects is 34 megawatts,Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government
○常岡さん、タリバンが監禁 身代金要求と地元当局

○100614B Pakistan,
Iran pushes gas pipeline
(key) about 750 million cubic feet per day (cfd) of gas from Iran’s biggest gasfield to Pakistan,Javad Oji, the Iranian deputy oil minister,start in 2014,Taliban and their al Qa’eda backers ,restive Baluch tribes,Baluchistan province,Baluch Liberation Army,US$7 billion (Dh25.71bn) “Peace Pipeline”,US effectively blocked Iranian gas exports,outh Pars gasfield in the Gulf,Iran would start building a 300km section of the pipeline,Kamran Lashari, the Pakistani deputy energy minister,Masoud Mir-Kazemi, the Iranian oil minister,to 9.4 billion cfd from 7 billion cfd
to nearly 39 billion cfd by the end of 2015,ehran has recently brought in Chinese and local companies

○100612A Pakistan,
Tarbela 4th Extension Hydropower Project
(key) World Bank’s (WB) Water Sector Building and Advisory Services Project,dditional power of 960 megawatts (MW),Tarbela 4th Extension Hydropower Project Units 15 and 16,Rs 590.47 million with Rs 357.25 million as foreign exchange component (FEC),Central Development Working Party (CDWP),power demand will further increase form 22,176MW in 2009-10 to about 24,295MW in 2010-11,nuclear (through indigenisation of nuclear power technology),298MW from hydel generation,44MW from alternative energy,1,241MW from independent power producers,420MW from rental power plants and 115.9MW in the Karachi Electric Supply Company,325MW nuclear capacity ,total nuclear capacity is planned at 8,800MW by 2030,further enhancement to 4,438MW with the completion of Tarbela 4th Extension Project,Water and Power Development Authority

○100610A Pakistan,
Lack of funds may delay Gomal Zam Dam project
(key) Gomal Zam dam,Project Director Haq Mali Mahsud,about 88 per cent work on the dam and its powerhouse,hydropower generation, flood protection and socio-economic uplift,163 acres of land in Tank and Dera Ismail Khan districts,Frontier Works Organisation (FWO),Sino-Hydro and Tekser,1.14 MAF gross storage,0.892 MAF live storage,installed capacity of 17.4MW,63-kilometre-long canal,average discharge of 848 cusecs,Kot Murtaza,Chinese engineers were kidnapped,September 9, 2004,Wapda contacted Tekser Construction, a Turkish firm
○100610B Pakistan,
Pakistan, China sign five agreements; Gilani says Chinese support source of strength
(key) Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani,Vice Premier Mr. Zhang Dejiang,Concessional Loan for PAKSAT I-R Project,Cooperation in Port Construction and Port-Management-Training,contract agreement for engineering, procurement and construction works of the Darawat Dam Project,President Asif Ali Zardari,US $ 1 billion Balance of Payment support extended by Beijing in 2008-09,One-China Policy,Chashma Nuclear Power Plants,Mega projects like Gwadar, KKH, HMC and Neelum-Jhelum Hydro-electric Plant,Karakoram Highway,Attabad lake,rail link between Havelian and Khunjerab,telecommunications, agriculture, energy, water conservation, and railways

○100608A Pakistan,
Khan Khwar hydropower to add 72MW from July
(key) Khan Khwar hydropower project,add 72 MW,in June 2003,to be completed in June 2006,extended till February 2010,dam height was 30 meter,Headrace Tunnel was 4540 meter,Rs.5,362.705 million,in district Shangla Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa,306 Gwh per annum
○100608D Pakistan,
Glacial Melt Could Cause Tidal Wave in Pakistan
(key) reaching up to 60 meters high,Hunza valley of the Himalayas,25,000 people,Attabad Lake in northern Pakistan,more than 12,000 people living downstream of the landslide-formed Attabad Lake,seasonal rains hit this month,natural dam is breached,,25,000 people in 36 villages,River Hunza,19-kilometer reservoir,100 meters deep,one-half of a meter per day,spillway for the overflow,also blocked the essential Karakoram highway, $US 60 million in trade that has been lost since January,the situation is under control

○100607A Pakistan,
Rs 129bn to overcome power crisis
(key) Water and Power Ministry,Rs 129 billion for fiscal years 2010-2013,Medium Term Budgetary Framework (MTBF),to reduce load shedding by 60 percent in fiscal year 2010-11, 70 percent in 2011-12 and 80 percent in 2012-13,fiscal years 2010-2013,fiscal years 2013-2016,Rs 27.701 billion, Rs 43.603 billion and Rs 58.398 billion have been allocated for fiscal years 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 respectively,Hydropower infrastructure,Rs 18.259 billion, Rs 22.880 billion and Rs 28.340 billion,fiscal years 2010-2011, 2011-12 and 2012-13 respectively

○100605C Pakistan,
German Minister Visits Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project
(key) German Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Dirk Niebel,Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project (GBHP),German Ambassador to Pakistan Michael Koch,KFW Director in Islamabad Dr. Anna Christine,Minister assured WAPDA of their assistance in developing power generation,WAPDA Chairman Shakil Durrani,1450 MW GBHP,potential in Pakistan has recently been upgraded to 100,000 MW,20,000 MW could be started during the next five years,4500-MW Diamer Basha, 1100-MW Kohala, 7100-MW Bunji and 4200-MW Dasu hydropower projects,GBHP contributes 6.6 billion units of low-cost electricity,GBHP General Manager Malik Asif Javed,Tarbela Dam Project General Manager Khanzada Khan,Hydel General Manager Farooq Uppal

○100604B Pakistan,
Power generation schemes Govt spends Rs 9.221bn out of Rs 53bn allocated
(key) Rs 9.221 billion in the first 10 months,5994 megawatts power generation,Diamer Bhasha Dam having 4500 megawatts power generation capacity, Neelum Jhelum having 969 megawatt and Duber Khwar project with 130 megawatts power generation capacity,Allai Khwar with 121 megawatt, Khan Khwar scheme having 72 megawatt, Jinnah Hydropower Project Kalabagh Town District Mianwali with 96 megawatt and Golen Gol hydropower project with the installed capacity of 106 megawatt.



○100527A India,
India finalises two new projects on Chenab
(KEY) River Chenab,2,000 MW,Karthai Dam,1,240 Megawatts,first phase of Karthai Dam will have generation capacity of 240 MW,Asian Development Bank,$800 million,Jammu and Kashmir Clean Power Development Investment Program,Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Corporation,May 20 in Srinagar,Kishtwar area,rate of Rs 1.44 per unit,GVK Power and Infrastructure Ltd bagged 690 MW Ratle Hydroelectric Power Project on March 10, 2010,Marusudar River,Drabshalla area of Kishtwar district,450 MW Baglihar-II power project,93 MW Ganderbal Power Project,Pakistan Commissioner for Indus Waters Jamaat Ali Shah,690 MW Ratle Hydropower Project
○100527C Pakistan,
VIEW: The desire for peace ?Ikram Sehgal
(key) Kashmir has lingered for over 60 years,water dispute directly threatens the very survival of Pakistan,Jammu and Kashmir,77 percent dependency on water,World Bank,in 1960 that became known as the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT),rights to India over the eastern rivers Ravi, Beas and Sutlej,western rivers Indus, Jehlum and Chenab were allowed to Pakistan,precluding,Baglihar and two other controversial dams on River Chenab named Uri-1 and Uri-2,Kishanganga Hydropower Project,On April 29, 2010, Pakistan and India agreed to the resumption of a high-level dialogue,Pakistan and India need to avoid shortsighted policies for political point-scoring or short-term gains

○100526A Pakistan,
Chinese engineers in Allai asked to evacuate
(KEY) MANSEHRA,Allai Khawar Hydropower Project,Ataabad Lake in Hunza,Karakorum Highway,Rashid Mehmood, in-charge of the Relief and Rescue Operation,Thakot,Nespak,Battagram
○100526B Pakistan,
U.S. fears Pakistani outages give more power to militants
(KEY) Outages of up to 18 hours a day,$1 billion to improve the power supply,upgrading thermal and hydropower plants as well as modernizing distribution,shortfall is estimated at 4,000 megawatts,one-fourth of maximum capacity,180 million,government conservation program,Tahir Basharat Cheema, managing director of Pakistan Electric Power Co.,shortages began 10 years ago,outdated transmission systems,widespread electricity theft,corruption and bureaucratic infighting

○100525E Pakistan,
Pakistan: Power generation to be doubled in 10 yrs: PM
(KEY) Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani,current 20,000 MW to 40,000 within the next ten years,62mw Gulf Rental Power Plant,bilateral partners,Independent Power Producers (IPPs),multi-pronged strategy,lucrative framework to attract investment,USD 1.4 billion,850 MW Suki Kinari Hydro Power Project
○100525F Pakistan,
Pakistan: Govt should invest in AJK for electricity
(KEY) more then 18,000 MW electricity,Azad Jammu & Kashmir rivers,be completed in 2012,85 MW electricity at the cost of 20 billion rupees,37% oil which cost $8 billion,Lariab power projects,Korean company start 132 MW power project on Kunhar River,Nelum Jhelum hydel project
with china,in Muzaffarabad,by 2015,970 MW of electricity,china and Pakistan are underway for Kohala hydro project,1100 MW of electricity
more then 18,000 MW electricity

○100521A Pakistan,
Very little for two mega power projects in next PSDP
(KEY) Basha-Diamer Hydropower Project,Thar Coal development,financial year (2010-11),Rs 6.25 billion,Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP),4,500 MW,Rs 173 billion for the water and power sector in PSDP 2010-11,Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco)
Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda),Rs 32.4 billion for hydropower generation,Rs14.5b for its construction,Rs 24.8 billion for Basha,Rs8 billion for land

○100514A Pakistan,
Govt committed to provide cheap energy: minister
(KEY) Keyal Khwar hydropower project,Raja Pervez Ashraf, Federal Water and Power Minister,Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani,installed capacity of the Keyal Khwar project is 122MW,German Firm Lahmeyer,180 million euros,District Kohistan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,be completed by 2016,Diamier-Bhasha Dam,be started in July this year,$12.5 billion dam,produce 4,500MW

○100508A Pakistan,
Kishanganga Hydropower Project
(KEY) dam on the Kishanganga River,22km between the Wullar Lake and Baramula,to connect Srinagar with Baramula,Neelum river,Azad Kashmir,river Jhelum,dam is near Kanzalwan,800MW power house,gets completed in 2016,1960 Indus Waters Treaty,27 per cent water deficit,1.6 billion dollars Neelum-Jehlum hydropower project,969 MW of electricity,upper Jhelum, upper Chenab, Lower Bari Doab canals, would dry Mangla dam,39-feet long and 40-feet wide, and would have a maximum storage capacity of 0.30 million acres feet of water,48,000 large dams in operation worldwide,ndia having 4,635 dams,just 72 dams,alal Dam Treaty in 1978

○100506B India,
(KEY) India and Pakistan, last for just 30 days,Indus Water Treaty,Pakistan’s federal minister for environment, Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi,Jammu and Kashmir issue,Jhelum and the Chenab,450-megawatt capacity in the first stage Baglihar dam in 2005,Ravi, Beas and Sutlej,33 million acre-feet (one acre-foot equals 43,560 cubic feet of water),one-fourth of the 136 mac that Pakistan got from the Indus river system.,18,653 mw from western rivers,India has 33 projects,Kishenganga project and the Tulbul navigation project,India and Pakistan

○100504A Pakistan,
UN Should Settle Pakistan-India Water Dispute
(KEY) International Court of Arbitration (ICA),Kishanganga Hydropower Project by India over Jhelum river,1960 Indus Waters Treaty,22-km tunnel to divert Kishanganga (Neelum) waters to Wullar Lake,330MW project,by 2016,969MW Neelum Jhelum Hydropower project,Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir,by 20 per cent,Indus Water Commission,60 kilometres upstream of Muzzafarabad,Baglihar Dam on the Chenab river,foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi,Indo-Pak dialogue after the SAARC summit moot at Bhutan,United Nations dispute-resolution mechanism
○100505B Pakistan,
Musharraf accused of hurting Kashmir cause
(KEY) core issue of Kashmir,Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi,National Assembly,indigenous liberation struggle of Kashmiris,out of the box,former president Pervez Musharraf,1948 UN resolution,Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani,times of wars are over,Dr Manmohan Singh,
Mumbai back in November 2008,Pakistan was not protecting its right on rivers flowing into the country from India,We will not compromise on this matter,Pakistan has invited Indian foreign minister to visit Islamabad on May 21

○100502A Pakistan,
PART-IV: Water, War and Peace
(KEY) Indus Waters Treaty (IWT),Syed Jamat Ali Shah, Pakistan痴 Indus Water Commissioner,Kishanganga Hydroelectric Project,Pakistan痴 Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir,Permanent Indus Commission (PIC),Ganga River,1.6 billion dollars 969 megawatt Neelum-Jehlum Hydropower Project downstream,ndia痴 Federal Minister of Power Jairam Ramesh,fate of Jammu and Kashmir,International Centre for Mountain Area,Development (ICIMOD),United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP),cost of hydroelectric generation is only Rs. 1.03 per unit,8,296 MW electricity working within the 1.2 MAF,Chenab River

○100501A Pakistan,
Golen Gol to generate 106 MW
(KEY) Golen Gol Hydropower project,by July 2013,106 megawatt electricity,extended till July 2007,Weir height of the project was 12 metre,and 3.81 km meter length of tunnel,Rs 7,035.80 million,Rs.367.27 million has been spent,Rs.700 million under Public Sector Development Programme,in district Chitral (NWFP)
○100501B Pakistan,
Harness energy on war footing
(KEY) WAPDA,identified hydropower projects of 25,000MW in Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab,969MW,Neelum-Jhelum project in Azad Kashmir,four projects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,Neelum-Jhelum project would be completed in October 2016,19,439 Megawatts (MW) of total installed generation capacity,Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP),Chashma Nuclear Power Plant,Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), with a 1,756-MW capacity,WAPDA stood at 11,298 MW during July-March 2006-07,thermal accounted for 4,835 MW,hydroelectric accounted for 6,463 MW,confirmed reserves of 175.50 billion tons of coal,IPPs 5,873 MW, KESC (1,756 MW) and nuclear 462 MW,Chinese company Shenhua Group Corporation,600-MW power plant at the mine-mouth,Central Asia-South Asia Regional Electricity Market,1,000 MW capacity integrated mining-cum-power generation project based on the Thar coal,construction of Bhasha damCentral Asia-South Asia (CASA) Transmission project
○100501C Bhutan,
SAARC to prepare electricity roadmap
(KEY) Thimphu,16th SAARC summit,Thimphu Declaration,SAARC is considering electricity trading, supported by enabling markets in the member states,Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed,regional grid of electricity,Nepal has the potential of producing 90,000 megawatts,Bhutan can produce 30,000 megawatts,inter-government meeting in Dhaka,India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan, the Maldives and Bangladesh

○100430B Pakistan,
13 projects underway: Wapda
(KEY) WAPDA chairman, Shakil Durrani,13 mega projects,to be completed by the next year,Mangla Dam Raising Project, Gomal Zam Dam, Satpara Dam, first phase of Kachhi, Rainee and Greater Thal Canals, Khan, Allai, Duber Khwar and Jinnah Hydropower Projects,Diamer-Basha Dam,expected to be initiated in July this year,32 small and medium-sized dams in all the four provinces,with a construction period of three years,EPCO General Manager (Human Resources) Syed Azhar Iqbal,short, medium and long-term measures taken by the government to overcome electricity crisis in the country.
○100430C Pakistan,
China's Pakistan Corridor
(KEY) Balochistan,Bordered by Afghanistan, Iran and the Persian Gulf,oil, gas, copper, gold and coal reserves,state-owned Chinese partners,Chinese companies have poured at least $15 billion into Baloch projects,an oil refinery, copper and zinc mines and a deepwater port at Gwadar,China's Tianjin Zhongbei Harbor Engineering,total of $1.6 billion to expand the port ,a highway from Gwadar to the capital of Balochistan, Quetta,Karakoram Highway,a new airport at Gwadar, due to open in 2013.

○100427A Pakistan,
Pakistan to approach WB over Kishanganga dispute
(KEY) Kishanganga underground hydropower project,Neelum/Kishanganga,World Bank (WB) for arbitration,1960 Indus Waters Treaty (IWT),river Neelum is at the north-eastern tip (in occupied Kashmir) of the 90-mile long picturesque Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir,330 MW to 990 MW with a potential to divert the whole Neelum river waters,over three rivers: Indus, Jhelum and Chenab,utlej, Ravi and Beas,Sutlej, Ravi and Beas,969 MW Neelum-Jhelum hydropower project,Baglihar power project,A neutral expert, Mr Laffite of Switzerland

○100417A Pakistan,
RPPs are essential to meet power demand, says Ashraf
Addressing the business community at the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industries (RCCI), Ashraf said power tariff would be increased by six percent due to the RPPs. “Currently, the country is facing a shortfall of about 5,000 megawatts due to insufficient inflow of water in the rivers, swelling electricity demand and a pre-mature summer season. However, construction of 32 dams is on the cards,” he added. Ashraf was

○100415A Pakistan,
Pakistan received $357.67m foreign grants in 9 months
The sources further said that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have signed an agreement to extend $380 million for budgetary support, import of urea and co-financing for Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project. Out of the total agreement, Pakistan so far had received $200 million as loan from SFD. In this regard the agreement had been signed on November 10, 2009 in the EAD, the sources claimed.

○100410A Pakistan,
Govt spends less on Bunji hydropower project
The national importance power generation scheme Bunji hydropower project having an installed capacity of 7100 megawatt is going through a miserable situation, as the government spent only Rs 228.404 million in the current fiscal year 2009-10, sources told Daily Times on Friday.
At the advent of the ongoing summer season, the power shortfall reaches about 5000 megawatt, but spending such a meager amount on this

○100409F Pakistan,
50,000MW can be generated from Thar coalfield
Pakistan has the potential to generate 50,000 megawatts electricity from Thar coalfield for 800 years while work is underway to produce 100 MW power from this field within next 15 to 18 months. Dr Samar Mubarakmand, Member Science and Technology, Planning Commission, said this while addressing business community here at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Thursday. He said conditions are very

○100405C Pakistan,
India accused of waging water war
Water is emerging as the latest issue fuelling tensions between India and Pakistan as Pakistani farmers are accusing India of stealing their water and India plans to construct hydroelectric power projects on the Indus River. Pakistani officials say that India is violating the Indus Waters Treaty, a World Bank-brokered agreement signed by both countries in 1960. Rivers flow into Pakistan after originating in the Himalyan Indus Basin
○100405E Pakistan,
Could Melting Glaciers Force Indo-Pak Water Cooperation?
India and Pakistan are sparring over water-sharing in the Indus River basin. But some environmental experts say the ominous forces of climate change in the Himalayas might force the two countries to play nice ? eventually. Himalayan glaciers are slowly melting and experts say the Indus River, a lifeline for farmers in Punjab and a hydropower source for Kashmir, will be the most affected in coming decades. There could be floods

○100331A Pakistan,
Pak-India talks on hydro projects fail
After the failure of the Permanent Indus Waters Commissions of India and Pakistan to bridge differences over two projects on the Chenab and Jhelum rivers, the commissions also failed to make progress on controversial hydropower projects being built by India on the Indus River.
○100331E Pakistan,
Construction work on Neelum-Jhelum power project in full swing
Construction work on all the three sites of 969 MW Neelum-Jhelum Hydroelectric Project including intake, power house, drilling of the adit and head-race tunnels was in full swing. This was told in a meeting presided over by WAPDA Chairman Shakil Durrani at WAPDA House here Tuesday. The meeting was also attended by Member (Water) Syed Raghib Abbas Shah, Member (Power) Fazal Ahmed Khan, Member (Finance) Chaudhry
●100331F Pakistan,
'Pak signed N-deal with China ahead of talks with US'
Pakistan has reportedly entered into a civil nuclear deal with China for setting up two nuclear power stations of 640 megawatts in Chashma. According to sources, the deal under which Beijing would be providing Islamabad financial and technical assistance for the project, was finalised

●100328A Pakistan,
Chenab shrinks further as India diverts water
In an alarming situation, the Chenab water influx has dropped by 7 million acre feet (maf) in the last three years following India’s Baglihar Dam construction and its huge water use. “The Chenab water inflows plunged from 21 maf to 14 maf in three years and the same situation is
○100329A Pakistan,
US to restore 3 powerhouses to add 315 MW to grid
A US civil nuclear energy deal for Pakistan may be several years away, for the time being Washington realises that Pakistan痴 chronic, severe electricity shortages have created an energy crisis that threatens the country痴 political and economic stability. 典he US Mission to Pakistan is

●100327A Pakistan,
Neelum-Jhelum Hydroelectric Project
To complete the Neelum-Jhelum Hydroelectric Project before Kishanganga Hydroelectric Project being built by India, the Water and Power Development Authority has decided use tunnel boring machine that will reduce the construction time by two years, official sources said.
○米国、パキスタンに数千万ドルの援助供与 道路、発電所更新など

○100319F Pakistan,
Japan to give $250m for improvement of energy supply
The Japan government has agreed to provide $250 million to Pakistan under the official development programme for strengthening transmission line and grid stations in different cities of the country. Minister Economic at the Pakistan Embassy in Japan Iftikhar Babar said this amount will

○100318A Pakistan,
Nuclear needs
As the country is engulfed once again by a wave of power cuts that are leaving some parts bereft of electricity for up to eighteen hours a day, President Asif Ali Zardari has called for the US to help us with the development of civilian nuclear technologies. Of all the myriad crises that we face it is that in the power sector (which links to the problems with water) which is the greatest threat to our continued existence.

○100316A Pakistan,
$1bn FoDP pledge part of $7.5bn KLA: Robin Raphel
As many as $1 billion pledged by the United States at the Friends of Democratic Pakistan conference in Tokyo last year is part of assistance that Pakistan would receive under the Kerry-Lugar Act (KLA). This was stated by Robin Raphel, a former US assistant secretary of state for South Asia and currently, the coordinator of civilian assistance for Pakistan, in Geo News programme ‘Aik say Do’. Under the Kerry Lugar Act,
○100316J Pakistan,
22 oil, gas discoveries made, NA told
Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Syed Naveed Qamar Monday informed National Assembly that a total 59 onshore and offshore exploration wells were drilled in the country from January 2008 onwards. Responding during the question hour session, he said, 22 oil and gas discoveries are made during the period. Out of these 18 are under appraisal, whereas four discoveries have been initially appraised having reserve

○100315B Pakistan,
Is Pakistan Ready for Water War?
There is a realization the world over that future wars would be on depleting water resources and this, I fear, is particularly true in the case of Pakistan. We have miserably failed to build water reservoirs and protect our water rights on three rivers - Indus, Jhelum and Chenab, on which Pakistan has priority rights under the Indus Water Treaty.

○100310G Pakistan,
Govt plans to build 32 dams to overcome power shortage
The government has planned to construct 32 small and medium dams in all provinces with an estimated cost of Rs250 billion to bridge the supply and demand gap of electricity. The dams would be constructed under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for 2009-10, an official said here on Tuesday. Out of these 32 dams, 13 reservoirs will be built in first phase and work on some of them had already been started, he said.

○100310B India, Economic Times
Pak takes water route to attack India
Water sharing is becoming yet another irritant in the Indo-Pak relationship with Lashkar founder Hafiz Saeed’s rhetoric against India on
the matter being seen as part of the Pakistani propaganda. At a public rally, Saeed accused India of constructing illegal dams and diverting water from Pakistani rivers and went on to launch a movement against India. The fact that Saeed, who is seen as a proxy for the ISI,

○100307G Pakistan,
MoU signed for 1200 MW power generation project
Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah said on Saturday that the government is focussing on Thar Coal Energy Project so that its benefits could reach the people at the earliest. He was addressing a meeting of Thar Coal Energy Board held under his chairmanship at the Chief Minister House. Besides Board Members, Federal Minister Raja Parvez Ashraf, Provincial Ministers Syed Murad Ali Shah and Jam Mehtab Daher, ...

○100302A Pakistan,
WB scraps plan to finance Thar Coal Project
The World Bank has scrapped its plan to finance the resource-rich Thar Coal Project by extending technical assistance (TA) worth $20 to $25 million. The World Bank is now saying these financial resources, which were meant for the Thar Coal Project, would be diverted to other crucial projects such as extension of the Tarbela Hydropower Project. The bank had intended to finance Thar Coal and Power Technical Assistance ...

○100301H Pakistan,
US denies nuclear deal or atomic power plant to Pak
he US has categorically told Pakistan that it would not get any atomic power plant or civilian nuclear deal on the lines of the one signed with India. "The United States is working closely with Pakistan to help meet its growing needs. Nuclear power is not currently part of our discussions," a senior Administration official told reporters. Leaders of Pakistan, who have been pitching hard for a nuclear power plant, have been told ....

○100226G Pakistan,
Work on Iran power project to begin soon
○100226I Pakistan,
'Not part of Pakistan'

○100225B Pakistan,
165,963 cases of electricity theft registered: Ashraf
○100225C Pakistan,
32 dams to be built to overcome power shortage, Senate told

○100222A Pakistan,
US in consultation with India, Pak to help resolve water dispute
○100222B Pakistan,
Pak shelves plan of moving to World Bank over water disputes with India
○100222C Pakistan,
India plans dam on River Chenab

○100215C Pakistan, risingkashmir
Major security plan on anvil for protection of foreigners in PaK

○100211C Pakistan, paktribune
Indian Indus Water Commissioner rules out war over water issue

○1000209B Pakistan, thenews
Pakistan to raise water issue with India
○100209B Pakistan, dawn
India agrees to provide Chenab flow data

○100203A Pakistan, dawn
Five dams being built in occupied Kashmir
○100203B Pakistan, dawn
Filling of Mangla, hydropower projects in jeopardy,-hydropower-projects-in-jeopardy-220-za-07

○100129A Pakistan, thenews
NWFP talking to US for massive hydel power projects

○100122A Pakistan, dawn
Drastic decline in Chenab water flows

○100115C Pakistan, nation
US to give $1b for six energy projects
○100115D Pakistan, dawn
Pakistan seeks US investment in LNG

○100111A Pakistan, nation
Construction of Diamer-Basha Dam to start this year

○100106A Pakistan, the news
Governor invites investment in Gilgit-Baltistan

○100101B Pakistan, the news
Pepco shortfall reaches 3,983 MW

○091228B Pakistan, pakistan times
Golen Gol hydropower project to be completed in 3 Years

○091228A Vietnam, indepth news
Huge World Bank Loan No Free Ride

○091225B Pakistan, pak observer
IRSA to reduce water outflows from Terbela, Mangla

○091224B Pakistan, dawn
Gilani orders early start of work on dam

○091222B Pakistan, dawn
Bureaucracy stalls $800m hydel project

○091217A Pakistan, circleofblue
Water Projects Emphasized in $7.5 Billion-U.S. Aid Package to Pakistan

○091206A Tajikistan, circleofblue
Water Becomes a Pawn In Central Asian Energy Dispute
○091206C Pakistan, app
First hydropower IPP achieve financial close

○091204B Pakistan, kashmirwatch
Seeking abrogation of IWT is as good as seeking independence

○091123C Pakistan, nation
Experts for challenging hydropower companies' monopoly

○091113A Pakistan, steelguru
2500 MW to be added to Pakistani grid soon
○091113G Pakistan, dailytimes
Pakistan to propose two forums for Kishanganga dispute

○091110K Pakistan, dailytimes
Pakistan, S Arabia to sign $380m deal today

○091108L Pakistan, thenews
PM inaugurates 22MW power plant
○091108M Pakistan, thenews
Pakistan to move WB on water issue

○091104B Pakistan, thenews
NHP arrears to be spent on revenue generation sectors

○091030C Pakistan, pakobserver
War on terror Pakistan success soon: Clinton Kashmir solution to normalize Pak, India ties: Nawaz
○091030D Pakistan, thenews
Pakistan fails to improve power generation capacity

○091027A Pakistan, dailytimes
Iran may finance three energy projects worth $330 million

○091025A Pakistan, thenews
US may invest $350m in energy sector

○091023B Pakistan, dailytimes
‘WAPDA to spot potential hydel projects’

○091022B Pakistan, thenews
Gilgit-Baltistan offers big hydropower potential

○091020B Pakistan, dailytimes
Lakhra coal power plant

○091017C Pakistan, steelguru
China keen to invest in Thar Coal Project

○091016A Pakistan, dawn
Gilani seeks Chinese investment in energy sector
○091016G Pakistan, dailytimes
India invites Pakistan for talks on Kishanganga

○091014H Pakistan,thenews
Pakistan eyes Chinese cooperation for robust economy, says Gilani

○091010F Pakistan, thenews
New dams to generate surplus income

○091005A Pakistan, gulf-times
Islamabad welcomes US aid package
○091005B Pakistan, thenews
Country can produce 100,000MW of hydropower WAPDA

○091003A Pakistan, app
Over 3,000 MW electricity to be generated from Thar coal

○091002A Pakistan, groundreport
Water War Possible Between India and Pakistan

○090928L Pakistan, dailytimes
Indo-Pak dispute over Kishanganga project: Islamabad to approach

○090926C Pakistan, dailytimes
Friends to focus on Pakistan’s energy sector next

○090919E Pakistan, dailytimes
Govt seeks finances for 2,800MW Patan hydropower project

○090917C Pakistan, indiatoday.intoday
China may replace India in IPI pipeline project
○090917H Pakistan, thenews
Rs 207 billion project not awarded water ministry

○090913B Pakistan, dailymailnews
Thar coal energy accord

●090912I India, bombaynews
India protests Pakistan's Gilgit order, China-aided dam

○090910E Pakistan, steelguru
Shenhua group likely to invest USD 1.5 billion on Thar Coal
○090910F Pakistan, dawn
Gilgit-Baltistan autonomy

●090908A Pakistan, dailytimes
MoUs signed between Pakistan and China
●090908B Pakistan, dailytimes
Lists of proposed projects WB includes $300m Tarbela Fourth Extension Hydropower project

○090906A Pakistan, dailytimes
Govt to construct Bara multipurpose dam in FATA

●090829C Pakistan, rediff
China's growing role in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir

○090828B Pakistan, industrialinfo
Pakistan Approves Four Power Projects from Thar Coal Reserves to Generate 10,000 MW by 2020

○090827F Pakistan, thenews
NWFP wants compensation in NFC

○090826B Pakistan,
Zardari’s China visit concludes with 8 MoUs

○090825C Pakistan, indiatoday
India concerned over Pak dam project

●090824A Pakistan, onlinenews
President declares Pakistan痴 immense development as his priority dream
●090824B Pakistan, dailytimes
ECNEC approves 24 projects including Diamer-Basha Dam

●090809B Pakistan, dailytimes
Bunji hydropower project to generate 7,100 MW
●090809C Pakistan, pakobserver
$2.1b Neelum-Jhelum Hydel project Pak may lose priority rights over Neelum

●090802A Pakistan, dailytimes
Pakistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Russia summit Development of energy, transport system discussed at moot
●090802B Pakistan, dailytimes
CDWP sends Diamer Bhasha Dam project to ECNEC
●090802C Pakistan,
FEATURE-Frail power sector holds Pakistani economy hostage

●090713A Pakistan, dailytimes
‘President, PM for smooth power supply to industry’
●090713B Pakistan,
China company to invest in Pak energy projects
●090713C Pakistan, gulf-times
First private sector hydropower project ready
●090713D Pakistan, hindu
Pakistan, terrorism top Manmohan’s agenda
●090713E Pakistan, thenews
KESC to go for Thar coal power generation in two years
●090713F Pakistan, dawn
Pakistan looks abroad to boost energy capacity
●090713G Pakistan, thenews
Mangla power plant to be operational from 8th
●090713H Pakistan, dawn
Electricity shortfall now 2500MW, says Pepco
●090713I Pakistan, thenews
Kashmir can fulfill Pakistan痴 power needs: Atiq

●090618A Pakistan,
Chinese govt to support President Zardari’s plan to build 12 small and medium sized hydropower dams
●090618B Pakistan, dailytimes
Govt allocates Rs 154.7bn for energy sector
●090618C Pakistan, dawn
Work on Tarbela's fourth extension underway

●090608A Pakistan, sindhtoday
Indo-Pak water dispute could trigger a nuclear war Nizami

●090518C Pakistan, pakobserver
Pakistan, India talks at PCIW level by end of current month

●090510A Pakistan, thenews
Work on Tarbela extension project to start soon
●090510B Pakistan, thenews
IHC disposes of NWFP govt’s writ against Nepra
●090510C Pakistan,
Pakistan to take up water issue with WB

●090501A Pakistan, thenews
Japan to provide help for Pakistan’s power sector
●090501B Pakistan, thenews
Pakistan seeks $273m from Friends for Basha dam

●090429B Pakistan, dawn
Energy projects top agenda of CDWP meeting

●090428C Pakistan, dailytimes
Pakistan, IDB likely to finalise 3-year financial package worth $577m\04\28\story_28-4-2009_pg5_8

●090418B Pakistan, greaterkashmir
Pak to move ICA against Jhelum diversion

●090411B Pakistan, regionaltimes
Power demand to rise upto 36,000MW in next five years: Pervez Ashraf

●090323B Pakistan, thenews
Country to face power shortage of 2,500 MW till 31st

●090310B Pakistan, economictimes.indiatimes
Pak to go ahead with IPI project even without India Zardari

●090303A Pakistan, thenews
NWFP opposes handing over of hydel project to private sector

●090302A Pakistan,
Pakistan seeks help for 54 mega projects

●090125A Pakistan,
Planning, inspections of Kalabagh Dam cost Rs 1.23 billion

●090109A Pakistan, dailytimes
Govt plans 16 projects for generating 25,270MW power

●090103A Pakistan, thenews
Zardari directs end to power outages
●090103B Pakistan, dailymailnews
Power from Iran

●081221A Pakistan, thenews
Body formed to resolve royalty issue

●081213B Pakistan, pakobserver
Neelum-Jhelum project Kuwait, S Arabia, Abu Dhabi ensure $ 775m funding

●081205A Pakistan, dailytimes
Pakistan for Chenab water compensation

●081204A Pakistan, pakobserver
$ 12.6b Diamer-Bhasha dam

●081125A Pakistan, pakobserver
Construction of Bhasha Dam is a welcome sign

●081123A Pakistan, pakobserver
Reflecting Chenab water issue

●081119B Pakistan, thepost
Govt to get Austrian expertise in alternative energy projects
●081119C Pakistan, regionaltimes
‘Hydropower projects offer sound investment opportunities’