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○タイ:反タクシン派が大集会 対カンボジア弱腰抗議
タイ:反タクシン派が大集会 対カンボジア弱腰抗議,反タクシン派はタクシン氏を「王制変革を狙っている」などと非難する。国粋主義のPADには、意図的にカンボジアとの緊張を高めて国民の愛国心を強め、カンボジアのフン・セン政権とも近いタクシン
○中国:南シナ海行動宣言、重要性を確認 ASEAN外相と会議
中国:南シナ海行動宣言、重要性を確認 ASEAN外相と会議,省都昆明,楊潔〓(ようけつち)外相,「南シナ海行動宣言は双方の相互信頼を増進した」,02年に、領有権紛争を抱える南シナ海での武力行使禁止や資源共同開発などを盛り込んだ行動宣言

○ASEAN10カ国外相が中国へ 陸路で緊密さアピール
ASEAN10カ国外相が中国へ 陸路で緊密さアピール,タイ北部のチェンライをバスで出発,タイとラオスを隔てるメコン川に中国の資金援助で建設が始まった「第4友好橋」の工事現場を視察。川を船で渡り、ラオス西部のフエイサイ、ルアンナムタ経由

●110123C Thailand, Bangkok Post
Chevron to expedite Platong Gas II project in Thailand
To meet Thailand’s rapidly growing demand for natural gas, Chevron Corp. hopes to begin production at the $3.1-billion Platong Gas II project in the Gulf of Thailand later this year. by 13% in 2010,Jim Blackwell, president, Chevron Asia Pacific Exploration & Production Co,Joe Geagea, managing director of Chevron Asia South,McDermott International,more than 10% from its current 2.89 bcfd,Analyst IHS Global Insight,revised to 2012,gas sales to PTTEP PCL for 2010 were 20% higher than contracted,Chevron Thailand Exploration Pres. Pairoj Kaweeyanun
of 1.5 bscfd from Chevron,likely rise 12% to 4.5 bcfd this year, and 3-5% next year,Mitsui Oil Exploration Co. Ltd. holds 27.4%

●110120G Thailand, Bangkok Post
Asean, China seek new era of teamwork
Asean and Chinese business leaders have expressed confidence in trade and investment prospects between the two sides and have set a combined target of 15 trillion baht by 2015. Asean-China free-trade agreement (ACFTA),development of transport links,6 trillion baht for the first time in 2010,Ning-Ning Su, deputy secretary-general of the Asean-China Commercial meeting,1.9 billion people,combined gross national product of 180 trillion baht,Rongxin Cao, president of Yunnan Logistics,high-speed train linking China and Thailand,Varaporn Choeysa-ard, executive director of Thailand's Board of Investment,95 billion baht with 120 projects during 2008 to the first half of last year

●110119A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Power ploy draws boos
Industry worries about regulator's new rate,Business leaders are bemoaning the government's suggestion of a higher power rate for the industrial sector so 8.7 million low-income households nationwide can enjoy free power bills.,Pracha Wiwat scheme,less than 90 kilowatts per hour (unit) of power monthly,8.7 million of the 19 million total power-using households,around 1.5 billion baht a month,Energy Regulatory Commission of Thailand (ERC),Kawin Thangsupanich secretary-general of ERC,Payungsak Chartsutipol, chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI),three baht per unit compared to 2.3 baht a unit for smaller power consumers,lectricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat),2.4 baht a unit,The monthly power rate charged is 2.273 baht a unit for less than 150 units used, 2.771 baht for 151 to 400 units and 2.978 baht for more than 400 units, excluding service charge and value-added tax

●110109D Thailand, Bangkok Post
Ratchaburi commits B17.8bn to new capacity
Thailand's largest private power producer, Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Plc (RATCH), is moving ahead with 17.8 billion baht in investments this year to expand power capacity. three cogeneration power plants,small power producer (SPP) programme,16.5 billion baht,Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC),110 megawatts (MW) each through Ratchaburi World Cogen Co in Ratchaburi,130 MW in the Navanakorn In dustrial Estate in Pathum Thani,managing director Noppol Milinthanggoon,Electricite du Laos-Generation Plc (EDL Gen),Ratchaburi units RATCH-Lao Service Co Ltd and RH International (Singapore) Corp Pte,EDL-Gen has assets in seven power plants in Laos with total capacity of 387 MW,13 small power plants with total capacity of 588.6 MW,4,300 megawatts, about 15% of Thailand's total
●110109E Thailand, Bangkok Post
Big players win SPP licence bids
Second round allows 2,000 MW capacity,Three large companies were among the winners in the second round of bidding for licences to build and operate cogeneration power plants under the small power producer (SPP) programme yesterday.,Electricity Generating Plc (EGCO), Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Plc (RATCH) and Thai Oil Plc (TOP),total capacity of 2,000 megawatts,Office of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC),Ratchaburi won three licences worth 10 billion baht in total,capacity of 110 megawatts (MW) each through Ratchaburi World,Cogen Co in Ratchaburi and one for 130 MW in the Navanakorn Industrial Estate in Pathum Thani,Egco won a licence for 90 MW worth 5 billion baht,PTT Plc, also won two licences for 150 MW each for Si Racha,SPP cogeneration plants for another 1,500 MW,Kawin Thangsupanich, the ERC secretary,shifted from IPPs to SPPs and renewable-energy very small power producers (VSPPs),SPP programme or through renewable power programmes such as solar power, wind turbines, biomass and biogas,Second round allows 2,000 MW capacity

●110107B Thailand, Bangkok Post
Industry roadshow to Burma this month
The Ministry of Industry will lead Thai business representatives on a roadshow in Burma from Jan 18-22 to encourage increase investment between the two countries, Industry Minister Chaiwut Bannawat said on Thursday. food, processed rubber and clothing,Burma’s Prime Minister Gen Teng Seng,deep sea port at Dawei,Kanchanaburi province,iron smelting and petrochemical projects,Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva
●110107C Thailand, Bangkok Post
Burma opening up to more Thai investment
Heavy emphasis on infrastructure projects,Burma hopes to lure Thai investment this year, particularly in infrastructure projects, after many years of low cooperation with the exception of PTT, says the Neighbouring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (NEDA).,President Acksiri Buranasiri,East-West economic corridor,Bagan airport,"Emerald Triangle",to Pakse in Laos, Cambodia's Siem Reap and Thailand's Sukhothai,70% of travellers to Laos transit through Suvarnabhumi airport,NEDA's contract,interest rate of 1.5% on loans provided the lender agrees to hire only Thai contractors and use at least 50% Thai raw materials,30-kilometre road from Myawaddy to Tanaosri,1-billion-baht soft loan to Cambodia for the route from Chong Jom in Surin province to Siem Reap,second phase of Pakse airport
○ナワナコン工業団地に熱電併給発電所 投資額50億バーツ

●110105A Thailand,
Officials call on govt to back deep-sea port
Senior Transport Ministry officials are urging the government to press ahead with the Pak Bara deep-sea port in Satun instead of shifting resources to the development of the planned port in the Burmese town of Dawei. Inspector-general Chula Sukmanop,Andaman coast, deep-sea port at Dawei,Laem Chabang port on the Eastern Seaboard,planned land bridge connecting the South China and Andaman seas
●110105B Thailand, Bangkok Post
Dams will unleash untold misery
Today, much like this mythical Greek tragedy, the decision-makers of the Mekong sub-region face a similar temptation in the form of a cascade of hydropower dams proposed for the Mekong River's mainstream. Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) report,Mekong River Commission (MRC),Xayaburi dam,11 mainstream dams,hard-to-swallow,at risk the livelihoods and food security of millions of people who depend upon the river's resource,be deferred for 10 years,over 50 more critical studies,resettle over 2,100 people,200,000 people would suffer a direct impact
23 fish species,Cambodia's Tonle Sap lake,Mekong Giant Catfish,95% of the Xayaburi dam's electricity,h Karnchang,major Thai banks including Kasikorn, Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial and Krung Thai

●101230A Thailand, Bangkok Post
PTT plans Laos power projects
The energy conglomerate PTT Plc is diversifying into large-scale power projects, with plans to acquire stakes in two hydropower plants in a neighbouring country. Tevin Vongvanich, the company's chief financial officer,to own about 25% of each project,Xayaburi and Xe Nam Noi projects,five-year investment budget for 2011-15 worth 327 billion baht,floating liquefied natural gas,almost 229 billion baht,committed or approved projects,subsidiaries,investment budget increases to 900 billion baht,debenture,50-megawatt gas-fired power plant in Rayong's Map Ta Phut industrial estate,260-MW gas-fired power plant in Pathum Thani

●101228A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Jan-Apr electricity prices to drop
The Energy Ministry has agreed to reduce the fuel tariff adjustment charge, also known as the Ft, by 5.67 satang per unit, bringing down the cost of electricity from January to April next year to 3.11 baht a unit.,0.103 cents,Energy Minister Wannarat Channukul,Energy Regulatory Commission,Ft from 92.55 satang to 86.58 satang per unit,natural gas prices to 230 baht per million BTU, from 234.58 baht per million BTU,7.618 dollars,baht's appreciation from 32 baht to the US dollar to 30.30 baht a dollar,Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand,Ft subsidy totalled 2.56 billion baht

●101221B Thailand, Bangkok Post
China still keen to develop links with Asean and Thailand
We can expect China to have an even greater impact on the economic future of Asean and Thailand, despite the dragon economy getting ready to rebalance its economic focus toward its domestic market. 12th five-year economic development plan,with Asean countries passed US$100 billion,China Investment Corporation, China's sovereign wealth fund,Thailand to mainland China topped $17.39 billion,Jin Liqun, chairman of the Supervisory Board of China Investment Corporation

●101219B Thailand, Bangkok Post
Seminar: High-speed rail deserves slow, deep thought
The government needs to have a much clearer idea of how many people want high-speed trains and how much they're willing to spend for a ride before going ahead with costly high-speed rail systems, say experts. Thai-Chinese agreement on a 250-billion-baht joint investment in lines linking Nong Khai in the Northeast with Bangkok and continuing to the southern border town of Padang Besar, covering a total distance of 1,500 kilometres. Chare Rungthanee, a State Railway of Thailand (SRT) engineer,Pakorn Vissananusit, vice-chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries,Transport Minister Sophon Zarum,current 4,000-km railway system,250 km per hour,Bangkok to Rayong

●101216A Thailand, Bangkok Post
China urges Thailand to get on track with Malaysia-Laos link
China is pushing Thailand to give its quick approval for an Asian railway project linking the Lao border in the northeast with Malaysia in the south.
Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban in four years,Nong Khai to Bangkok connecting with the rail system in Laos,from Bangkok to Padang Besar in Malaysia,construction could begin before the end of 2011,480km-long railway section in Lao450 million baht a kilometre,190km of tunnels and 90km of bridges,across the Mekong River,Lao Deputy Prime Minister Somsavat Lengsavad,high-speed train system from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Bangkok to Rayong and Bangkok to Ubon Ratchathani,maximum of only 30 years

●101209B Thailand, Bangkok Post
PM Abhisit leaves for Laos
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva on Thursday morning left for Laos to attend the inauguration of the multi-purpose Nam Theun 2 hydroelectric project, reports said. Lao President Choumaly Sayasone,Italian-Thai Development (ITD) and Electricity Generating Plc (EGCO),France's EDF International,Khammouane province,920 Megawatts of electricity

●101208C Thailand, Bangkok Post
Banpu planning production boom
Australian, Indonesian output to lead growth,Banpu Plc, Asean's largest coal miner, wants to nearly double its coal output to 46 million tonnes next year, thanks to the acquisition of Sydney-based Centennial Coal and a higher contribution from Indonesian mines.,in Indonesia will increase from 22 to 26 million tonnes,two mines in China will contribute 5.5 million tonnesSomrudee Chaimongkol, Banpu's chief financial officer,Centennial,14.5 million tonnes in 2011,Banpu chief executive Chanin Vongkusolkit,broke $110 per tonne already


●101205B Thailand, Bangkok Post
Convert reserve dollars to barrels, suggests PTT
Oil purchases needed for energy security,PTT Plc, Thailand's largest oil and gas conglomerate, yesterday urged the government to use some of the country's large international reserves to buy foreign oil in order to bolster Thailand's energy security.,Tevin Vongvanich, PTT's chief financial officer,21% of this year's natural gas consumption of 3.97 billion cubic feet per day is imported,only 79% produced domestically,for 2030
total consumption of 5.54 billion cfpd,Indonesia and Australia,Brunei and Madagascar,Convert reserve dollars to barrels, suggests PTT,focus more on coal energy,Kanit Sangsubhan, director of the Finance Ministry's Fiscal Policy Research Institute Foundation,US$168 billion down from $170 billion as of Nov 19,However, Chanchai Boonritchaisri, senior director of the central bank's Legal and Litigation Department,except gold

●101202A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Nuclear study almost ready
The Energy Ministry is preparing to submit its nuclear power feasibility study to the government early next year, according to the Nuclear Power Programme Development Office (NPPDO).,power development plan (PDP) for 2010-30,five nuclear power plants,1,000 megawatts each,operation between 2020 and 2030,Burns and Roe Asia Co,since October 2008,Chavalit Pichalai, the NPPDO deputy director,International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),House of Representatives and the Senate,Environment and Natural Resources Ministry,to recruit 200 personnel a year,Chai Nat, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Chon Buri and Chumpon,in 1966 and IAEA had approved,Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand,bids in 1976.

●101201A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Egat adds B30bn to five-year investment budget
The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat) has added 30 billion baht to its five-year investment plan for a total of 70 billion.,critical level of 10% by 2014,Sutat Patmasiriwat, Egat's governor,800-megawatt gas-fired unit at the North Bangkok power plant 20 billion baht ,its power transmission network 10 billion,second unit at the Chana plant in Songkhla,fourth unit at the Wang Noi plant in Ayutthaya,740 MW 40 billion baht,from small power producer (SPPs) by another 1,500 MW above the original target of 2,000 MW,More than 4,000 MW from SPP projects,SPP bidding earlier this year,National Energy Policy Committee,10% year-on-year,against Egat's original estimate of 4.5%,gas-based power plants,hydroelectric power plants in Laos,power plant in Dawei, Burm,Italian-Thai Development (ITD),for a US$58 billion project on Burma,Energy Ministry of the 1,800-MW first phase project for the coal-fired plant in Dawei.

タイ石油公社(PTT)はカナダでオイルサンド(重質油を含む砂の層)事業に参入する。同国西部アルバータ州の開発事業の権益の4割を、ノルウェー国営石油スタトイルから買収した。取得金額は約23億ドル(約1900億円)で、タイ企業の国外投資 (101129)


●101126A Thailand, Bangkok Post
PTTEP stung in report Remains confident it can restart drilling
PTT Exploration and Production Plc (PTTEP) remains confident its operating permits will not be revoked, despite the Montara commission inquiry report finding its Australian subsidiary had not used sensible oilfield practices at the Montara oilfield.,August 2009,74 days before it was stopped,cancellation of its exploration and development licence,Anon Sirisaengtaksin, president and CEO of PTTEP,$2.3-billion deal to buy into a Canadian oil sands,$2.4 billion in compensation over the spill,$319 million in expenses for the Montara cleanup ,to resume oil production in the second half of next year at 35,000 barrels per day
●101126B Thailand, Bangkok Post
PTT looks to Australia for LNG independence
TAIPEI / PTT Plc plans to generate 3 million tonnes of liquid natural gas (LNG) through an overseas joint investment project by 2015 to reduce import reliance.,Toemchai Bunnag, executive vice-president for strategic planning,two floating production units in Australia (Cash Maple),new unit PTT FLNG Limited,US$4 billion,start operations in 2015,2 million tonnes per year,LNG receiving terminal in Map Ta Phut,to import about 1.5 million tonnes of LNG,5 million (700 million cubic feet) to 10 million tonnes in the future,about 10% of Thailand's total natural gas consumption in the next five years.,4 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day,1 billion is imported from Burma,Indonesia's coal bed methane (CBM) project for LNG production,200 years while conventional resources only last about 60 years

●101125C Thailand, Bangkok Post
Big shift to Dawei predicted
Thai heavy industry is likely to shift to industrial estates in Burma's western coastal city of Dawei instead of setting up facilities in southern Thailand or Map Ta Phut, warns the government's economic think-tank.,to link Dawei to the Eastern Seaboard in Chon Buri,Dawei (Tavoy),Italian Thai Development Plc,US$8 billion $58 billion or more,PTT Plc, Siam Cement Group and the upstream complex of a Japanese steel company,Arkhom Termpitthayapaisith, secretary-general of the National Economic and Social Development Board,Map Ta Phut in Rayong,landbridge spanning Songkhla and Nakhon Si Thammarat,new road link from Dawei via Ban Phunamron in Kanchanaburi to the Eastern Seaboard and Cambodia,Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva,Chinese government for the Dawei project,Thailand's Amata Corp,ail link from southern China to Dawei
●101125E Thailand, Bangkok Post
PTT gains foothold in Canada
$2.28bn deal biggest by Thai firm to date,PTT Exploration and Production Plc (PTTEP) has gained a foothold in the lucrative Canadian oil sands sector by paying US$2.28 billion for a 40% stake in the Kai Kos Dehseh (KKD) project operated by the Norwegian oil and gas company Statoil ASA.
US$1.7 billion paid earlier this year by Banpu Plc to buy Centennial Coal Co of Australia.,Anon Sirisaengtaksin, PTTEP's chief executive officer
western Canadian province of Alberta,Statoil,North and South America and Africa,Kai Kos Dehseh,4.3 billion barrels of recoverable bitumen resources,PTTEP's oil reserves to 40 years from 10 year,$800 million worth of bonds,five-year, $500-million syndicated loan,40 projects in 14 countries,offshore Peregrino Field in Brazil,daily output of 10,000 barrels

●101122C Thailand, Bangkok Post
Banpu sells off Ratchaburi stake
B6.7bn raised to focus more on coal business,SET-listed Banpu Plc has divested its entire ownership in Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Plc for US$223 million (6.68 billion baht) as Asean's largest coal miner sharpens its focus on its core business.,existing common shares or 13.96% of Ratchaburi,Somrudee Chaimongkol, Banpu's chief financial officer,Sydney-based Centennial Coal,$2 billion for the takeover of the Australian miner,$3.7-billion Hongsa lignite thermal coal power project in Laos,1,800-megawatt power plant,40% each and the Laotian government 20%, is scheduled to be operational in 2015,three power plants in China,existing power business is BLCP

●101117A Myanmar,
China, Myanmar, Thailand to study 7,000-MW hydro project
China, Myanmar and Thailand have agreed to study a 7,000-MW Myanmar hydropower project that would be Southeast Asia's largest by generation capacity, the Chinese government and wire services reported.,$10 billion project,Salween River,China Three Gorges Corp.,,Sinohydro Corp. and China Southern Power Grid Co.,Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand,International Group of Entrepreneur Co. in Myanmar,300 million kW by 2015,gross domestic product (GDP) by 40 to 45 percent by 2020,Brahmaputra River in Tibet,510-MW hydropower project

●101112D Thailand, Bangkok Post
PTT acquiring Australian coal miner Straits Resources
PTT Plc, Thailand's energy flagship, is taking steps to expand into coal mining by acquiring the coal assets of Australian-listed Straits Resources Ltd (SRL) for 16.2 billion baht, says Tevin Vongvanich, PTT's chief financial officer.,PTT Mining Ltd (PTTML),high-quality coal assets,demerges,A$50 million in cash and a 40% interest in PTT Asia Pacific Mining Pty (PTTAPM),Straits Asia Resources Ltd,Far East Energy Corporation Pty Ltd

●101107F Thailand, Bangkok Post
PTT calls for more gas output
PTT Plc, the country's sole natural gas supplier, is calling on natural gas producers to step up their output to cope with higher demand amid a robust economic recovery.,y 15% next year from 4,100 million cubic feet par day (mmscfd) at present,Anon Sirisaengtaksin, CEO of PTT,Exploration and Production Plc,PTTEP produces about 33%,flat in 2009 at about 3,500 mmscfd and is expected to grow by 14% this year and about 10% in 2011,72% of all fuels,coal at 20%,320-mmscfd gas from PTTEP's South Bongkot field in the Gulf of Thailand,Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area (JDA) to 335 mmscfd from 300,We pray every morning and evening,floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG),oil sands in Canada,very deep water petroleum resources and heavy oil in South America and Africa,FLNG at its Montara field in Australia

●101102A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Decision on nuclear nears
It is troubling and encouraging that Vietnam has signed a contract with Russia for the country's first nuclear power plants. It is troubling that nuclear power is coming to the region without any agreement among the neighbours.,US$5.6 billion,timorous,Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva,Nimby,coal-fired plants,Laos and Burma,more than 20 per cent,5,608 megawatts,Rosatom,Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat),two reactors by 2020,three possible locations,our neighbours are quickly moving ahead

○101028C Thailand, Bangkok Post
Run-off from flood-stricken Northeast heads for Mekong
Run-off from heavily flooded northeastern provinces is heading towards the Mekong River which borders Ubon Ratchathani, causing havoc along the way.,Maha Sarakham and Surin along the Chi and Mun rivers,Khong Chiam district of Ubon Ratchathani,Ubolratana Dam in Khon Kaen,Chaiyaphum,24,000 rai of farmland,river banks was 1.2 metres yesterday,Tha Tum, Chumphon Buri and Rattanaburi,2,400 people living in Muang and Warin Chamrap districts,Royal Irrigation Department,Uthai Thani's Muang district

○101027A Thailand,
High-speed train project moves ahead
A joint parliamentary session has approved a draft framework for negotiations with China on a national high-speed train network project for Thailand.,Transport Minister Sohpon Zarum,linking Bangkok to Nong Khai, Chiang Mai, Ubon Ratchathani, Rayong and Padang Besar,up to 250km/h,government-to-government deal,to build a railway to Laos
○タイ洪水、死者56人に バンコクでは緊急対策

○101026A Mekong,
Dam busting on the Mekong
A thorough environmental assessment has called into question plans for the construction of dams on the Mekong River, plans which are backed by the Lao and Cambodian governments.,Mekong River Commission (MRC),Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of planned hydropower dams on the Mekong mainstream,ICEM Australia (International Centre for Environmental Management),China's eight existing or planned damn
one water diversion project,Xayaburi,draft Basin Development Plan, released in July 2010,be deferred for a period of ten years,improving full dam hydropower technologies,order of 107,000,Basin Development Plan,Mekong River Agreement

○Smart grid in Asia
知的送電網、アジアで大規模実験 NEDO

○101020C Thailand,
Dam a threat to river fishing
Cambodian relations at risk, Kraisak says,The construction of the controversial Xayaboury dam on the Mekong River could hurt recently improving relations between Thailand and Cambodia as it would damage the latter's fisheries, Democrat deputy leader Kraisak Choonhavan says.
1,260-megawatt dam,150km downstream of Luang Prabang,Thai firm CH Karnchang,Tonle Sap,Terra, a Bangkok-based environmental group,2,000 people,200,000 others,Environmentalist Montri Chantawong of the Project for Ecological Recover,Loei's Chiang Khan district

○101017A Mekong,
Mekong countries should delay dam projects for decade: study
Countries in the lower Mekong River region should delay any decisions about building hydropower dams for 10 years, an influential new study said Friday, warning of the many risks involved.,Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA),Mekong River Commission (MRC),possible construction of 11 hydropower projects,Tiffany Hacker, an interim communication advisor for the MRC,biological diversity and ecological integrity,negative impact on fisheries,60 million people,for at least six months,Mekong giant catfish
○ASEANインフラ計画案が判明 道路、鉄道網を一体整備

○101012A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Deal struck on deep-sea port
Thailand and Burma have agreed to jointly develop a deep-sea port at Dawei on Burma's Andaman Sea coast as a new economic zone, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva says.,The agreement was reached in talks yesterday between Mr Abhisit and his Burmese counterpart, Thein Sein, in Naypyidaw during Mr Abhisit's one-day visit.,Singkhon checkpoint in Prachuap Khiri Khan's Muang district,State Peace and Development Council chairman Than Shwe,in December 2008,route linking Kanchanaburi with Dawei,Tavoy,150,000 Burmese workers,800,000 labourers from Burma,Acting government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn ,Burma's elections on Nov 7,Aung San Suu Kyi
○101012C Asia,
Asia's water scarcity poses economic, political test
Framed by banana and eucalyptus trees, the caramel-coloured Mekong river rolls through this lush corner of Yunnan province in southwestern China with an unerring rhythm that is reassuring in its seeming timelessness. ,narrowest in 50 years,Guanlei,JINGHONG,Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam,Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva,hoarding water,Asian Development Bank,Arjun Thapan, the ADB's special senior adviser,Yoichi Funabashi, a prominent foreign-affairs commentator and editor-in-chief of the Asahi Shimbun

○101011A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Traders pin hopes on PM's Burma talks
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva carries the hopes of traders for an end to the deadlock to the border closure with Burma when he meets that country's senior leaders today.,premiership in December 2008,Mae Sot-Myawaddy checkpoint,Burmese Prime Minister Thein Sein,State Peace and Development Council、Than Shwe、Tak Chamber of Commerce chairman Banpote Korkiatcharoen、Naypyidaw、Mae Sot district、Industry Minister Charnchai Chairungruang,to build an embankment along the Thai bank of the Moei River,60% of the total trade,worth 25 billion baht last year,deep-sea port in Dawei, formerly Tavoy

○101008A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Drilling off Koh Samui faces delay
NuCoastal (Thailand) Co will likely postpone for a year the planned start of drilling for natural gas off Koh Samui, which residents and the tourism industry have strongly opposed, say Energy Ministry officials.,Science and Technology Ministry,Kurujit Nakornthap, director-general of the Mineral Fuels Department,by Dec 18,Gulf of Mexico,London-based affiliate of Houston, Texas-based Coastal Energy,42 kilometres off,Gulf of Thailand,G5/43 or Bua Luang near Songkhla,11,700 barrels per day of crude oil,250,000 bpd compared with 230,000 in the same period,10,000 bpd from London based-Salamander Energy Co,11,700 bpd from NuCoastal (Thailand),1,000 bpd from Mitsui Oil Exploration in Sukhothai,petroleum E&P licences,Siri Jirapongphan, executive director of the Petroleum Institute of Thailand,Energy Minister Wannarat Channukul,only for the next 11-12 years,imports of liquefied natural gas



○101002C Laos,
ITD sells Nam Theun stake
The SET-listed contractor Italian-Thai Development Plc is selling half of its 20% shareholding in the Nam Theun 2 hydropower plant in Laos to Egco Group Plc and the rest to Electricite de France. The deal would increase Egco's holding in the plant to 35% from 25% and EDF's stake to 40% from 30%, with the Laotian government holding the remaining 25%.

○100928B Thailand, Bangkok Post
More renewables a must, says research fund chief
The country must make a greater effort to develop renewable energy, says Prida Wibulswas, chairman of the Thailand Research Fund (TRF).
He said coal- and gas-fired power plants were becoming much harder to develop due to growing opposition from communities and environmental activists, so the only option is to proceed with renewable energy to ensure power security.

○4カ月ぶりタクシン派が集会 バンコク再び赤色に

○100829A Thailand,
Activists press for power plant ban
One hundred environmental activists from Nakhon Si Thammarat and Prachuap Khiri Khan yesterday demanded a formal written declaration from the government not to build power plants in their provinces.,Hin Krut and Bo Nok power projects,Kornuma Pongnoi,all plans for nuclear and coal-fired power plant development,2010 PDP (power development plan),Srinakharinwirot University,Energy Ministry,Energy Planning and Policy Office (Eppo),Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat),PTT Plc,huge amounts of imported LPG,Samerjai Suksumek, the director of Eppo's power policy bureau

○100826A Thailand,
New SPP bidding round for 2,000 MW due soon
The Energy Ministry expects to open a new round of small power producer (SPP) licence bids for combined output of 2,000 megawatts within one to two months, says Viraphol Jirapraditkul, director-general of the Energy Policy and Planning Office (Eppo).,between 2015 and 2021,Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC),National Power Supply and Siam Energy Co,Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat),11 coal-fired power plants,8,400 MW by 2030,1,600 MW in hydropower projects in Thailand,Team Consulting Engineering,Laos, Burma and Cambodia,Hutgyi project (600 MW) and Tasang (900 MW) in Burma.,21 projects,of 5,859 MW,600-MW Taninthargyi dam,Italian-Thai Development Plc

○100825E Thailand, Bangkok Post
Egco outlines investment plan of B21bn
Electricity Generating Plc (Egco), the country's second-largest private power producer, is considering investments worth 21 billion baht in total to build a new 800-megawatt power unit and three new small power producer (SPP) projects.,President Vinit Tangnoi ,2 billion baht each,about 120 megawatts,combined output of 2,000 MW,6 billion baht,between 2015 and 2021,operational by 2015,the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat) ,power purchase agreement (PPA),Egco's Khanom Electricity Generating (Kegco),1.5-billion-baht 800-megawatt plant at the existing site of Kegco,a coal-fired power plant in the Philippines ,25% of the project in Laos
○召還のタイ大使帰任 カンボジアに

○100824A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Rail project with China considered
The cabinet will hear a proposal next week to establish a joint venture between the Thai and Chinese governments to develop a new standard-gauge rail line from Nong Khai in the Northeast to the southern border with Malaysia,Korbsak Sabhavasu, the secretary-general to the prime minister,a high-speed rail line from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Rayong province on the Eastern Seaboard via Pattaya and Laem Chabang ,standard-gauge link from Kunming, southern China that would travel through Vietnam and Laos before reaching Nong Khai,eventually Singapore.,
carry a price tag of 300 billion baht.,Suvarnabhumi Airport and Rayong projected to cost 30 billion baht.
○岡田外相、タイ首相と会談 村本さん死亡の究明要請

○100813D Thailand, Bangkok Post
Thailand moves into top 10 in CDM
Thailand has become one of the world's top 10 players in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects with 37 being registered with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).,Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Association (TGO),111 CDM projects
6.95 million tonnes a year,37 projects,by 2 million tonnes per year were endorsed ,Kyoto Protocol by 2012,dominated by biogas projects,More than 200 projects have submitted letters,the Capital Market Development Plan.

○フン・セン首相反発、対立激化 国境巡るタイ首相「武力行使」発言で

○100730A Thailand, Bangkok Post
More reliance on Burma
Thailand expects to buy more gas and electricity from Burma in order to secure supplies as domestic resources become depleted, says Energy Minister Wannarat Channukul.,PTT Plc,Yadana and Yetagun offshore gas fields have an output of 400 and 565 million cubic feet per day (mmscfd) respectively.,new Sawtika Block or M9,Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE),capital city Naypyidaw,gas from M9 at a rate of 240 mmscfd,PTT Exploration and Production Plc,new petroleum blocks such as M3, M4, M7 and M11,last only another 23 years,Pornchai Rujiprapha, the permanent secretary of the Energy Ministry,1,200-megawatt Hat Gyi Dam and the 7,000-MW Tasang Dam,Sinohydro,projected rise in Thai demand to 4,821 mmscfd in 2014 and 5,542 mmscfd in 2020 from 3,900 at present,nuclear- and coal-fired power plants

○100728A Mekong,
WWF report shows giant fish to be threatened by Mekong River dams
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a report titled River of Giants: Giant Fish of the Mekong which profiles four massive fish living in the Mekong? the 7th longest river in Asia?that are threatened with extinction if hydropower dams planned for the river receive a green light.,hydropower dam planned for Sayabouly Province,an incredible 1,322 pounds,Mekong River Commission,Dekila Chungyalpa, Director of WWF’s Greater Mekong Program,sediment flowing downstream


○3県で非常事態解除 タイ政府、バンコクは継続

○100702C Mekong,
Mekong dam projects will cost more in damages, says MRC report
A recent report from the Mekong River Commission revealed that 12 dams in Lower Mekong River would cause serious problems for the two million people living downstream in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia,MRC SEA for Hydropower on mekong Mainstream, Impact Assessment and Discussion Draft,Pak Beng, Luang Prabang, Saiyaburi, Pak Lay, Latsua, Don Sahong and Thakho,Sanakham, Pak Chom and Ban Koum
Stung Treng and Sambor,Senator Prasarn Marukpitak,Ban Koum Dam during the Samak Sundaravej government
○東南アがLNG囲い込み 電力需要増え輸入基地、日本に影響も

○100627G Thailand
Severe drought continues hitting Thailand, reduces growing season
Water levels at major dams in Thailand have declined sharply, especially in the northeastern region, due to an ongoing drought.
only twice a year, rather than triple-cropping,Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT),EGAT Dam Director Kitti Tancharoen
32 per cent of total storage capacity, 62 per cent in the central region, 34 per cent in the Northeast and 62 per cent in the South,Bhumibol Dam in Tak province and Sirikit Dam in Uttaradit,average of 3.5 million litres for each area ,Ubol Ratana Dam, about 50 km northwest of Khon Kaen


○100606A Thailand,
Egat needs to upgrade old plants to avert shortage
(key) Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat),IPP (independent power producer) plants,shortage of power by 2011-12,Egat,governor Sutat Patmasiriwat,total capacity of 2,000 megawatts,gas-fired South Bangkok plant and its coal-fired Mae Mo site in Lampang,around 2 billion baht,two gas-fired power plants, Wang Noi and Chana,schedule of 2014,water levels in major dams at critical low points,Royal Irrigation Department,Kitti Tanchareon, an Egat assistant governor,only 32% of capacity at the Bhumipol Dam,only 36% in the Sirikit Dam
Ubolratana Dam are only 25%

○夜間外出禁止令を延長 タイ、暴動鎮圧に全力
○100521D Mekong,
Mekong River workshop in Laos examines dam risks
(KEY) two-day workshop was held by the Mekong River Commission (MRC) in Vientiane,hydropower development,strategic environmental assessment (SEA),mainstream hydropower schemes on the lower mainstream river,assessment phase of the SEA ,themes of hydrology and sediment; aquatic systems and agriculture; fisheries; social systems; economics and livelihoods, climate change; and energy and power development
impact assessment phase of the SEA,Mekong governments decisions,Jeremy Bird, CEO of the MRC Secretariat,intensive agriculture,,large-scale construction projects and hydroelectric dams,60 million people

○タイのデモ拠点封鎖で1人死亡 断続的に銃撃・爆発




○100418B Mekong,
China's role in Mekong River maintenance
Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Song Tao told participants in the Mekong River Council Summit in Hua Hin, Thailand on April 5 that China is willing to promote cooperation with downstream countries in mitigating droughts and floods, sharing hydrographic technology and information, exchange and training of hydrographic experts, etc. This spring the water level in Southeast Asia’s longest river, the Mekong, has dropped to its

○100416B Thailand, Bangkok Post
Third pylon bombed, but blackout averted
AYUTTHAYA : Bomb attacks at three high voltage electricity pylons in Ayuthaya's Bang Pa-in district have been intended to plunge parts of Bangkok into darkness, officials say. Ayutthaya's governor described the bomb attacks as acts of terrorism. A third high-powered electricity pylon was found damaged yesterday by a powerful C4 bomb one kilometre from two other pylons which were found damaged in a similar manner on

○100413B Mekong,
The Mekong and China: Dams and trust
China’s says it wants to promote cooperation with downstream countries on the Mekong, but China needs to do more than talk, reports VietNamNet. Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Song Tao told participants in the Mekong River Council Summit in Hua Hin, Thailand on April 5 that China is willing to promote cooperation with downstream countries in mitigating droughts and floods, sharing hydrographic technology and
○100413C Mekong,
Dams portend grim future for Mekong Delta: experts
Upstream and lower dams could render the Mekong Delta unviable, and China’s intransigence in building them and refusing to share information about their operations will negatively impact the lives of more than 60 million people. “China has plans to construct up to eight dams in total, some sources say the number could rise to fourteen. It is clear already that Chinese dam construction is having a negative impact on


○100406C Mekong,
Summit sets Mekong agenda
(key) Mekong River Commission, Samdech Hun Sen,Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva ,Mekong River Commission (MRC) summit,climate change,drought response,dam management,Jeremy Bird, CEO of the MRC,hydropower schemes,hydro-meteorological data,Jinghong power station,Lim Kean Hor, Cambodia’s Minister of Water Resources and Meteorology,Environmental groups,Manwan, Dachaoshan, Jinghong, and Xiaowan,Carl Middleton, Mekong programme coordinator for the International Rivers organisation,
○100407A Thailand,
Bhumibol power use surges
The Bhumibol hydropower plant has seen its highest power consumption on Monday since it was opened 46 years ago, its director says. Boon-in Chuenchavalit yesterday said power usage peaked at 2.30pm at 23,529.7 megawatts. He attributed the massive power consumption to high
(Key) Bhumibol hydropower plant,Boon-in Chuenchavalit,2.30pm at 23,529.7 megawatts,Muang and Sam Ngao districts,Nan, Yom and Phichit

○100405A Mekong,
Mekong Nations Meet as Drought Boosts Scrutiny of China’s Dams
Leaders of six nations along Asia’s Mekong River meet today to bolster cooperation as a severe drought heightens concerns that dams in China have distorted water flows, depleting the world’s largest inland fishery. The dry weather has reduced Mekong water levels to their lowest in three decades, affecting more than 60 million people in the lower basin, an area larger than the U.S. state of Texas. China agreed on March 25 to share
○100406B China,
China shows interest in taking MRC membership
There is new hope China will join the Mekong River Commission after Beijing demonstrated its strong commitment to cooperate with other countries sharing the Mekong. Leaders of member countries Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam were satisfied with China's pledge, given during an MRC summit held yesterday in Hua Hin, that it would play more of a role in the sustainable development of the river.
○100405D Cambodia,
Hun Sen attends Mekong summit
PRIME Minister Hun Sen arrived in Thailand on Sunday to attend a two-day summit of the Mekong River Commission (MRC), convened amid regional concerns about drought and low river levels, on a trip that marked the premier’s first visit to the neighbouring country since Thai-Cambodian relations began to deteriorate last year. The first day of the two-day summit consisted primarily of bilateral meetings,
○メコン川:干上がる 「上流にダム」中国批判高まる

○100402B Mekong,
Countries Blame China, Not Nature, for Water Shortage
In southern China, the worst drought in at least 50 years has dried up farmers’ fields and left tens of millions of people short of water. But the drought has also created a major public relations problem for the Chinese government in neighboring countries, where in recent years China has

○100401A Mekong,
Leaders to discuss Mekong River's future
Thailand is extending its Internal Security Act, ahead of this week's meeting of leaders from Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam for the first four-day Mekong River Commission summit. The 4,000 kilometre Mekong River, which runs through China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and

○100331B Mekong,
For whom the mighty Mekong flows
Since the end of last year, Jeerasak Intayos, a 38-year-old villager from Chiang Khong district of Chiang Rai, has seen the Mekong River's level drop dramatically. Mr Jeerasak works with the Chiang Khong Conservation Group that has monitored the Mekong and its development for over

○100324D Thailand, Bangkok Post
Khanom fund a development model
A fund for the community living around the Khanom gas-fired power plant will be a prototype for others in the future, says Chalit Ruengvisesh, a member of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). The Energy Ministry is promoting development funds as one of the tools for encouraging

○100314A Asia,
East, South-East Asia left high and dry this hot season - Feature
Great swaths of South-East and East Asia are suffering from their worst dry-season drought in decades, and the monsoon is still months away. Worse still, the seasonal rains might be postponed by the El Nino phenomenon, experts said. El Nino, a warming of Pacific Ocean waters that results in changing weather patterns, cannot be blamed for the current drought, but it might affect the coming monsoon season, which starts
○100315A Laos,
"Strengthen ties to maximise trade, investment opportunities with Laos'
Laos presents huge trade and investment opportunities for Thailand thanks to its lavish natural resources, but the Thai side will have to do more to strengthen bilateral ties if it wants to benefit fully, said Thai Ambassador to Vientiane Wiboon Khusakul Thai companies that have invested in the country include Mitr Phol Sugar Group, which has a sugar mill in Savannakhet, Charoen Pokphand Group with a coffee plantation in
○100315D Thailand,
Govt urged to scrap Mekong dam plans
People living along the Mekong River want the government to scrap its plans to build dams, to help safeguard the river from further exploitation.
"Experience and scientific evidence show there is no way to heal environmental and social damage caused by mega-dams," the Mekong People Network said in a statement yesterday to mark International Day of Action for Rivers. "The dams will destroy our food sources and bring ...
○タイ・タクシン派、陸軍中枢施設へ移動 デモ隊暴徒化懸念も

○100313F Thailand,
Purchase plans from Laos to be revived
Thailand may resume plans to buy electricity from three hydropower plants in Laos after negotiations faltered earlier because construction material costs were higher than expected, says Pornchai Rujiprapa, permanent secretary of the Energy Ministry. The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat) signed memoranda of understanding with the operators of three projects in Laos in 2007 but the agreement expired

○100307F Mekong,
Fall in Mekong's water level not China's fault, says Smith
The drastic drop in the level of the Mekong River has nothing to do with China retaining water upstream, says Smith Dharmasarojana, the director of the National Disaster Warning Centre (NDWC). Rather, the decline is a result of global warming, he said yesterday. Mr Smith explained that dams in China have to release water to generate electricity. Therefore, it was not the upstream dams but the effects of global warming ...

○100226E Thailand, Bangkok Post
Banpu profits surge by 54% to record B14bn on brisk sales
○100226F Thailand, Bangkok Post
World prices helping local exploration
○100226K Mekong,
Record low Mekong River poses threat to millions

○100224A Thailand,
PTTEP finds gas at Oliver

○100218G Mekong,
Mekong Divides Different Worlds In 'Golden Triangle'

●100218A Thailand,
Thailand plans Myanmar hydropower plant
●100215A Thailand, bangkokpost
●100215B Thailand, The Nation
New Egat chief puts public acceptance to the fore

○100205A Thailand, Bangkok Post
PTT eyes overseas coal
○100205B Thailand, Bangkok Post
Egco looking to Asean for growth

●100204A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Egat lifts power demand growth projection to 4.7%
○100204B Thailand, Bangkok Post
Electricity use up as economy recovers

○100128C Thailand, easybourse
International Power Announces 110MW Project in Thailand

○100127E Mekong, asiasecurity.macfound.

○100115A Thailand, Bangkok Post
PTT bullish on Australia
○100115B Thailand, Bangkok Post
Power-bill cap prolonged

○100114C Thailand, Bangkok Post
Investment applications at 40yr record

○100112C Thailand, Bangkok Post
Local crude exploration revives as costs decline
○100112D Thailand, Bangkok Post
ADB sets aside B9.94bn loan for green projects in Thailand

○091231G Thailand, Bangkok Post
Banpu expects stable coal prices

○091227E Thailand,
Thai PTT to conclude consolidation plan by Q1/2010

○091224A Thailand, bernama
Thailand Must Develop Alternative Energy, Say Experts

●091223A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Dam release no risk to villagers

○091222A Thailand, phuketgazette
PTT expands search for liquid gold off Phuket

○091215C Mekong, hydroworld
China's PR Problem Rears Head at Mekong Forum

●091213E Thailand, ipsnews
China’s PR Problem Rears Head at Mekong Forum

○091206B Thailand, uk.reuters
Thai utility EGCO sees flat revenue growth in 2010

○091202C Thailand, istockanalyst
Egat seeks House vote on nuclear plan

●091129I Mekong, reliefweb
Mekong Ministers meet in Hua Hin to discuss water issues

○091124A Thailand, earthtimes
Thai activists demand pull-out from Myanmar dam project,thai-activists-demand-pull-out-from-myanmar-dam-project.html
○091124D Thailand, Bangkok Post
Abhisit cool to opponents of Salween River dam plan

●091123A Thailand, Bangkok Post
RATCH to shop closer to home after Australian bid

●091118A Thailand, pepei.pennnet
Thailand's EGAT signs agreement with China Guangdong Nuclear Power

○091117A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Egat aims to be solar-power innovator

○091112B Thailand, Bangkok Post
Egco profit steady

○091105H Mekong, reuters
Japan courts leaders from Mekong River region

○091101A Thailand, Bangkok Post
RATCH seeks Australian plants Q3 profit dips as tax holiday ends

○091020C Mekong, voanews
Civic Groups Press to End Hydropower Development on Lower Mekong River

○091012B Thailand, reuters
Thai PTTEP's Bongkot field halted for repair - PTT

○091011G Climate Change, axcessnews
UN climate talks rich and poor countries spar on their roles

○091010B reuters
Thai PTT to review investment if estate case delayed

●091009A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Egat revises nuclear marketing

○091005H Mekong, isria
Japan - Chair's Statement of the Second Mekong-Japan Foreign Ministers' Meeting

●091003D Mekong, greeninc.blogs.nytimes
Rising Energy Needs Along the Mekong

○090930B Thailand, reuters
Thai Q4 natural gas demand to rise-energy official

●090925I Thailand, Bangkok Post
Ratchaburi targets wind Billions of baht for new projects planned

○090922B Thailand, hydroworld
Thailand's EGAT focused on hydropower

●090921A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Egat warns of more blackouts

○090919C Thailand, Bangkok Post
Expo for the whole continent offers Thai investors a chance to glimpse the future of the country's energy supply options

●090912A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Egat plans two nuclear power plants

○090911A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Power bills to be cut by B100bn

○090827E Thailand, ogj
Block B-17 in Malaysia-Thailand JDA nears production phase

●090729A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Regional energy action plan ready for Mandalay meeting
●090729B Thailand, nationmultimedia
Egat set for power-plant spending spree
●090729C Thailand, nationmultimedia
Ch Karnchang delays its Lao unit's listing

●090626A Thailand, bangkokpost
Greenpeace calls for coal plant rethink
●090626B Thailand, Bangkok Post
Korn rebuts talk of fuel subsidies
●090626C Thailand, Bangkok Post
PTT seeks M9 delivery delay
●090626D Thailand, Bangkok Post
Egat calls for standby power cuts

●090522A Thailand, bangkokpost
PTTEP to raise output over decade Aims to quadruple production by 2020

●090517A Thailand, nationmultimedia
Hongsa Lignite power sale deal approved

●090219A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Thai Ratchaburi to spend $128 mln on 2009 expansion

●090213A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Slowing demand means savings for Egat

●090201A Thailand, the nation
Egat gets go-ahead for further Mae Moh mining

●081129A Thailand, Bangkok Post
Egat gets mining approval in Indonesia