Tutorials of monster car.



M-CAR-fig01.jpg (38454 バイト) (fig 1 )

First of all think design and draw the illustration.
It is a monster car at this time, I image monster nail . (fig 1 )


M-CAR-fig02.jpg (48376 バイト) (fig 2 )

Draw the line of side view and top view at the same scale by freehand.

Save it by a scanner.

Put the image at TOP VIEW with the Place Background Bitmap command .
Create some curve on the line of the image by using an InterpCrv command, with clear color. (fig 2 )


M-CAR-fig03.jpg (54542 バイト) (fig 3 )

Take away the background picture by using a RemoveBackgroundBitmap command.
Rotat the line of the side view 90 degrees to stand it. (fig 3 )


M-CAR-fig04.jpg (38129 バイト) (fig 4 )

Do it makes CurvatureGraphOn, Control Points On and
arrange the curve moving these control point. (fig 4 )


M-CAR-fig05.jpg (60863 バイト) (fig 5 )

Make layers for every each parts .
Display a only bonnet layers to make the bonnet first. (fig 5 )


M-CAR-fig06.jpg (58673 バイト) (fig 6 )

Make the boundary line that becomes the base of surface with Curve From 2 Views.
Decrease these control point with a Rebuild command and
connect the edge of these line with a Match command. (fig 6 )


M-CAR-fig07.jpg (42857 バイト) (fig 7 )

Create a line to the other edge point and adjust these control points . (fig 7 )


M-CAR-fig08.jpg (56493 バイト) (fig 8 )

Create an intermediate section line. (fig 8 )


M-CAR-fig09.jpg (62657 バイト) (fig 9 )

Create a surface from a curve with a NetworkSrf command. (fig 9 )