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ディープスペースナイン 英語ガイド
Shadows and Symbols


エピソードガイド 英語ガイド

Super Channel Program


I can't believe it.
Ezri:I can hardly believe it myself, but I'm Dax.
I mean, I'm not Jadzia Dax.
I'm Ezri Dax.
But I have all of Jadzia's memories-- not to mention Lela's, Tobin's, Emony's, Audrid's, Joran's, Curzon's.
Am I forgetting anyone?
Ezri:You're probably asking yourself "Who is this person?"
"How did she get the symbiont?"
"Do I even want another Dax in my life?"
"Does she always talk this much?"
These are all very good questions.
And I wish I had good answers for you.
Sisko:The answers can wait.
Right now, I'm just glad to see you.
Ezri:Really? That is so nice of you to say.
I'm not usually this emotional.
It must be the emony in me.
At least I think it's Emony.
Hi, Jake.
Ezri:You seem taller.
Or am I shorter?
You know, none of this was my idea.
I never wanted to be joined.
Jake:Then how did you get the symbiont?
Ezri:It was an accident.
Joseph:Some accident.
Ezri:I was on the Destiny when they brought the Dax symbiont aboard to be taken back to Trill.
Halfway through the trip the symbiont took a turn for the worse, and it needed to be placed in a host immediately...
Sisko:And you were the only Trill onboard.
Ezri:I laid down on that operating table one person, and I woke up a completely different person.
Well, I should say eight different people.
I was not prepared for this at all.
I mean, you're supposed to get years of training and preparation before you get joined and all I got was a 15-minute lecture from the ship surgeon, and he wasn't even a Trill.
Sisko:I'm starting to see the problem. Please.
Ezri:You don't know how much better I feel just being here with you, Ben.
Sisko:What about the Symbiosis Institute?
Weren't they able to do anything for you?
Ezri:I did meet with the evaluation board several times.
Ezri:They gave me some books to read, some counseling, but once a host and symbiont are joined there's really not very much they can do.
My parents, my friends, my crewmates it's like they don't even know me anymore which is understandable since I hardly even know myself.
That's why I took a leave of absence to come here.
I knew that if there was anyone who could help me through this it would be you.
Sisko:I'll do all I can, but the truth is... we're leaving for Tyree.
Ezri:Fine. I'll come with you.
Jake:Uh, you don't even know why we're going.
Ezri:It doesn't matter.
When do we leave?
Great. It'll be just like old times... except different.

チャプター 1

Worf: Jadzia Dax vond shoo-vwee dun
mahh-kekh huh-koo-vahm
jeh yin-moj mah-mukh.
Sto-Vo-Kor pah-dahkh-tin
el-eegh-cha yay-moj.
Quark:Quark, son of Keldar.
Did I come at a bad time?
O'Brien:What's he doing here?
Quark:Same thing you are.
I'm volunteering for this mission.
You're a bartender, not a warrior.
Quark:True. But I loved Jadzia as much as anyone in this room... with maybe one or two exceptions, and I'm willing to pledge my life to see that she gets into Sto-Vo-Kor.
Martok:Perhaps there is some Klingon in you after all.
Quark:I wouldn't go that far.
So, uh, why all the cutlery?
Martok:We shed our blood to prove we are not frightened of death.
Quark:Can't you just take my word for it?
Quark:Ow! That hurts.
O'Brien:It's supposed to hurt.
Worf: Yuwee-modge.
Ezri:This is so embarrassing.
Sisko:Well, don't worry.
Ezri:I am a trained Starfleet officer.
I have no business getting spacesick, but ever since I was given the symbiont warp speed does make me a little queasy.
Jake:A little queasy?
Joseph:Well, the main thing is the control panel's all cleaned up.
So if one of you'd like to get back into the pilot's seat it would sure make me feel better... not that I don't trust the computer.
Jake:You just prefer the human touch.
Joseph:Do you need to lie down?
Ezri:No. I'm fine, really.
Joseph:Hmm. Well... it's time for my nap.
Jake:You sure you're okay?
Ezri:Mm-hmm, but I just wish I could stop thinking about Torias.
Jake:Torias Dax?
He was one of the previous hosts, wasn't he?
Ezri:He died in the shuttle accident.
I still remember the last few seconds before the crash.
Maybe I don't belong in Starfleet anymore.
Aren't you glad you brought me along?
Jake:Actually, I am.
My dad seems a lot happier ever since you showed up.
Ezri:One iced raktajino.
I know you've been worried about your father, Jake, but he's going to be all right.
Jake:What makes you so sure?
Ezri:Because I've known him for a long time.
Besides, it's my job to know these things.
I'm a ship's counselor.
Well, actually, an assistant ship's counselor.
Jake:You're a therapist?
Ezri:Is it that surprising?
Jake:A little.
Ezri:You know, I wasn't always this confused.
Before I was joined I was considered to be a very promising young officer.
Ezri:Oh, that is horrible.
I hate raktajino.
Jake:Then why'd you order it?
Ezri:Because Curzon liked it.
Jake:Hmm. So did Jadzia.
Ezri:Well, I don't.
I have to learn to control some of these urges.
Ross:I want you to know, Colonel, that I'm as outraged as you are.
The Romulans have no business placing weapons on Derna.
Kira:I'm glad we're in agreement.
What are we going to do about it?
Ross:The Federation has already sent a formal protest to the Romulan Senate condemning their actions.
Kira:Well, that's a start; what happens next?
Ross:Well, they've already sent a protest of our protest.
Kira:Well, you still haven't answered my question.
Ross:I don't know, Colonel.
Eventually, the Romulans will remove the weapons.
Are we talking about days, weeks, months?
Ross:I don't know, but it will happen.
Kira:Now you sound like a politician, Admiral.
Ross:Maybe so, but facts are facts, Colonel, and there's no way the Bajorans can drive the Romulans off Derna-- not without help, anyway, and the Federation isn't going to provide that help, not now.
Is that clear?
Kira:We're just not as important to the war effort as the Romulans.
Ross:That's a harsh way to put it.
Kira:The truth often is.
Ross:Colonel, I would like to help you, but my hands are tied.
Kira:Well, luckily, mine aren't.
Ross:Meaning what?
Kira:Our scans show that the weapons aren't fully operational yet.
They're still missing launch sequencers.
I'm going to make sure that those sequencers never reach Derna.
Kira:I'm going to set up a blockade.
If you do that, Colonel, you'll have a fight on your hands... a fight you can't win.
Sisko:We're entering orbit; prepare to beam down.
Jake:Why don't we use the ship's scanners to find the Orb?
Ezri:There's too much ionization in the atmosphere.
It'll interfere with our sensors.
Sisko:You sure you don't want to stay here and wait for us?
Joseph:And miss all the excitement?
Not a chance.
Sisko:Well, be sure you're carrying plenty of water packs.
That goes for both of you, too.
It's dry down there.
Voice:Dr. Wykoff, please report to Isolation Ward Four.
Dr. Wykoff, to Isolation Ward Four immediately.
Sisko:Did you hear that?
Ezri:Hear what?
Sisko:Forget it.
Ezri:If there is an Orb buried around here my tricorder's not picking it up.
Sisko:I know it's out there someplace.
That's why the Prophets sent me here.
Ezri:Did they give you any hint which way to go?
Sisko:That way.
Jake:The Prophets have spoken.
Ezri:I hope he heard them right.

チャプター 2

O'Brien:Once we're close enough we can fire an E.M. pulse at the sun.
Quark:The sun?
I thought we were trying to destroy a shipyard.
O'Brien:We are.
Quark:Do you understand what he's talking about?
Quark:Fine. Then you explain it.
Worf:We are going to fly toward the molten heart of the sun so close that our ship will glow like a flaming comet.
Bashir:Well, hopefully not that close.
O'Brien:Just close enough to trigger a solar plasma ejection.
The explosion should be enough to incinerate everything within a hundred million kilometers.
Martok:Including the shipyard.
Worf:It will be a glorious firestorm that will illuminate the gates of Sto-Vo-Kor itself, and provide a fitting welcome for Jadzia.
Quark:The things we do for love.
Quark:Did you see that?
O'Brien:See what?
Quark:The way he glared at me.
Bashir:He always glares at you.
Quark:Well, I'm sick of it.
We're risking our lives to help Jadzia get into Sto-Vo-Kor.
The very least Worf could do is show us some appreciation.
Is it so hard to say thank you?
Bashir:Thank you.
Quark:Nice try, Doctor, but I want to hear it from him.
O'Brien:Don't do this, Quark.
Quark:Do what?
All I'm asking for is two little words.
Worf:Be quiet!
Quark:That's two words, all right, just not the two I was hoping for.
Worf:Why should I feel any gratitude towards you?
I owe you nothing.
You're not here to help Jadzia get into Sto-Vo-Kor.
You are here because you wish to convince yourselves that you are worthy of her, but the truth is, none of you could ever hope to be worthy of her or even understand the kind of woman she was.
It is you who should be thanking me, Ferengi, for allowing you to come on this mission and pay honor to her memory.
Ezri:Think we're getting close?
Sisko:I have no idea.
Ezri:But we're headed in the right direction?
Sisko:I hope so.
Ezri:Audrid loved to walk.
Of course, she preferred the woods-- nice shady glens, cool breezes, cold streams.
Sisko:Dax, what are you trying to say?
Ezri:We've been keeping a pretty fast pace.
It might be a good idea to give your father and Jake a chance to rest.
Sisko:If anyone wants to take a break, they can go back to the runabout.
Ezri:I think we should stick together.
Sisko:Hey, dad!
How're you doing back there?
Joseph:Never better.
Damar:It's only a matter of time until we break through enemy lines, and when that happens, we can drive the Federation-Romulan alliance out of Cardassian territory.
A bit more kanar?
Damar:To victory... on all fronts.
Weyoun:Damar, have you...?
This is Siana.
We met at the dinner last night honoring Legate Hovas.
Weyoun:Damar, you and I have things to discuss... things that your guest doesn't want to hear.
Damar:And why is that?
Weyoun:Because if she does, I'll be forced to have her executed.
Siana:I really should be going.
Damar:Until tonight.
Weyoun:What a pleasant woman.
It's imperative we increase production at the Monac shipyard.
We need more assault ships to retake the Chin'toka System.
Damar, are you listening to me?
Damar:Increase production.
Yes, I heard you.
By how much?
Weyoun:15% would be ideal.
Damar:That won't be easy.
Weyoun:Oh, I'm sure you'll find a way.
You're very resourceful.
Odo:A blockade?
How many ships are we talking about?
Kira:12 impulse ships.
That's all the Council of Ministers could spare right now.
Odo:And how effective do you think those 12 ships are going to be against even one Romulan Warbird?
Kira:You sound like Admiral Ross.
Odo:Well, I was hoping that our relationship was going to be a long and happy one, but I suppose I'm willing to settle for short and exciting.
Kira:What's that supposed to mean?
Odo:I take it you're going to be commanding the blockade?
Kira:That's right.
Odo:Then I'm going to be there with you.
Kira:You don't have to do that.
Odo:Yes, I do.
Kira:Well, I wouldn't start writing our epitaphs just yet.
Odo:All right. I'll wait until the first wave of Romulan ships decide to run the blockade.
Kira:Don't worry.
I have no intention of getting into a firefight with a squadron of Romulan Warbirds.
Odo:You mean you're bluffing?
Kira:If the Romulans fire on us, they jeopardize their alliance with the Federation, and I'm hoping that that's a risk they don't want to take.
Odo:And I'm hoping they don't call your bluff.
Jake:Grandpa, you sure you don't want to go back up to the runabout?
Joseph:We started this together and we'll finish it together.
I owe it to Ben.
Voice:Doctor Wykoff, please come to Isolation Ward Four immediately to Isolation Ward Four, Doctor Wykoff.
Doctor Wykoff, please come to Isolation Ward Four immediately.
Benjamin, is this it?
Sisko:I think so.
Ezri:You're not sure?
Ezri:Ben, that's not good enough.
Ezri:Are you listening to me?
Sisko:That's where we start digging.
Ezri:Why there?
I wasn't even aiming at anything.
Ezri:Ben, maybe my memories are playing tricks on me, but have you gotten stranger?

チャプター 3

Kira:Ship's log, Stardate 52152.6.
We've set up a blockade around Derna.
So far, no Romulan ships have tried to challenge us.
Kira:Interesting title.
Odo:The book isn't bad, either.
I think you'll enjoy it.
Kira:I'm sure I will, but is this really the right time to start reading a book?
Odo:Well, maybe not, but I know how much you hate all this waiting, and Mike Hammer has certain qualities I think you'll appreciate.
Kira:Hmm... such as?
Odo:He's as tough as they come, and he hates waiting almost as much as you do.
Kira:Oh, I like him already.
Man:There's a priority-one transmission from Deep Space Nine.
It's Admiral Ross.
Kira:Put him through.
Ross:Colonel, Senator Cretak has just informed me that four Romulan Warbirds are on their way to Derna.
Cretak:They'll be arriving in eight hours with much-needed medical supplies for the hospital complex.
Kira:Since when did the Romulans start using Warbirds to deliver medical supplies?
Cretak:We want to make sure they arrive safely.
Kira:If they try to get through the blockade, they won't make it at all.
Ross:I'd think you'd want to avoid a confrontation, not provoke one.
Kira:Well, I wouldn't call those Romulan ships a peace offering.
Ross:Well, I wasn't exactly happy to hear about that, either... but we only have a few hours to reach some sort of compromise.
After that, people are going to start dying.
Kira:Well, you can talk about compromise all you want.
Any ship attempting to break through that blockade will be fired upon.
Cretak:Colonel, do you seriously believe that your antiquated collection of impulse ships stands a chance against our Warbirds?
Kira:We'll find out soon enough, won't we?
End transmission.
Kira:How'd I do?
Odo:Mike Hammer would have been proud.
Cretak:You're concerned.
Ross:Aren't you?
Cretak:Not really.
The Colonel is a brave woman, but she's not stupid.
She's bluffing.
Jake:There you go, grandpa.
Voice:Dr. Wykoff, please come to Isolation Ward Four.
Dr. Wykoff to Isolation Ward Four.
Sisko:I wish he'd get there.
Sisko:Dr. Wykoff.
They're waiting for him in the Isolation Ward.
Ezri:You have definitely gotten stranger.
Martok:What about me, Worf?
Would you rather I hadn't come on this mission, either?
Worf:That is not what I am saying.
With you, it is different.
You are a Klingon and Jadzia was a member of your house.
Martok:And these men were her friends.
They honor her with their presence.
Quark:I don't believe it.
Gagh for breakfast, gagh for lunch, gagh for dinner... am I the only one who thinks Klingon menus need to have more variety?
O'Brien:You want to complain about their gagh, fine, but don't complain about it when we're in the Mess Hall sitting at a table surrounded by a dozen Klingons.
Quark:All right.
I get the point.
Quark:But I'm telling you I think some of those Klingons agreed with me.
Bashir:Look, uh, Worf, if this has anything to do with what just happened in the Mess Hall...
Worf:No. No, it does not.
Quark:What's the matter?
Come up with a few more insults to throw at us?
Worf:I wish to apologize.
Quark:I'm listening.
Worf:I know Jadzia meant a great deal to all of you, and you meant a great deal to her.
Many times, when we discussed our day she would repeat something amusing that you had told her or describe, in endless details the intricate details of some new scheme of yours.
She often talked about all of you.
It seemed as though, even when we were alone one of you was always with us.
Quark:I get it.
You were jealous because she liked us better than you.
Bashir:Quark, would you please keep quiet!
Worf:She was my wife, my par'machkai.
I did not like having to share her affections.
O'Brien:Oh, that's why you didn't want us on this mission with you.
You wanted to get her into Sto-Vo-Kor without our help.
Worf:I wanted it to be my gift to her.
Quark:Go on.
Worf:There is nothing more to say... except that I am pleased you're here.
O'Brien:I have never heard Worf apologize to anyone.
Quark:I don't know about you, but I was hoping for something a little more... intriguing.
Bashir:Such as?
Quark:You know, like... Jadzia used to call my name out when she slept, or... wanted to name her first child after me.
Martok:Chief... the Monac shipyard.
Martok:Display our target.
Quark:How close do we have to get to that?
Martok:Too close.
Jake:What is it, dad?
Have you found something?
Sisko:Stay back.
Sisko:The Orb of the Emissary.
Ezri:What are you going to do?
Sisko:Open it.
Wykoff:Mr. Russell...
Wykoff:Mr. Russell, put it down.
Ezri:Benjamin... what's wrong?
Wykoff:I said put down the pencil.
Wykoff:Put it down, Mr. Russell.
Russell:But-but I-I haven't finished my story yet.
Captain Sisko has found the Orb of the Emissary... but he hasn't opened it yet.

チャプター 4

Wykoff:You promised not to write on the walls.
Russell:No one will give me any paper.
Wykoff:I thought we agreed that you weren't going to write at all... that you needed to rest.
Russell:No, I don't need to rest.
I need to tell my stories.
Wykoff:You were doing so well, Benny... making real progress.
We were all so proud of you.
Russell:I-I need to go home.
I don't belong here.
Wykoff:We're going to send you home as soon as you're well.
Russell:I'm fine.
Wykoff:But you're not fine.
People who are fine, don't write on walls.
Russell:Then get me a typewriter.
Wykoff:You're not listening.
The stories have got to stop, Benny.
They are too dangerous.
Russell:But too dangerous to whom?
Wykoff:To you.
This world you've created, this... Deep Space Nine, Captain Sisko and Kira and the others... none of it is real.
Russell:Oh, it is to me.
If I don't... finish my story... if... if Captain Sisko doesn't open the Orb box then he cannot contact the Prophets.
Wykoff:It doesn't matter, Benny.
The Prophets don't exist.
They're all figments of your imagination.
Get rid of them.
It's the only way that you're going to get well.
Now, give me the pencil, Benny.
Russell:But my story...
Wykoff:It's over.
Just let it go.
Ezri:Benjamin... what are you waiting for?
Open it.
That's why we're here, right?
Jake:He can't hear you.
Ezri:Jake... are you all right?
Kira:Ship's log, supplemental.
Senator Cretak said that the Romulan Warbirds would be here in eight hours.
She was wrong.
They're two hours early.
Odo:They'll be in weapons range in eight minutes.
Kira:Open a channel.
Crewman:Go ahead.
Kira:This is Colonel Kira of the Bajoran Militia.
Any ship traveling within transporter range of Derna will be considered hostile and fired upon.
Odo:They're not responding.
Kira:Kira to all Bajoran ships: Prepare to engage.
Crewman:Sir, Admiral Ross is asking to speak to you.
Kira:Put him through.
Ross:Colonel, I'm appealing to you one last time to end this blockade.
Kira:Well, you know I can't do that, Admiral.
Cretak:Be aware that I'm authorized to use whatever force is necessary to see that our medical supplies reach their destination.
However, I'm also authorized to seek a negotiated settlement.
Kira:My government has made its position quite clear.
There are to be no negotiations as long as there are Romulan weapons on Derna.
Ross:Damn it, Colonel.
If you open fire on those ships, we all lose.
The only way to beat the Dominion is to keep our alliance intact.
Cretak:Besides... I would hate to see you throw your life away.
Kira:Your concern is touching, Senator... but I'm not dead yet.
End transmission.
Odo:At least not for another six minutes.
Ross:You still think she's going to back down?
Cretak:She has to... because I won't.
Quark:Take me out of the oven, Moogie.
I'm cooked.
O'Brien:General, I found it-- a magnetic instability near the sun's equator.
Bashir:Excellent. Now, let's trigger that solar ejection, and get out of here.
O'Brien:I'm afraid it's not that simple.
We have to make sure the ejection has the right trajectory to destroy the shipyard.
Martok:Well, how do we do that?!
Worf:We have to get closer-- much closer.
O'Brien:He's right.
Quark:Sto-Vo-Kor... here we come.
Wykoff:Take it, Benny.
Ross:What for?
Wykoff:I'm offering you an opportunity few people ever get.
You can wipe away all your mistakes.
Ross:You want me to paint over my story?
Wykoff:They're only words... meaningless words that no one cares about.
Get rid of them and you can walk out of here a free man.
Wykoff:Go ahead.
Save yourself.
Sisko:I have to cover it up; bury it.
Ezri:Ben, what are you doing?

チャプター 5

Wykoff:It's for your own good, Benny.
Wipe away the words.
Destroy them before they destroy you.
Ezri:Ben, stop!
Odo:The Romulans have powered their weapons.
I think they're calling your bluff.
Kira:Auxiliary power to forward shields.
Kira to all ships.
Hold your positions.
Odo:Nerys, if you're going to end this, I suggest you do it now.
Ross:Time to fold, Colonel.
O'Brien:Oh, damn it.
We're ready, General.
Martok:Decloak and prepare to fire... on Worf's command.
Martok:It didn't work.
Quark:Oh, well, we tried.
Time to go.
Worf:No! Not until we complete our mission.
O'Brien:We'll have to increase the magnetic gradient.
I'll recalibrate the deflector.
Bashir:We might not have time.
There are three Jem'Hadar ships approaching, bearing 0-0-5 mark 1-9-0.
Martok:I suggest you work quickly, Chief.
Sisko:Get out of my way.
Ezri:Ben, you came here to find the Prophets, remember?
Ezri:No, listen to me!
You promised Jadzia you would make things right.
Well, now is your chance.
Open the box.
Odo:Colonel... do we stand down?
Crewman:Sir, we're getting a transmission from Deep Space Nine.
The wormhole... it's back.
Kira:On screen.
Kira:Open a channel to all Bajoran ships.
Hold your positions, and prepare to fire on my command.
Lock targets.
Crewman:Targets locked.
Kira:Still glad you came along?
Odo:I wouldn't have missed it for anything.
Cretak:I'm afraid the Colonel has run out of time.
Martok:Well, Worf, did I not promise you a glorious battle?
Worf:It is everything I hoped for.
O'Brien:E.M. pulse ready, General.
Quark:What are you waiting for?
Martok:By all means, Chief, fire!
Bashir:It's working.
Quark:Great. Now, can we leave?
Worf:Full impulse.
Quark:I hope Jadzia appreciates all this.
Bashir:I'm sure she does.
Jadzia daz...
Pay-lodge pah-dock-lih dun.
baht-leh pay-lodge.
Pay lodge poh-hokh-vahd
Odo:Nerys, they're pulling back.
Crewman:Colonel, Admiral Ross would like to speak with you.
Kira:Put him through.
Ross:You can blink now, Colonel.
You've won.
Senator Cretak has agreed to remove the weapons from Derna.
Kira:What changed her mind?
Ross:I told her that if she didn't remove them, I would.
Kira:And what changed your mind?
Ross:You did.
Remind me never to play poker with you.
Sisko:Show yourselves.
I've come to speak with you.
Sarah:The Sisko has completed his task.
Sarah:The Kosst Amojan no longer threatens us.
Sisko:You mean the Pah-wraith?
It's no longer in the wormhole?
Sarah:I have cast it out.
Sisko:Is that why the Prophets sent me to Tyree... to release you from the Orb?
Sarah:The Kosst Amojan tried to stop you with a false vision, but you did not waver.
You fulfilled your destiny.
Sisko:My destiny?
You talk as if my life was over.
Sarah:The Sisko must still face many tasks.
Sisko:I don't suppose you'll tell me what they are.
Sarah:The Emissary is corporeal... linear.
Sisko:Linear or not, I need some answers.
Sarah:The Sisko is intrusive.
Sisko:Are you Sarah Sisko?
Are you my mother?
Sarah:Sarah Sisko was corporeal.
For a time, I shared her existence.
Sisko:You took over her body... made sure she married my father... so that she'd give birth to me.
Sarah:The Sisko is necessary.
Sisko:And once you didn't need her anymore, you left her.
No wonder she walked out on my father.
She didn't choose him, you did.
Sarah:The Sisko would prefer different answers.
Sisko:What you're telling me isn't easy to accept.
You arranged my birth.
I exist because of you?
Sarah:The Sisko's path is a difficult one.
Sisko:But why me?!
Why did it have to be me?
Sarah:Because it could be no one else.
Ezri:That must have been some Orb experience.
Sisko:I'll tell you about it someday.
Worf:Welcome back, Captain.
O'Brien:We missed you, sir.
Kira:Thank you for bringing the Prophets back to us.
Sisko:I heard you've all been pretty busy yourselves.
Nerys, Julian, it's so good to see you.
Worf, we need to talk.
Bashir:Who's that?
Jake:That's Dax.
Jake:That's right.
Ezri Dax.
Incredible, isn't it?
Worf:It cannot be.
Quark:She's so much... shorter.
Odo:Just when you thought things couldn't get more interesting.


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