USS Kyushuトップに戻る

ディープスペースナイン 英語ガイド
The Changing Face of Evil


エピソードガイド 英語ガイド


Bashir:Neither did I.
O'Brien:Don't believe him. He was Mister Doom and Gloom the entire time you were away.
Bashir:Maybe I was a little concerned.
O'Brien:We were all concerned. Your well-being was a constant source of conversation and speculation.
Ezri:You see? I told you they'd miss us.
So, who won the betting pool?
Bashir:Morn. He managed to guess the day you'd be back.
Only missed the time of your arrival by two hours.
O'Brien:He's amazing.
Sisko:Mr. Worf.
Ezri:I know what you're going to say.
The answer is yes, I did leave the station without your permission, and yes, I lost a runabout, but...
Sisko:We'll evaluate your actions later, old man.
Right now I'd like to know everything you learned about this Breen-Dominion alliance.
Worf:We have very little information to share with you.
Ezri:Weyoun and the others were more interested in asking questions than they were answering them.
Sisko:Why do you think Damar decided to help you escape?
Ezri:I'm not sure, but I can tell you one thing.
He hates Weyoun.
Worf:The Cardassians are a proud people, but the Dominion treats them like second-class citizens.
Ezri:I think Damar is worried this new alliance with the Breen is going to weaken Cardassia's status with the Dominion even more, but, whatever his reasons, we owe him our lives.
Sisko:Maybe one day you'll be able to return the favor.
Uh, Doctor, I'd like a complete medical workup on both of them.
Bashir:Can't tell you how glad I am to see you again.
Uh, both-- both... both of you.
Kira:Kira to Sisko.
Sisko:Go ahead.
Kira:We just received a priority-one transmission from Starfleet Command.
The Breen have attacked Earth.

チャプター 1

Sisko:I had a lot of friends in those buildings.
Starfleet was able to destroy most of the Breen attack force, but by then, the damage had been done.
Martok:We must give the enemy credit.
To launch an attack on Starfleet Headquarters-- even my people never attempted that.
We've learned one thing about the Breen today, Captain.
They're a race of warriors.
Sisko:That's about all we know.
Our intelligent reports are sketchy at best.
Martok:Captain, every species has its weakness.
They're no exception.
Sisko:Let's hope you're right.
But whatever the weakness is we'd better find it soon.
Weyoun:There. Do you see that?
The news from Earth keeps getting better.
The Federation casualty report is being revised upward once again.
Weyoun:Well put.
Casualties are merely a bonus.
What matters is that we have struck fear into the heart of our enemy and made them feel weak and vulnerable.
General, please congratulate your troops for us.
They've done a superb job.
Don't you agree, Damar?
Damar:It's unfortunate so few of your ships survived the assault.
Weyoun:Leave it to you, Damar, to point out the one cloud in the sky.
Weyoun:My thought exactly.
It is a very small price for such an important victory.
Now, if you'll excuse me I must make my report to the Founder.
Damar:Oh, by the way, in case Weyoun neglected to mention it, the Dominion once sang Cardassia's praises as well.
Damar:It's really quite simple.
They expected the war to be over long ago.
It's not, and for that they blame us.
Now, if the war isn't ended soon, they'll shift the blame to you.
Damar:Well, maybe so, but win or lose I wouldn't turn my back on Weyoun if I were you.
Sisko:Kasidy, what happened?
Kasidy:Uh, that's what I'm trying to find out.
What are you doing?
You don't cook.
Kasidy:I-I know.
I was just making sure.
Sisko:My... my peppers.
Kasidy:I-I know how you like roasted peppers in your casserole.
Sisko:Took me three months to grow them.
Nobody touches my peppers.
Kasidy:I'm so sorry.
I... with all the bad news about Earth, I wanted to do something nice for you.
But from now on, you wear the apron in the family.
Sisko:You know, that's a good idea.
Kasidy:Glad you're not mad.
Wouldn't want anything to ruin our last few nights together.
Sisko:Our last few nights together?
Kasidy:My cargo run.
I leave early next week.
Sisko:No, you're not going anywhere.
It's too dangerous.
Kasidy:Ben, the Breen attacked Earth.
That's not exactly next door.
Sisko:We don't know where they're going to attack next.
I would feel better if you were closer to me.
Kasidy:Well, that's sweet.
But I'm going anyway.
Sisko:I can't talk you out of it?
Kasidy:Not a chance.
Rusot:The information you requested.
Sit down.
Rusot:I'm not sure it's wise for me to stay.
What if the Vorta decides to pay you a visit?
Damar:And what if he does?
He'll see me conferring with one of my officers.
There's nothing suspicious about that.
Rusot:Doesn't seem right-- all this plotting and secrecy.
What are we? Romulans?
Damar:No. We're Cardassians, but right now Cardassia's an occupied territory and to defeat an occupying army takes careful planning and secrecy.
Rusot:Can we really hope to defeat the Dominion?
With the Breen on their side, they're stronger than ever.
Damar:But we will be fighting to win back our homes and our freedom, and that will make us even stronger.
Rusot:I remember the day I heard the news that Cardassia had joined the Dominion.
Like everyone else, I rejoiced.
We were going to be rulers of the entire Alpha Quadrant.
Instead, we're a conquered people... servants in our own land.
Damar:All that will soon end.
Now, are you sure we can trust these officers?
Rusot:And the troops under their command.
Still, it's not a very long list, is it?
Damar:It will get longer.
With a victory or two all Cardassia will rise up with us.
Rusot:We'll need to know the exact location of the Dominion weapon emplacements on Rondac III.
Damar:Leave that to me.
Now I want you to get a message to every one of these officers.
Solbor:Regarding your scheduled retreat to the Calash Monastery?
Winn:Cancel it.
Solbor:Very good.
Now, about your appearance before the Vedek Assembly?
Winn:Cancel that, too.
Solbor:Cancel an appearance before the Vedek Assembly?
Winn:Just do it.
Cancel everything.
Solbor:As you wish.
May I ask what, exactly, you will be doing?
Winn:You certainly may not.
But if you must know, I'll be devoting most of my time to study and meditation.
Solbor:I see.
Dukat:Solbor, I'll have my breakfast on the balcony this morning.
Eminence, is there anything you would like?
Winn:I'm not hungry.
Dukat:Oh, but you really should eat.
After all, Bajor is only as strong as its Kai.
Winn:I said, I'm not hungry.
Do as he asks.
And please... write a note to the vedeks expressing my apologies for having to postpone our meeting.
Solbor:I'll see to it immediately.
Dukat:What a tiresome little man.
Winn:Sometimes I think you forget your place, Anjohl.
Dukat:Oh, forgive me if I've offended you in any way.
I am but a moon made warm by the light of your sun.
Winn:I hope you're a better farmer than you are a poet.
Dukat:Something is wrong.
Tell me... what's bothering you?
Winn:Everything-- the prayers, the rituals, these robes.
I can't keep pretending I follow the path of the Prophets.
Dukat:You won't have to.
The Pah-wraiths are waiting to embrace you.
Winn:So you keep saying.
But when is that going to happen?
Dukat:As soon as we release them from the fire caves.
Winn:Release them?
But the prophecies.
Dukat:What about them?
Winn:Well, they warn that the release of the Pah-wraiths will mean the end of Bajor.
Dukat:The old Bajor, perhaps.
But from its ashes a new Bajor will arise, and the restoration will begin.
Winn:Who will be left to see it?
Dukat:Those the gods find worthy.
It will be the dawn of paradise and you, Adami, are destined to rule it.
Winn:You're sure of that?
Dukat:It is meant to be.
Winn:And what will become of you?
Dukat:Oh, I will be at your side for as long as you need me.
But first, we have to release the Pah-wraiths.
Winn:But how do we do that?
Dukat:The answer is in the text of the Kosst Amojan.
Winn:It is forbidden for anyone to open that book.
Dukat:Yes... anyone except the Kai.
Winn:It is said to contain great evil.
Dukat:You have nothing to fear.
I'll be right there with you.
Winn:Did I say I was afraid?

チャプター 2

Bashir:Here, this palisade in the south wall-- if only we could make this part of the compound less vulnerable.
O'Brien:What are you talking about?
The south wall isn't the problem.
They came over the north wall, by Travis's position.
Bashir:I know where they came from, Miles.
I am Travis, remember?
And I say we strengthen the south wall, the north wall and any other place that helps us keep the enemy out.
O'Brien:Then it wouldn't be the Battle of the Alamo, would it?
Bashir:I don't care.
I just want to win once.
O'Brien:Be Santa Anna.
He wins every time.
Bashir:What if we put cannons along the long barracks like this?
O'Brien:What do you think you're doing?!
Know how long it took me to build this?
Quark:I don't believe the two of you.
Your homeworld has been attacked the Breen have joined forces with the Dominion and here you are, calmly playing games.
Bashir:You ever heard of grace under pressure, Quark?
Quark:Shouldn't you be doing something more productive?
O'Brien:I just spent 14 hours recalibrating the station's weapons array.
Bashir:I just did a complete run-through of the emergency support team protocols.
Quark:So, you do expect an attack on the station.
Bashir:Anything's possible.
What about a moat?
O'Brien:A moat?
Around the Alamo?
Bashir:Yes. Here, look.
We could widen this stream maybe make it a little deeper.
Quark:I say we build a moat around the station.
Worf:He is a child.
Ezri:Miles does have a certain... cherubic quality.
Worf:I was talking about Dr. Bashir, and you know it.
Are you certain he's the one?
Ezri:I'm not certain about anything.
But he is handsome.
Worf:You deserve more than handsome.
He gets excited playing with toys.
Ezri:He knows how to have a good time.
Besides, it's not exactly a toy.
You heard the Chief.
He spent hours making that.
Worf:I see it is hopeless to try and reason with you.
Ezri:I know.
Maybe I am in love with him.
Do you think I should tell him how I feel?
Worf:If it will make you happy, yes.
Ezri:You're a good friend, Worf.
Worf:I know.
They are wasting their time.
No matter how much planning they do, there is no way that they can defend that mission against an enemy that numbers in the thousands not without more men.
Ezri:You know, if you want to go down there and help them...
Just a thought.
Weyoun:You're up early.
Damar:Am I?
Weyoun:Yes, you are, or you haven't been to bed yet.
Damar:Actually, I had a very restful sleep.
Weyoun:How nice.
Damar:I had no idea the Breen could mobilize such a large fleet so quickly.
Weyoun:Our new allies are full of surprises, aren't they?
Weyoun:You know those refrigeration suits they wear?
Damar:What about them?
Weyoun:I'm sure you've read the intelligence reports that say that their homeworld is a frozen wasteland.
Well, it's not.
The climate on their home planet is quite comfortable.
Damar:Then why do they wear refrigeration suits?
Weyoun:They won't say.
You see what I mean?
They're full of surprises.
There's something... different about you today, Damar.
I can't quite put my finger on it.
It's almost as if you're only... half-dressed.
Damar:What are you talking about?
Weyoun:You don't have a bottle in your hand.
Damar:Don't you have anything better to do than to stand here...?
Weyoun:You've regained your confidence.
Damar:I wasn't aware that I'd lost it.
Weyoun:Come now, Damar.
You thought you backed the wrong side.
You thought the Dominion was going to lose this war and drag Cardassia down with it.
Damar:I must admit, things were looking rather grim.
Weyoun:Perhaps, for a moment or two.
That's no excuse to lose faith in oneself or one's allies.
But now... it's as if you've groped your way through a dark tunnel and stepped back out into the light once again.
You know what that light's told you?
That the Dominion will prevail... that the Federation will be conquered, and a new era of peace and prosperity will blanket the Alpha Quadrant.
Damar:You know me so well.
Weyoun:Really, Damar... I hope you won't let that Cardassian-sized ego of yours spoil our victory-- and I do mean our victory.
Damar:Yours, mine...
Damar:And the Breen.
Weyoun:Yes, and the Breen.
Damar:We're just one big, happy family, aren't we?
Weyoun:I like it so much better when we agree.
Don't you?
Solbor:The text of the Kosst Amojan, as you requested.
Winn:Very good.
Well... put it on my desk.
Solbor:Eminence, may I speak frankly?
Winn:If you must.
Solbor:This book has not been removed from the archives not for 700 years.
Winn:Your point being?
Solbor:The knowledge it contains... about the Pah-wraiths-- it is said to be very dangerous.
Winn:Knowledge is never dangerous in the right hands.
Solbor:There is an old saying-- he who studies evil... is studied by evil.
Winn:I will keep that in mind.
Now give me the book.
Dukat:Your concern for her eminence is appreciated and acknowledged.
Nevertheless, you must do as she says.
I will see to it that no harm comes to her.
Winn:There. That should make you feel better.
Solbor:I wish it could, but this man... one day he comes onto Deep Space Nine and the next he's become your closest advisor.
What do we know of him?
Where did he come from?
What does he want?
Dukat:I want only to serve the Kai.
Solbor:This is his idea, isn't it?
To study this hateful book.
Winn:Anjohl was sent to me by the Prophets.
That's all I need to know, and that's all anyone needs to know.
Dukat:I have no idea why I was chosen, but who are we to question the ways of the Prophets?
Winn:Perhaps you should go to the temple and ask the Prophets' forgiveness for questioning their wisdom.
Dukat:Solbor does not approve of me.
Winn:He has served me well for many years.
Dukat:And he may serve you well for many more if the Pah-wraiths find him worthy.
Aren't you going to open it?
Dukat:The Pah-wraiths are not evil, but they are powerful, and they're willing to share that power with you.
The question is, do you want it?
Dukat:This can't be.
This is a trick.
Winn:It's not a trick.
Dukat:Well, then Solbor brought the wrong book.
Winn:He doesn't make those kinds of mistakes.
The words are here.
They're just hidden, that's all.
It's up to us to find them.

チャプター 3

Odo:These are the new security protocols you requested.
Sisko:Very good.
Odo:Although, frankly, I'm not sure how effective they'll be against the Breen.
Sisko:Neither am I.
I just hope we don't have to find out.
You mind explaining this?
Sisko:Constable, do you mind if we use your office for a moment?
Odo:Not at all.
Sisko:Well, it looks like the Bajoran Freight and Shipping Authority wants you to take a vacation.
Kasidy:A month's paid vacation?
This is your doing, isn't it?
Let me guess.
The Emissary asked for a little favor.
Sisko:I never once mentioned the word "Emissary."
Kasidy:But you did arrange this.
Sisko:I'm just trying to keep you out of harm's way.
Is that such a terrible thing for a husband to do?
Kasidy:I told you.
I don't need or want that kind of protection.
I want you to call whoever you called and have them put me back on the active list.
Sisko:Kasidy, it's only for a month.
Kasidy:I don't care if it's only for a day.
How would you like it if I called Admiral Ross and said "Oh, do me a favor."
"Please don't send my husband on any dangerous missions this month?"
Sisko:That's not the same thing.
Kasidy:It is from where I'm standing.
My job is just as important to me as your job is to you.
Sisko:I know that.
Odo:What's so funny?
Quark:Marriage-- it changes everything.
If you're not careful, that could be you and Kira.
Solbor:Here are the other volumes you wanted.
Winn:Thank you, Solbor.
You may go now.
Solbor:Eminence, I must inform you that the archivists are very concerned...
Dukat:You heard the Kai.
Leave us.
Solbor:They're wondering why you need to consult so many of these dark texts.
Winn:You may tell them that their Kai works for the good of Bajor.
Now leave me.
I have work to do.
Winn:Why are you still here?
Dukat:What would you like me to do?
Winn:Go away.
Dukat:I don't understand.
Winn:I must concentrate.
Dukat:But, your eminence...
Winn:Not another word.
Dukat:Very well.
Kasidy:They're beautiful.
Sisko:Then you forgive me?
Kasidy:Uh, that depends.
Have you talked to Bajoran Freight and Shipping?
Sisko:You're on the active list.
Kasidy:Then I forgive you.
But, from here on in...
Sisko:I'm not to interfere with your work unless you tell me to.
Or it's absolutely necessary.
I'm just joking.
Kasidy:You'd better be.
Sisko:What's that for?
Kasidy:The flowers.
And for being big enough to admit when you're wrong.
Sisko:Ah, must be Quark.
The necklace.
Kasidy:The necklace?
Sisko:Just in case the flowers didn't work.
Ross:Ben, the Breen have launched a counteroffensive against our forces in the Chin'toka System.
Sisko:Have they broken through?
Ross:In two places.
Sisko:When do I leave?

チャプター 4

Nog:This is bad... very bad.
Kira:You say that every time we take the Defiant into battle.
Nog:Impulse manifold purged and clear.
If we lose the Chin'toka System, we lose our only foothold in the Dominion territory.
I think that qualifies as bad.
Kira:Well, we haven't lost it yet.
Initiating impulse pre-start sequence.
Nog:Microfusion generators on line.
But the Breen, they seem unstoppable.
First Earth, now Chin'toka?
Worf:Ensign, no one is unstoppable.
Collimate the nadion emitters.
Nog:Collimation sequence in progress.
Bashir:What more can I say, Miles, but I'm sorry?
O'Brien:Dilithium matrix is aligned and calibrated.
Just be a bit more careful.
That's all I ask.
Kira:Opening antimatter injector ports.
Trouble in paradise?
Bashir:It was nothing.
Emergency life-support and damage control systems standing by.
O'Brien:I wouldn't call it nothing.
Ezri:Autonomous guidance system initialized and active.
O'Brien:He lost Travis.
Kira:Mmm. Sounds serious.
Verify astrometric database.
Bashir:Miles built this Alamo model replete with small figures.
Quite spectacular, actually.
Datasets loaded and verified.
Anyway, he was showing it to me in Quark's when we-- rather, I-- accidentally misplaced Colonel Travis.
Nog:Phaser safeties engaged.
Can't you make another one?
O'Brien:What, so he can lose it again?
Field stabilizers on line.
Kira:Well, that's what happens when you share your toys.
Synchronizing warp plasma flow.
O'Brien:It's not a toy.
It's a model built to scale.
Bashir:He really did a fantastic job.
O'Brien:Nacelles holding at pre-warp threshold.
Bashir:Miles, when we get back...
Worf:He plays with toys.
Ezri:It's a model.
Worf:With little figures.
Bashir:It's a start.
Nog:Captain on the Bridge!
Worf:Weapons array is on line.
Phasers are fully charged.
Quantum torpedo launchers are loaded and standing by.
Sisko:Colonel, set a course to rendezvous with the Federation assault fleet.
Kira:Course set.
Sisko:Take us out.
Kira:Airlocks are sealed.
Releasing docking clamps.
Dukat:Where are you going with those?
Solbor:I'm returning these books to the archives.
Dukat:On whose authority?
Solbor:I believe her eminence has finished.
Dukat:Put them back.
Solbor:How dare you use that tone with me...
Dukat: I'll put them back.
Dukat:Wake up, my love.
There's work to be done.
Winn:Oh, Anjohl.
I must have dozed off.
Dukat:You're tired.
It's understandable.
Winn:I haven't made much progress.
Dukat:You'll find the answers we're looking for.
It's just a matter of time.
Winn:Oh, I'm so glad you're here.
I'll see that you're brought something to eat.
Rusot:According to the latest battle reports, it looks as if the Dominion is going to retake Chin'toka.
Damar:A few months ago, the thought of the Federation being driven from Cardassian soil would've been a cause for celebration, but the Dominion victories are no longer our victories.
Now, are our troops in position?
Rusot:They're awaiting your command.
We attack in seven hours.
Rusot:We're going to lose many fine soldiers.
Damar:At least they'll be dying for Cardassia and not the Dominion.
Weyoun:The Federation reinforcements are approaching Chin'toka.
Female Changeling:The more of them, the better.
Weyoun:Founder, it concerns me to have you this close to the front.
Female Changeling:You're concern is noted.
But this is one battle I intend to see firsthand.
It should be most gratifying.
Romulan officer:Romulan attack wings Three and Nine have reached the line of deployment.
Federation officer:Federation fighter squadrons Seven and Ten, break into sections, and stand by to begin reconnaissance sweep.
Standing by.
Martok:Lead units, assume attack positions.
Advance to contact.

チャプター 5

O'Brien:Sir, they've locked weapons on us.
Sisko:All auxiliary power to forward shields.
Colonel, attack pattern delta.
Kira:Aye, sir.
Sisko:Mr. Worf, quantum torpedoes.
Worf:Target locked.
Worf:Target locked. Launchers one and two standing by.
O'Brien:What the hell is...?!
Kira:We've lost power to the helm.
Ezri:The com's out.
Worf:So are weapons.
Bashir:Primary computer systems are off-line.
Kira:Manual controls are frozen.
O'Brien:I can't get anything back on line.
Somehow, they're draining all our power.
Nog:The fire-suppression system's off-line!
Worf:Use the manual extinguishers.
Nog:I'm on it.
Ezri:We're venting plasma coolant.
The air's becoming toxic, Captain.
O'Brien:Sir, the ablative armor is starting to buckle.
Worf:We have hull breaches on Decks Three and Four.
O'Brien:Without power for the emergency force fields we can't seal them.
Sisko:Abandon ship.
Sisko:You heard me.
Everyone get to the escape pods.
Sisko:She's a fine ship.
O'Brien:No one will argue with that.
But like you say, it's time to go.
Weyoun:Poor Captain Sisko.
I believe he was quite fond of that ship.
Founder, I'm happy to report that the Chin'toka System is ours once again.
Female Changeling:A step in the right direction.
Send my compliments to the Breen.
Weyoun:I'm certain that will please them greatly.
Female Changeling:Really?
I have no idea what would please the Breen, nor do I care as long as they fight and win.
I will not tolerate defeat any longer.
Weyoun:Nor will I.
All those escape pods... so small... so vulnerable.
I'll order their destruction immediately.
Female Changeling:No.
Let them return to the Federation.
Those pods are filled with frightened, demoralized troops.
Weyoun:Troops that will spread fear throughout the Federation with tales of what happened here today.
The Founder is wise.
Dukat:There... now, don't you feel better?
Thank you, Anjohl.
Dukat:I'm here to serve you any way I can.
Solbor:Get away from her.
Solbor:Eminence, that man is not Anjohl Tennan.
Winn:What are you talking about?
Solbor:Anjohl Tennan died nine years ago in the labor camp at Batal.
I warned you not to trust him.
I had a sample of his DNA sequenced.
He's not even a Bajoran.
He's a Cardassian.
Dukat:We were brought together for a cause.
A great cause.
Our destinies are linked.
Solbor:Don't listen to him.
Look at him.
Don't you recognize the face of your enemy?
Solbor:It's Gul Dukat.
Winn:Oh, it can't be.
Solbor:He lied to you... used you.
Winn:It's not true.
Solbor:I don't know why you wanted to do this-- for what evil purpose-- but it's not going to work.
Dukat:He doesn't understand, Adami.
He couldn't possibly understand the love of the Pah-wraiths.
Solbor:The love of the Pah-wraiths... you're trying to release them.
That's why you wanted the text of the Kosst Amojan.
Winn:Solbor, listen to me.
All I want is to bring about the restoration.
Solbor:You've betrayed the Prophets.
You've betrayed us all.
Winn:Try to understand.
The Pah-wraiths-- they are the true gods.
Solbor:You must be stopped.
Winn:Solbor... I beg you... no!
Dukat:It'll be all right.
Winn:Don't touch me.
My life is over.
The Pah-wraiths sent you to destroy me.
Dukat:On the contrary, they sent me to save you.
Nothing but Cardassian lies.
And to think I let you touch me.
The book.
I must destroy it.
You see?
The Pah-wraiths have judged you and found you worthy.
Their secrets are now your secrets to do with as you please.
Take their gift and use it.
Seize the power they're offering you.
Winn:What about Solbor?
Dukat:I'll take care of the body.
Sisko:The Defiant was the finest ship I ever commanded.
There will never be another one like her.
Ross:It may take a while, Ben, but I'll get you another ship, I promise you that.
I just wish I knew how we were going to neutralize the Breen energy dissipaters.
Sisko:We need to buy some time.
Ross:Time may be the one thing we don't have.
Kira:Captain, we're monitoring a transmission from Cardassian space.
I think you're going to find it interesting.
Damar:...And so two years ago, our government signed a treaty with the Dominion.
In it, the Dominion promised to extend Cardassia's influence throughout the Alpha Quadrant.
In exchange, we pledged ourselves to join the war against the Federation and its allies.
Cardassians have never been afraid of war a fact we've proven time and again over these past two years.
Seven million of our brave soldiers have given their lives to fulfill our part of the agreement.
And what has the Dominion done in return?
Damar:We've gained no new territories.
In fact, our influence throughout the Quadrant has diminished.
And to make matters worse we are no longer masters in our own home.
Travel anywhere in Cardassia and what do you find?
Damar:Vorta... and now Breen.
Damar:Instead of the invaders, we have become the invaded.
Our allies have conquered us without firing a single shot.
Well, no longer.
This morning, detachments of the Cardassian First, Third and Ninth Orders attacked a Dominion outpost on Rondac III.
Damar:This assault marks the first step toward the liberation of our homeland...
Sisko:Colonel, see if you can get confirmation on that.
Damar:...The Dominion.
Damar:I call upon Cardassians everywhere...
Resist today.
Resist tomorrow.
Resist till the last Dominion soldier has been driven from our soil.
Weyoun:It's confirmed.
Our cloning facility on Rondac III has been destroyed.
I could be the last Weyoun.
That's why he picked that target.
Female Changeling:I want Damar and the rest of these traitors found and eliminated.
Weyoun:I'll see to it immediately.
Weyoun:I don't care how many Cardassians you have to kill.
Find Damar.
Is that clear?
Weyoun:I'm going to hold you to that.
Kira:Captain, our listening posts have confirmed the attack on Rondac.
Ross:Damar may have just bought us some precious time... if the Dominion doesn't track him down too quickly.
Sisko:We need to find a way to help him.
Legate Damar may be the key to saving the Alpha Quadrant.


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