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What You Leave Behind, Part II


エピソードガイド 英語ガイド


Ross:We'll launch a three-pronged attack.
The Romulans and our new Cardassian allies will engage the Jem'Hadar forces.
The Klingons will target the Breen and the Federation will take on the orbital weapon platforms.
Any questions?
Sisko:When do we go?
Ross:As soon as everyone's in position.
Martok:It will be a glorious battle.
Ross:But a costly one.
Estimates project our casualties to be as high as 40 percent.
There's no telling how much higher they'll go once we send in our ground forces.
Sisko:The Dominion is beaten, and they know it, but they're going to make us pay for every kilometer of the planet.
Ross:Yes, they will.
Sisko:Let's get on with it.
Ross:Godspeed, everyone.
Martok: Qa'pla.
Weyoun:Founder, perhaps we should consider finding a safer location.
Female Changeling:And just where would that be?
Weyoun:Well... Colonel Kira... what a pleasant surprise.
Kira:The pleasure's all mine.
Ekoor:The Federation fleet has surrounded the planet.
Kira:I want you to contact the Jem'Hadar and the Breen, and you order their ships to stand down.
Garak:And order the troops on Cardassia to do the same.
Female Changeling:I will do no such thing.
Weyoun:Tell me, where is my old friend Damar?
Garak:Damar is dead.
Weyoun:What a pity.
Garak:He died trying to free Cardassia.
Weyoun:What's left of it.
Female Changeling:I wish you hadn't done that.
That was Weyoun's last clone.
Garak:I was hoping you'd say that.
Kira:This war's over.
You lost.
Female Changeling:Have I?
I think you'll find that neither the Jem'Hadar or the Breen will agree with that assessment.
They will fight to the last man.
Kira:And what will that accomplish?
Female Changeling:Isn't it obvious?
You may win this war, Commander, I promise you when it is over you will have lost so many ships, so many lives that your victory will taste as bitter as defeat.

チャプター 1

Sisko:We're glad to find you in one piece, Commander.
Odo:Very glad.
Sisko:What's your status?
Kira:Only three of us made it to the Briefing Room.
Sisko:What about Damar?
Kira:He's dead.
Sisko:Is your position secure?
Kira:I don't think the Jem'Hadar will attack.
They won't risk endangering the Founder, and she's in pretty bad shape.
She just sits at her desk deteriorating.
Worf:If she dies before ordering the Jem'Hadar to surrender...
Sisko:Then they will fight to the last man.
Odo:Captain, I should beam down there.
The Founder will speak to me.
I can reason with her.
Sisko:You haven't had much success with her in the past.
Odo:It's worth a try.
Think of the lives it could save.
Sisko:Very well.
Commander, tell the Founder that Odo is going to pay her a visit.
Winn:Now, for the most important part of the ceremony.
Tarna pur-ono ull-kess pah-ran.
lano ka'la bo'shar lanu.
After you.
Dukat:I'm honored.
Dukat:Now you.
Winn:The Pah-wraiths demand a sacrifice-- someone worthy of them.
Who better than you?
Winn:I offer you this life as nourishment to feed your hunger to fuel the fires that will set you free.
Kosst Amojan, I am yours, now and forever!
Kira:It's been a while.
Kira:Watch yourself.
I don't trust her.
Odo:But you trust me?
Kira:Of course.
Odo:That's all I need to know.
Female Changeling:You're looking well, Odo.
Odo:Thank you for seeing me.
Female Changeling:It's always good to see you... but I have no intention of surrendering my forces.
It would be a sign of weakness on my part-- an invitation to the solids to cross into the Gamma Quadrant and destroy the Great Link.
Odo:Believe me, I'm well aware that the Federation has its flaws, but a desire for conquest isn't one of them.
Female Changeling:Hmm.
And what of the Klingons and the Romulans?
Can you make that claim for them, too?
Odo:The Klingon and Romulan Empires are in no shape to wage war against anyone.
Besides, the Federation wouldn't allow it.
Female Changeling:The Dominion has spent the last two years trying to destroy the Federation, and now you're asking me to put our fate in their hands?
Female Changeling:I can't do that, Odo.
I don't have your faith in the solids.
Odo:But perhaps I can change your mind.
Link with me.
Kira:Odo, what are you doing?
Female Changeling:I'm afraid I can't link with you, Odo.
My disease prevents me from changing form.
Odo:If we link, I believe I can cure you.
Garak:That's a very bad idea, Constable.
Kira:I agree.
Odo:Nerys, I know what I'm doing.
Please, take my hand.
Female Changeling:And if you cure me... what will you ask in return?
Odo:All I ask is that you link with me.
Garak:I'm warning you, Odo.
Kira:Garak... put down your weapon.
Garak:I don't think so.
Kira:I said put it down.
Garak:Move aside, Odo.
Odo:That won't be necessary... will it?
Female Changeling:If you will stand aside, I'll order the Jem'Hadar to cease fire.
Garak:I suggest we secure her in the containment field.
Odo:Don't worry, Garak.
She won't try to escape.
She's agreed to stand trial and accept responsibility for what she's done.
Kira:I would've thought she'd insist on going back to the Gamma Quadrant to cure her people.
Odo:There's no need for that.
I'm going in her place.
Kira:For how long?
Odo:Nerys... it's time I rejoined the Great Link.

チャプター 2

Martok:This is a moment worth savoring.
To victory... hard fought and well earned.
What's wrong?
Sisko:Suddenly, I'm not thirsty.
Ross:Neither am I.
Martok:Before you waste too many tears, remember... these are Cardassians lying dead at your feet.
Bajorans would call this... poetic justice.
Sisko:That doesn't mean I have to drink a toast over their bodies.
Martok:Humans-- b'ah.
Female Changeling:The war between the Dominion and the Federation alliance is now over.
Ross:400 years ago, a victorious general spoke the following words at the end of another costly war: "Today the guns are silent."
"A great tragedy has ended."
"We have known the bitterness of defeat and the exultation of triumph, and from both we have learned there can be no going back."
"We must move forward to preserve in peace what we've won in war."
Female Changeling:It's up to you now, Odo.
Ezri:You're coming to Vic's tonight, right?
Worf:I will be there.
But I will not dance.
Ezri:Who's asking?
Sisko:Commander Worf.
Sisko:Can you spare a moment?
Worf:Yes, sir.
Martok:We've been discussing your plans for the future.
Worf:I was not aware I had any plans.
Ross:Commander, how would you feel about being named Federation ambassador to Kronos?
Worf:I am not a diplomat.
Martok:And I am not a politician, but sometimes fate plays cruel tricks on us, Worf.
Come. Kronos needs you.
And what's more, I need you.
Ezri:You helped him become Chancellor.
Can't very well turn your back on him now.
Worf:Well, my first loyalty is to you, Captain.
Sisko:Thank you, Mr. Worf.
I'll probably regret this in the morning, but if it's what you want... then by all means.
Worf:It has been a great honor serving with you.
Sisko:The honor is mine.
Worf:I accept.
An ambassador who'll go targ hunting with me.
Well... perhaps being Chancellor won't be so bad after all.
Ezri:Congratulations, Worf.
Kira:When will you be going?
Kira:You could come back, you know... once you've cured your people.
Odo:I could.
Kira:But you're not going to do that.
Odo:Nerys... you know my feelings for you will never change... but I have to do this.
My people need me.
They need to know what I know to learn what I've learned... from living among solids.
It's the only way they'll ever learn to trust you.
Kira:You don't have to justify your decision, Odo.
There's just one thing...
Kira:I'd like to take you back to your homeworld.
Odo:I'd like that.
I'd like that very much.

チャプター 3

Vic:Hey... pally.
If you're here for another game of "go fish," I'm a little busy right now.
Quark:Actually, I'm here for the "End of the War, Good-bye to Chief O'Brien, Good-bye to Odo, Good-bye to Worf Party."
Vic:At the bar.
Bashir:No, seriously, Miles.
You know, I envy you-- going back to Earth... chance to enjoy paradise again.
Jake:Any idea where you're going to live?
O'Brien:No, Keiko and I are still mulling over a few possibilities.
Worf:Have you ever considered Minsk?
O'Brien:I don't think that's on our list.
Sisko:New Orleans is a gorgeous city.
Kasidy:I've heard great things about Paris.
Ezri:Jadzia loved Rio.
Odo:Well, you've certainly got a lot of choices.
O'Brien:Yeah. Too many, hmm?
Bashir:Well, wherever you decide to go I'm sure that you and Keiko will both be very happy.
O'Brien:Listen, Julian, I know Earth isn't exactly around the corner, but I still expect you to visit.
Bashir:I intend to.
You and me, take a little trip to Texas.
Bashir:Standing side by side in front of the Alamo.
O'Brien:The real Alamo, hmm?
See? It's going to be great.
Quark:I don't see how great it would be.
Earth's nothing more than a rotating ball of boredom.
If you ask me, you'd be better off staying here.
And that goes for you and Worf and well.
Kira:Don't tell me you're getting sentimental, Quark.
Not a chance.
I just don't like change.
Sisko:You better get used to it.
Things are going to be pretty different around here now.
To the best crew any captain ever had.
This may be the last time we're all together... but no matter what the future holds... no matter how far we travel a part of us-- a very important part-- will always remain here... on Deep Space Nine.
Vic:Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is a very special night for some friends of mine.
They've been together a long time.
But like the man said "Nothing lasts forever."
So, gang... this one's from the heart.
Vic: Someday
When I'm awfully low
When the world is cold
I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight
You are lovely
With your smile so warm
And your cheeks so soft
There is nothing for me but to love you
Just the way you look
With each word
Your tenderness grows
Tearing my fear
And that laugh
That wrinkles your nose
Touches my
Foolish heart
When I'm awfully low
When the world is cold
I will feel a glow
Just thinking of you
And the way you look
Winn:Dorra tolka bre-tri pah-wran.
Kosst Amojan, come to me.
I await you.
Kasidy:Ben, what's wrong?
Sisko:I understand now.
Kasidy:Understand what?
Sisko:What I have to do.
What I was meant to do.
Kasidy, I have go.
Kasidy:Go where?
Sisko:To Bajor, to the fire caves.
Kasidy:I'll go with you.
Sisko:No... I have to do this alone.

チャプター 4

Dukat:Did you really think the Pah-wraiths would choose you as their Emissary?
Soon the Pah-wraiths will burn across Bajor... the Celestial Temple... the Alpha Quadrant.
Can you picture it?
An entire universe... set in flames... to burn for all eternity.
The Prophets have sent me a gift.
Their beloved Emissary sent forth like an avenging angel to slay the demon.
Sisko:I should have known the demon would be you.
Dukat:Go on... kill me if you can.
Dukat:You'll have to do better than that, Captain.
It's just too easy.
That's it.
Come closer. That's it.
Dukat:Now bow to me.
Dukat:I said bow.
Sisko:You are pathetic.
Dukat:Then why are you the one on your knees?
Sisko:First the Dominion, now the Pah-wraiths.
You have a talent for picking the losing sides.
Dukat:Benjamin, please, we've know each other too long.
And since this is the last time we will ever be toeether let's try to speak honestly.
We've both had our victories and our defeats.
Now it's time to resolve our differences and face the ultimate truth.
I've won, Benjamin.
You've lost.
Sisko:The Pah-wraiths will never conquer anything-- not Bajor... not the Celestial Temple and certainly not the Alpha Quadrant.
Dukat:And who's going to stop us?
Sisko:I am!
Dukat:You can't even stand up.
Winn:Then I'll stop you.
Dukat:Are you still here?
Winn:Emissary, the book!
Dukat:Farewell, Adami.
Are you here?
What happened?
P-Sarah:The Emissary has completed his task.
Sisko:But the Pah-wraiths.
P-Sarah:You've returned them to their prison within the fire caves.
Sisko:The book was the key, wasn't it?
P-Sarah:To a door that can never be opened again.
Sisko:And Dukat... is he dead?
P-Sarah:He's where he belongs-- with the Pah-wraiths.
Your time of trial has ended.
You need to rest now.
Sisko:Oh, I intend to as soon as I return to Deep Space Nine.
P-Sarah:That won't be necessary.
You're with us now.

チャプター 5

Ezri:We found the Captain's runabout orbiting Bajor.
Worf:But when we scanned the fire caves, there was no sign of him.
Bashir:Tarkian tea. Soothing.
Ezri:Better keep it coming.
Jake:You're not calling off the search yet, are you?
Odo:Not until we find your father.
Jake:What about the Kendra province-- where he bought that land?
Maybe he went there for some reason.
Worf:Colonel Kira and Chief O'Brien have completed another scan of the planet.
As far as they can tell, he is not there.
Kasidy:Something's happened to Ben... something bad.
I can feel it.
The Prophets warned us.
Is anyone here?
Ben? Is that you?
Kasidy:Oh, Ben.
Oh, I've been so worried about you.
Where are we?
Sisko:The Celestial Temple.
Kasidy:This is scaring me.
Let's go home.
Sisko:I can't. Not now.
Kasidy:Why not?
Oh, god.
This is it, isn't it?
The sorrow that the Prophets warned us about.
Sisko:It's difficult to explain.
It's not linear.
Kasidy:What isn't?
Sisko:My life... my destiny... the Prophets saved me, Kasidy.
I'm their Emissary, and they still have a great deal for me to do.
But first... there is much to learn... things only the Prophets can teach me.
Kasidy:When will you be back?
Sisko:It's hard to say.
Maybe a year... maybe... yesterday.
But I will be back.
Kasidy:And I will be waiting.
Jake:Kas, can you hear me?
You seemed pretty far away for second.
Kasidy:I was talking to your father.
Kira:Are you sure you want to leave without saying good-bye?
Odo:I'm sure. I've never been good at good-byes.
Kira:There are going to be a lot of people that are disappointed.
Odo:If they don't know how I feel about them now, a few parting words won't make the difference.
Quark:Aha! I knew it.
When I saw the two of you slip out, I said to myself "That no-good misanthropic cantankerous changeling is trying to sneak off the station without anyone noticing."
Odo:That was the idea.
Quark:It's not going to happen, is it?
Odo:Apparently not.
Quark:So... now that I'm here... is there something you want to say to me?
Odo:Such as...?
Quark:Such as... "Good-bye. You certainly were a worthy adversary."
Or maybe something with the words "mutual respect" in it.
Quark:No? What do you mean, no?
Odo:I mean no.
I have nothing I want to say to you.
Quark:Are you telling me that after all these years after all we've been through you're not even going to say good-bye to me?
Odo:That's right.
Nerys... I'll be on the runabout.
Kira:Don't take it hard, Quark.
What are you talking about?
That man loves me.
Couldn't you see?
It was written all over his back.
Kira:The Link... it's so different.
Odo:They're dying.
Kira:You should go to them.
Nerys... please, tell everyone I'll miss them.
Kira:Even Quark?
Odo:Even Quark.
But most of all...
Kira:I know.
Odo:You always said I looked good in a tuxedo.
Kira:You do.
Odo:Then this is the way I want you to remember me.
Kira:I'll never forget you.
Odo:Good-bye, Nerys.
Nog:Duty roster, Colonel.
Kira:Nice work. Congraturations on your promotion, Lieutenant.
Nog:Thank you, sir.
I guess putting me in for a promotion was one of Captain Sisko's last official acts.
Kira:I'm sure he's very proud of you, Nog.
Nog:I'd like to think so, sir.
Kira:Now, about the cargo inventories...
Nog:I'll get right on it.
Bashir:...The thing of it is the apoptosis was really just part of the normal cardiac renewal process.
What do you think?
Ezri:I think that after dinner tonight we should go to Quark's spend some time in the holosuite.
Bashir:Oh... I'd like a trip to Vegas.
Ezri:Actually, I was thinking about the Alamo.
Bashir:We can't go there.
Ezri:Why not?
Bashir:'Cause that's what Miles and I did.
But I do have a new program-- the Battle of Thermopylae.
Do you know it?
It's about a force of Spartans led by King Leonidas who defend a mountain pass against a vast army of Persians.
Ezri:What happens then?
Bashir:Well, for two days the Spartans lead a heroic struggle.
Ezri:Until they're wiped out.
How do you know?
Ezri:Lucky guess.
I take it we'll be the Spartans.
Bashir:Fighting to the last man.
Ezri:Just like the Alamo.
Ezri:Have you talked to a counselor about these annihilation fantasies?
Bashir:Do you think I should?
Ezri:Mm-hmm. I'll set up a session for you tomorrow.
Bashir:What about tonight?
Ezri:Tonight, we defend the pass.
Quark:Don't worry.
It's guaranteed to grow hair within a week though if you ask me-- that dome of yours is hairy enough.
Besides, hasn't there been enough change around here already?
Do you mind explaining this?
Quark:Oh, uh, that's, um... this week's betting pool.
Kira:You're taking bets on who's going to be the new Kai?
Quark:It's a wide open field.
Just between you and me the smart money is on Vedek Ungtae.
Kira:Ah... well, just between you and me all bets are off.
Quark:What are you talking about?
Kira:As of this moment, betting pools of any kind are illegal on this station.
I catch someone placing a bet I put you in a holding cell for 15 days.
Is that clear?
Quark:15 days?
Can I bring my own pillow?
Quark:It's clear. It's clear.
Kira:Better be.
Quark:It's like I said-- the more things change, the more they stay the same.


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